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Old Oct 14th, 2014, 02:43 AM
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Akya had put the badge on, and done everything else required of her before she left, but during all of that and after she couldn't help but feel disappointed in the sheriff. She had possessed some great high standard for him after everything they had heard and were expecting, but the incident with Charlie made more than a few cracks into that image. Perhaps she had misunderstood something? After all, it couldn't be because Charlie was not man could it? She had seen such double standards in other human villages before. And yet, it was unlikely to be the cause as Brand had not had any apparent problem with herself nor their shaman addition, which could only bring it back to the age. At first she had thought it to be a cover for a different concern, as by all she had seen, Charlie's age of twenty was a fair bit above most of mankind's age of maturity standards. In the end, all she could do was shake her head. She certainly didn't know enough to solve this issue, and in all fairness could easily make it worse, though not because she meant too. But enough of that, if she did not bring herself to stop thinking it over then it would be all she would do this night and miss any chance at sleep. She knew because that had happened before on multiple occasions.

Once she had managed to get her mind off it, only then did she notice how dark it had gotten. She could definitely see better in it than most of the town's inhabitants but that did not mean it didn't get to her too, although the light of the Lady's gleaming shape certainly helped. On many a night, stargazing might have caught her attention at this time of early night, but right now all she cared for was to make her way back to the inn. Her state of abundant energy and curiosity had been dampened a fair bit by the incident moments before. She plucked a copper piece from her coinpurse and muttered a word to chase away the dark. Akya kept the now glowing coin hovering over her hand, playing with cantrip magic to pass the time. Truthfully it reminded her of her schooling, as once she finally managed each cantrip she often played around with them, even when she shouldn't. It was not something she could easily help, a playful part of her nature and the awe and wonder at practicing magic for the first time which had stuck with her ever since.

But reality always managed to eventually slink back into her thoughts, and so it was now when she found herself outside the Bleeding Heart with her little glowing coin. Sighing, Akya dismissed the spell, and walked inside to inquire about her supposed room. Tonight's rest would be a early one.
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