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Old May 1st, 2021, 09:24 PM
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Crazy Curse of Strahd Blades in the Dark party

I really wanted to share this story with someone, but most of the people I know who would care are my players!

I am running a small Curse of Strahd game, BUT we are adapting it to Blades in The Dark. Honestly, with both the module and systems' focus on ghosts and grit, it's a match made by the dark powers themselves, though we've adjusted a bunch of things to fit Blades better.
[The full story is that it's WW2 occupied France and Strahd is a Nazi and in order for D-Day to happen he has to be out of the way so the allied powers sent in a team of international spies to depose him (the players). That's mostly not important though. So it's Curse of Strahd but in WW2 using Blades in The Dark.]

The party:
Whisper (French medium)
Hound (American Vet)
Slide (Her Majesty's Secret Service)
Leech (defected German military technician)
Ovate (Eastern-European Seer/scholar)
The players are fantastic and I love all their characters.

Session one. I had to explain the setting stuff because the first score (or mission) was to infiltrate Barovia. I've adapted Strahd's brides as Dimmer Sisters and they are responsible for the mist which is still a thing.
They came in from the west, how isn't important. What's important is we are starting the game near Krezk, and the Abbey.

They had the card reading (Ireena's their destined ally, yay!), encountered Volenta (the Leech blew up her carriage's horses with a grenade), and came to Krezk and seeing the Abbey overlooking the town, they go to it.
I assumed that a fight would break out soon after they encountered the Abbot and importantly Vasilka. But no. While they were certainly weirded out by Vasilka and gained some plot information (they're very clever players), they instead decided to settle down in the Abbey with the Abbot and live there for a while. I was not expecting this but was really cool with it, the Abbot would count as a physicker contact if they needed it.

Session two. Oh god session two. They're at the Abbey and so some roleplaying. They talk to npcs and start to affix metal sheets to their stolen truck to give it armor. The Leech begins work on a bomb which he intends to implant in Vasilka for when Strahd comes to inspect her.
Talking to the Whisper, the Abbot opens up that Vasilka is nearly perfect but still needs a face. He remarks that the Whsiper has a very pretty face and her's would be perfect. She is put off at first but in a method that I'm sure is similar to how serial kills often contemplate murder long before they commit it, the idea grows in her and takes her over and she agrees, but she'll need a replacement face.
Vasilka now has our Whisper's face and our Whisper has Clovin Belview's face (not a mongrelfolk, just the Abbot's helper), who in turn got no replacement face. It was an absolutely horrifying and chaotic experience to dm but we all loved it.

The Whsiper swapping faces is actually very important. Her backstory is that she was going to be an initiate Bride but ran away when the war happened and Strahd became a Nazi etc. He hates her and now Vasilka has her face.

Back at the Abbey, Volenta showed up. It started as a conversation (she was there to scout out the pcs for Strahd) but it rapidly escalated when the Ovate stabbed her in the back with a hidden knife. Volenta (a Dimmer Sister) threw lightning at the pcs, they ran out of the church and had a car chase with the spirits of Volenta's horses. Skipping a few things they ultimately found a place to hide with the help of Arabelle.

I'm sure a lot more madness will happen as the story progresses. I plan for Strahd to personally come meet the pcs soon in Bucephalus (which I've reimagined as a massive black convertible Rolls Royce similar to Red Skulls supercar).
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