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Old Dec 29th, 2020, 08:34 AM
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Charity drive giveaway: 5 copies of Big Bad Bundle #1 from @thedeckofmany

Big Bad Bundles are all claimed. Thank you! There are still metal dice and bestiary prizes to come at the end of the drive (see below.)

This is it, folks! The last giveaway of the 2020 RPG Crossing Membership and Charity Drive. The drive ends in two days! Time is running out to make the contribution that gets you one of the prizes for the top five donors and/or a Nordic Spirit prize. Happy Tuesday!

right-aligned image
Big Bad Bundle #1
When it came around last week, Hit Point Press and The Deck of Many's Humblewood Campaign Setting was a popular prize in RPG Crossing's membership and charity drive. Today, our giveaway is for another of their accessories: Ennie-nominated Big Bad Bundle #1 (PDF) (value $20).

The next five people to participate in the drive by purchasing a $25 membership at RPG Crossing ($5 will go to charity) or by donating at least $10 directly through our team page for the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation will get a copy! (Claiming this prize will require sharing an email address.)

The Big Bad Bundle collects the first 6 booklets that we’re made for the Big Bad Booklete series! Join in Daniels joy or stop the international crime thief Akkadia. Each booklet comes with a print and play pdf with how to play the boss monster as well as printable reference materials for ease of use!

Some drive news as we approach the final week:
  • We have exceeded the milestone of $3100 raised for charity, so all full year CS memberships purchased during the drive will get an extra month at the end of the drive.
  • There are still 2 Nordic Spirit prizes of metal dice left. Don't be scared off by the requirement to be an upstanding site member, if you are new or haven't participated in that way in the past -- just go greet some new folks!
  • The donation to beat to pick up one of the five Kobold Press prizes for top donors is currently $51.55. (Multiple direct donations will be summed, if that applies to anyone this year.)

And if you are looking for it, here is the list of prizes for all participants, on top of anything else you might get.

If you have any questions, shoot me a pm.
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