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Old Oct 21st, 2014, 01:30 PM
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The beginning of the end of the beginning of the...
right-aligned image
Flacari Avant

Flacari managed to keep up with the group fairly well, being accustomed to hunting and tracking game must keep her in good shape where it comes to traveling over long distances. As the group approached the city, Flacari's unease came to the forefront of her emotions, but she managed to keep it in check for the sake of the children.

Seeing that it was getting dark already, it was pretty easy to see the group by the glowing sword being held by Fruros. Flacari just hoped that it would be seen by those more willing to ask questions before attacking. And it seemed that her hopes were founded, as the guards into the city did just that. But at the asking of explanations, she chose to stand at the back of the group, and let those more suited to talking be the more verbose of them.


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Old Oct 23rd, 2014, 02:25 AM
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Wargar was exhausted, feeling the extended length of the day drag on. Perhaps his wounds had not fully healed or his rage had taken more out of him than he realized, but he plodded step after dreaded step to Lakernal. The city had much been on his mind & the danger his companions faced for just being in his company. Wargar had planned his cover story with much care & thought, for Wargar was not keen of skill at deception.

The child spoke of the political motives behind the marriage, which to Wargar was confusing. His people were known of being secluded to themselves and was not known for interracial unions. The children seemed very human and it came as a surprise to Wargar that they even had Orc blood in them. The information was useful, and helped pass the time & the city almost sprang up upon them. The party decided to go in through the front door as what was best for the children.

The captain of the guard first greeted Fruros with what seemed friendly intent, & before anyone had time to say anything else a subordinate brought Wargar to the other guards attention. The accusation seemed to hang in the air with everyone in silence waiting for Wargar's answer & Wargar was hoping the guard would be reprimanded for his insubordination afterwards. If an underling under his command stepped out of line, he would have been beaten to show his place under his command.

Wargar slowly stepped forward into the light still carrying both Lilith & tail in his arms. Before he said anything to the guards he set Lilith down and spoke with her. "Lilithhh if you need me to carry you again I will." Then with special care Wargar set the boy Tail down onto the ground minding his broken leg & uttered to the boy, "Asss sssoon asss we are done here I will carry you the ressst of the way, do not fret." Wargar had noticed that Fruros's eyes had lingered on the woman before and could taste the pheromones in the air, with that knowledge Wargar had hoped Lilith's beauty would distract the guards. Never one to rely solely upon one plan, Wargar had made certain to show care while handling the boy and hoped that would buy some sympathy and be a factor in convincing the guards.

Turning to the guard Wargar began his story. "Like many of my brethhhren I was hatched and raisssed in the ssswampsss. My garb sssir is well sssuited for sssomeone who huntsss monssstersss in the marssshesss." Turning and pointing to each of his shoulders. "Thessse are my trophiesss. This was taken from a Grey Render I brought down in the ssswampsss, & thessse were from a Hydra I landed a killing blow to. Masssive beassstsss that you wouldn't want to faccce in your nightmaresss, my friend. The wildsss aren't a place for cccivilized clothing, it doesssn't lassst." Wargar had been on many hunts with his former tribe, but he was never a hunter, yet now Wargar was hunting monsters in the swamps. The monsters he hunts are members of his former clan & they could be described as nothing but monsters.

"In regardsss to how I came upon thessse fine folk, well I ran afoul withhh a particularly nasssty & cunning creature. It hit me by sssurprissse & I barely essscaped with my life. When I ssstumbled upon thessse travelersss I was wounded and due to their care I sssurvived & now am paying my debt to them. The two young onesss were raided upon the road & we sssaved them from a foul Bugbear just hoursss ago. The children are relativesss to Gurok Thail and are to attend the wedding." Hoping that by dropping the name he could speed things along. Wargar was taken by surprise by his former friend & the memory was still a sour taste in his mouth. Wargar never was talented with lies & preferred to tell the truth, even if it was his version of the truth.
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Old Oct 23rd, 2014, 04:59 AM
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"I am not a Paladin, sir, merely a worshipper of The Matron." Fruros said as he put his blade back to its scabbard as he has no point to hold it in a city full of light. "As much as we are fine going into the city at a better time like tomorrow morning, the two children with us are injured and is in need of medical treatment. Their caravan got attacked while traveling into the city and we saved them from goblins and bugbear. And yes, the lizardfolk here helped too and I highly doubt that a raider would do this. If this is still not enough reason to make it in, may I point out that they are cousin of the soon-to-be-Prince Maykol and I highly doubt that making our life difficult here will be reflected well in your next review, good sirs." Fruros said the truth as he found no reason to lie at all. Wargar seemed to have something to do with this place but Fruros highly doubted that it was something bad, at least based on what he did so far, and so he wanted to try his best to cover for him.

"Oh, we do have an invitation to show you if you want some proof."
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Old Oct 23rd, 2014, 11:09 PM
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At the City GateLilith thanked Wargar with a kiss on the cheek as she hopped down off his shoulder. He might look like one of those raiders. But worry not, for he's our friend. as she swayed her hips while walking seductively up to the guards. That's no way to treat friends... she looks down at the guards hand atop his hilt. You seem a bit nervous. Have you been to the red lily? I hear they are very good and helping others relax. she takes her finger and runs it over the guards cheekbone
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attempting to drive their attention away from the others and allowing them to proceed.

Can't you see these children need aid. We're entering the city to help them out, it's not too much to ask now is it? she puts on a saddened face, one that looks much better wearing a smile.

Sorry all, but thing still crazy and I'm going to go on a hiatus for a bit. Hopefully be back on in a few months at this rate. Feel free to replace my characters. Thanks for all the fun thus far, I'm looking forward to coming back soon and hope to game with you all again.

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