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Old Dec 2nd, 2010, 11:33 AM
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"No..." Gian says, as if the thought had never occurred to him. Honestly a part of Kavanna's animal pride spoke to something deep in Gian. There were times that he'd tried to capture the same presence in a picture, but so far he'd never gotten it right yet.

"I thank you as well Master Hestram," Gian gave a slight bow and turned to leave for the stables, adding as he left, "I'll go get her ready. Meet me at the stables once you've acquired the cart."
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Old Dec 3rd, 2010, 07:06 PM
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Neji grins broadly at Kamir. "Well I guess I could play with the centaurs whilst you guys go inside the Purple Puppy, but I'm not so sure Hisan would like the noises." But other than that quick remark, the little gnome seems distant, as if her mind has been elsewhere for most of this conversation. Honestly it's all a bit tedious and boring...not to mention her new partners fighting, yuck. "Okay, I'm lost...are we taking mounts or not? I don't mind walking, but I haven't taken Archer for a run in awhile." But either way lets get going, I'm bored!
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Old Dec 3rd, 2010, 08:43 PM
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Inaya returns Gian's bow with a respectful dip of her own as he leaves to prepare. "I think it's settled that we will be taking mounts and a cart - just no horses out of respect for the Centaur threat." She's pretty sure Archer isn't a horse, considering the gnome's size, and is in fact fairly confident she's seen the alchemist in the company of a very large dog previously. "How about we all gather our things, and meet Gian at the stables to leave? Kamir, if you and Desi get the cart, I'll get the camels."

Unlike the other riders in the party, Inaya doesn't refer to her personal mount by name, or seem to have any special connection to it. It's not a secret that her family in Absalom are well-off through the trade and shipping of camels - among other things. Perhaps that affects the nature of how Inaya thinks about a mount. Or, just as likely, her blindness prevented the girl from growing up mounted like many in Quadira. No fond childhood memories, or beasts who have shared her trials and adventures over the years. While Inaya acted respectful enough of Kamir's closeness with his mount, she doesn't tiptoe around the fact that the party needs to travel quickly - or how they're going to do it.
I'm ready to just jump to meeting up at the stables and leaving. We can do the 'get cart and mounts and extra gear' off camera OOC to speed up getting to the adventure Not that I'll stop writing posts, I'm just saying when we're all ready I bet we could jump ahead to get to what MCP has planned.

My current plan is for Inaya to get her mount (camel from the character sheet) plus rent or borrow one from the Pathfinder lodge for Kamir. Since you said we can get small cheap common supplies from the Quartermaster, I also want to make sure we all have cold weather gear (clothing) tents and bedrolls in case of emergency, empty sacks, water and rations enough for us and the beasts, and the usual adventuring supplies like rope, grappling hook, crowbars, etc. (I'm happy to list out what I'd make sure to have, DM, or you can just assume that if it's a cheap standard sort of supply we brought some.)
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Old Dec 4th, 2010, 05:24 PM
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OOCFeel free to obtain the requisite things you want from the quartermaster. I'll be posting the next leg of the first adventure tonight or tomorrow, approaching the Cairnlands.
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