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Old Aug 2nd, 2015, 01:21 AM
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The Heroes of Melford

Name: Sheryllin Nerel

Description: Sheryllin is 5'5", and looks to be recovering from malnutrition. She has short dark brown hair that is just beginning to grow back out, and brown eyes that carry a lot of weight behind them. Her complexion is a dark tan, with healed streaks from a whip across her back. She is currently wearing a rags that look as if they are three sizes too big for her.

Background: Sheryllin is from the desert baronies of Jiemer, where life is rough, short, and oft-times meaningless. As a youth, Sheryllin was neglected by her mother and father, who doted over keeping her older brothers and first-born sister alive, leaving mostly scraps to eat and well-worn and ill-fitting clothes to wear.

Growing up on a 'survival of the fittest' mentality does wonders for those who truly wish to survive, and Sheryllin took to the lessons her siblings taught her quite well. She learned it well enough to become the leader of her own little tribe of thieves and thugs as she grew older. She was even able to cow the youngest of her older brothers, Lawin, into being her enforcer.

As she gained power, she also gained enemies. One in particular didn't like that she raided his slave-trains for recruits and other necessities. Through a well-paid informant, Rolf Alkim was able to contact Lawin and make him an offer. An offer of power and strength, with a gang of his own, to do with as he pleased. But in order to gain this power, he must get rid of Sheryllin.

Well how could Lawin refuse. He hated the whispers, the deriding comments behind his back. Sure, he wasn't the brightest. But how hard could it be to run this 'tribe' as Sheryllin did? Lawin gave Rolf the information he needed to make an attack on Sheryllin's tribe, and it was a short-lived massacre. Few survived. And those who did, including both Sheryllin and Lawin, would find themselves in shackles.

Sheryllin was sold to a northern Necromancer, the fate of her idiot brother she did not know, nor did she care. Why would she, she had not found out that he was the cause of her suffering. While imprisoned in the necromancer's dungeons, Sheryllin was tortured almost daily, even with badly sung music of a bard. If she had not grown up in such poverty, she was sure she would not survive this new hell she was living through.

Due to her determination to survive, she lived long enough to see freedom when the necromancer died mysteriously. Killing a guard who'd come to take advantage of his master's death, Sheryllin made her escape soon after, trudging along a path made by the girl who had killed her master by mistake.

It is while sitting on the dirty floor of the inn that she hears of a way to make herself needed, perhaps even get fed real food instead of table-scraps.

Goal: For the moment, simply to survive. But in the long run, she wishes to rebuild herself, perhaps make herself even stronger than before, then return to Jiemer and kill whoever it was that betrayed her... along with that bastard Rolf.

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Old Aug 2nd, 2015, 02:50 AM
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Name: Thorin Frostbeard

Description: Thorin is 4’7” tall and very sturdy and muscular. He has red hair and a bushy red beard, braided. His hands are large and gnarly looking and strong. There is a several scars on both his forearms and his hands from his early life working in a stone quarry.

Background: Frostbeard is a noted name in the dwarven community. His father Santor Frostbeard owned a medium-sized rock quarry. He also had 7 sons and 3 daughters. Everyone worked in the quarry including the daughters, but the girls usually did the counting or marking of stone and rarely took hammer to chisel.

The boys did work with the stone and Thorin was no exception. He was quite good at finishing the stone especially for fussy clients. But he was the 5th son and would never run the business and after a time he had thoughts of doing something else. But he told no one of this.

One day a man, a human, was arguing with Thorin’s father about some stone that he had had delivered. It was inexpensive stone and Thorin had not touched it. The man was raising his voice to his father and Thorin walked into the office and saw the man, he was a big human, knocked down his father. Thorin grabbed the man and wrestled him to the ground and held him there while his father got up. Santor Frostbeard told his son to release the man and he did. The man was mad and took a swing at Thorin. Now having 7 brothers taught you how to fight and Thorin knew a thing or two. He grabbed the man’s arm and twisted it up behind his back. The man kept fighting and then his arm broke and all fight left him.

Unfortunately, the man was the son of one of the leaders of the community and it became necessary for Thorin to leave the Old Kingdom, which was fine with him. He rode in a wagon with a boy he knew and they made it to the small border town of Melford. Thorin liked Melford it was adventurous and there wasn’t a rock quarry for miles.

Goal: Thorin is a religious dwarf and wants to build a shrine to Tyr, god of justice. There wasn’t one in Melford that he had seen yet and he felt the town should have one. If there was one already then he would work with the people there to make it bigger and better. His long time dream is to build a temple, but that seems impossible.

There comes, even to kings, the time of great weariness. Then the gold of the throne is brass, gems in the diadem sparkle drearily like the ice of the white seas; the speech of men is as the empty rattle of a jesterís bell

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The uri of my character is:

Name: Tryanne (Pathtosen's Girl )

A wiry human girl, maybe 18 years of age- maybe. Her face and her arms showing some claw like scars and maybe a few burns, as might be found on a someone if their master did not send them to get magical healing. Her neck bares a small brand of a vulture. (OoC: the Egyptian kind, which actually looking of cool)
Her dark hair is cut short at the neck, as if it's been routinely hacked off with a blade every time it got long enough to be a nuisance. Her dress however is more imposing than her looks, a gray robe with that same vulture - in blue, the livery of her master covering it from arm to arm and neck to toe. It bares an hour glass in it's talons. And a complexly woven sash of blues, grays, black, and white tones. Other than that, she bares no trinkets or tokens of her past.

Her Eyes however mark her as an outlander. (OoC I am not sure what that would be in this context, shape or color or what...)

How her master came by her Tryanne never thought to ask. Slave to the necromancer Pathtosen for as long as she could remember, Tryanne willingly did his bidding. He taught her to obey the law as readily as she did him. Sadly, he also tended to view adventurers as criminals (only vandals, malcontents, and thieves would leave their farms after all). He was not only a wizard but a Lord of the Old Kingdom, and if hated, had the power to deal with convicts in his own lands, since he only tended to use criminals and enemies as victims in his arts, no one ever really noticed his dark passions.

It chanced one day that a powerful group of adventurers fell into his clutches. Tryanne was set to guard, and while she did not mistreat them per say, their pleas for mercy and kindness fell on deafer ears than if they had entreated her master's own. The party's bard, a fellow who's name she never cared to learn, saw his whole party sacrificed one by one by a wizard they could not defeat and a mere girl who clearly (after several disturbing conversations) had no idea what she was doing was wrong. He managed to get his harp back from her, she had never seen one, and had no idea the power it possessed in a high-level bards hands. With his music he laid both a blessing and a curse- he could not save himself, but he would avenge his friends and free this poor creature of her ignorance.

Tryanne did not know what he did at the time but the music haunted her day and night, at odd intervals for weeks. It is due to this that she was distracted from her work during an advance ceremony, she gave her master not the potion he called for but a similar looking poison next to it. He had come to trust her not to make beginners mistakes and did not read the label himself. He died moments after he drank it. She now seeks to resurrect him but has ages to go before she has that kind of power. She is alone and scared and fears his wrath when he wakes. Meanwhile, in her head, the bard still plays.

Goal: She is out to learn enough to bring her beloved master back from the dead- she knows this may take years but sees little choice. She does not dare apprentice with a wizard, less her master take this as further proof of her unfaithfulness. So she must learn on the road becoming a hated adventurer to do so. She is terrified of the outside world and will cling to any group that does not look like it will kill her. She would work with a party as she has no illusion of her chances of survival on her own and just hopes she can find a group that are not scoundrels. (OoC: I am hoping to play an AL Shift with this one LOL)

OoC: If it fits better, her master's lands can be in the East, leaving home would be strange and scary regardless- what ever would work best for the campaign.

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Old Aug 3rd, 2015, 12:07 AM
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Name: Dalwinkle Grapeshanks

Description: A rather unattractive gnome, due to his short nose and pale complexion. His beard is black and he has beady blue-gray eyes. He prefers to wear dark colors, though his pants are purple to keep with family tradition. There is a slightly “burnt” odor to him. He constantly fidgets and looks around nervously. He prefers human or elven women, and there associated half breeds, over the short statures races, if only he had the courage to talk to one. Telling the truth is not a concept he is particularly familiar with.

Background: A descendant of the famous vintner Bobinkle Grapeshanks, Dalwinkle was born into a life of luxury. He was schooled in warfare, magic, religion, music, the arts and other assorted tomfoolery. This life ended abruptly when, during a lavish party, Dal (the consummate pyromaniac) inadvertently burned down a substantial section of the vineyards. His uncle Willi ran him out of town.
The gnome wandered aimlessly through the Old Kingdom. Money was something he never worried about when he was rich, so he didn’t worry about it when he had none. He always had a bad habit of taking things that didn’t belong to him. This attitude eventually got him thrown in jail. As he was claustrophobic, confinement did not set well with Dalwinkle. The jailhouse cat would stop by daily and stare at him thought the bars. Soon Dal became convinced that the cat was out to get him. He has since been nervous and jittery when a cat is in the vicinity.
A fellow inmate with a strange accent talked constantly about his past adventures in the mysterious East across the river Mell. He spoke of mountains of gold, gardens with giant fruit, and beautiful young women. Dalwinkle became enamored with the stories and vowed to go there when he was released. The man gave him the name of some adventurers he knew. Once he was released from prison, Dalwinkle set off for Melford.

Goal: The unnamed prisoner mentioned a garden with giant fruit, supposedly containing grapes the size of his fist. Dalwinkle hopes to find the giant grapevine and take them back to his family, to return to their good graces. He has also become afflicted with the gnomish disease of wanderlust. The only cure for that is adventure.
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Name: "Pronounced "Rah-zuh"Raza" - Rasawar Kataz

Description: Raza is a tall and tough looking female half-orc. Her manner of dress hints at tribal wear, but has enough common things that she doesn't look too out of place. Until, she opens her mouth.

Background: Raza grew up in a small village on the outer edge of the old kingdom. It has its own history of brutality and near annihilation by the rest of the civilized kingdom, but smarter heads in her village had prevailed, so she's part of the newer lineage from her village. Trained in the use of weapons like all those in her village, she's set off to make her mark on the world.

Goal: She's bound to make her own way in the world, slaying evil beasts and menfolk she's heard of since she could crawl, and some treasure to call her own wouldn't hurt either. Raza's dreams are simple actually. She has dreams of returning home a conquering hero, clad in awe-inspiring shining armor astride a perhaps a hippogriffbeautiful exotic beast, while holding the most fearsome weapons known. Her desires are those of becoming her village's leader when she retires from a life of adventuring, but not before acquiring great treasure and fame after being sought out to slay the dragon or lead warriors in a fight against raiding beasts. The sum of all these dreams is that no one will ever, ever again view her village as one of outcasts that are tolerated in the old kingdom despite the fact that they are near unintelligent and savage in their ways. It hasn't occurred to her that being an outgoing warrior, looking for a fight, may not be the best way to go about changing her village's image.


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Name: Tanya Summers (given by the orphanage)
Alias: Siren
Age: 18

Siren's brown hair hangs in lank unevenly cut layers beneath her hood. Her dark blue eyes, when visible sparkle with a constant sense of mischief that would cause many to not trust her motives at all. She almost never pulls her hood down, even when sleeping. Her skin is pale from spending most of her time in the shadows and slinking around at night.

She wears clothes that she keeps surprisingly clean and well maintained, despite her homeless status. When she does come out during the day, most people know her as "the girl in dark clothes." Normally, it's followed by "hide your sons, she probably a floozie." She could earn an honest living doing something around the small farming town, but where would the fun be in that? No, Siren makes her living stealing. After all, she was an aspiring adventurer.

Siren is intense, plain and simple. Once she sets her mind to something she will see it through with a stubborn iron will. That is unless something very convincing can change her mind, in which case she will still do something equal in measure, just likely with a different outcome. She can sit and concentrate on a task for two days straight, but give her an afternoon of idle time and she will fidget restlessly until she finds something to do. Siren with nothing to do is a dangerous thing.

Siren has a snarky side and rarely gives anyone a straight answer. She enjoys leading people on and being contrary. Often she'll assign monikers to people to avoid saying their names, whether she knows their name or not. If she says someone's name, it's a serious situation.

Siren was born in the orphanage and her mother passed away in childbirth. It was a thing that has been ingrained in her memory for as long as she could remember. The older girls were quick to remind her that she killed her mother. If she wanted to play with them, they always insisted that they didn't play with murderers. When she was six, she started running away from the orphanage for a day at a time. She would play in the woods on the outskirts of some of the farms.

There was one boy she liked to watch. He would work on the farm and then when he was done, he would fish in the creek. She often hid in a tree watching him. Then one day, after a year of spying on him, she fell out of the tree, landing next to him in a shower of leaves and acorns. In her head she had always called the boy Fish, because that's what he did. When he asked her her name, blushing, she blurted out "squirrel" because that's what startled her. Realizing her mistake, she said, "I mean, it's Siren, but you can call me Squirrel if you like."

Siren never liked using the name that the orphanage gave her. It marked her as another no name bastard child. That and Siren sounded so much cooler.

The years passed and Siren spent a lot of time with Fish (she did learn his name, but let's face it, Fish was better sounding than Korin any day). She might have even started to develop a crush on him, though she never said anything. As far as she was concerned, having a best friend was more important than having a boyfriend. This was a thing she pointed out to him often. As such, any time he talked about a girl he liked, she would quickly become jealous. She hid it well and never let him see.

When she was old enough, she left the orphanage, living on the streets, stealing her living, but she always maintained her friendship with Fish. When she left, the orphanage gave her the few meager possessions that her mother had had before she died. Among the small amount of adventuring gear that she now proudly used to survive the cold nights, was a very beautiful necklace with sapphires and a love letter from a man who was probably her father. She never told anyone about the necklace, preferring to keep it hidden. She didn't even tell her best friend about it. No, she would rather help him figure out the secrets of his own parents to hers.

Goals: Siren's goal in life is to see as much about the world as she can and help Korin find out what happened to his parents. If she happens to find out about her own, then it's a pleasant bonus.
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