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Old Mar 17th, 2014, 05:50 PM
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All the World's a Stage, and All the Men and Women Merely Players...

Please post application details and character sheets here!! Remember to {SECRET} and {SPOILER} anything that shouldn't be seen by an admin!!! O_o

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Old Mar 25th, 2014, 04:23 PM
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Marcellus Esprit Auber
right-aligned image
Name: Marcellus Esprit Auber
Class: Adept
Race/Costume: Auber, something of a celebrity in most middle-to-upper circles, does his best to hide but it does him little good. Dressed in gray, he bears a long face, ending in a block knob, with bits of strong hair coming out, and huge ears rising above his disheveled brown-gray hair. It is the mask of a mouse, with glasses atop them; easy enough for him to see with, given his need for spectacles. His costume is extravagant, despite the perceived nature of rats and mice. Charmed in golds, violets, and greens, the gray is the primary color of his goat, trimmed in the other colors, with green boots, gray pants, and a white tunic beneath, unlaced to just beneath his collar bone and ruffled along the edges. At his side sits a book, chained to his jacket. He wears violet gloves, with a turquoise trim resembling vine-like knots about the edges and down the fingers. His mask hides all of his face, save for his hair and his chin, strapped with a thin layer of facial hair, never quite strong enough to be called sideburns or a beard.
Background: Born to a rather well-off merchant, Marcellus Esprit Auber took to schooling too hard, and his father, a cruel man who thought of nothing but his only son's success, made him excel at the arts which he showed only proficiency in. The magic arts and music were his two skills, and he excelled at both, though not enough to combine the two (not yet....). In the time since his father's drink-driven death, Auber has come to become rather well-known across the kingdom for his inventions, most of them rather odd creations indeed. He is also known for his concert pieces and a single opera, which he calls The Conqueror Worm.

Near middle-age, and being something of a libertine, it was a surprise that, two years ago, he announced his engagement to a woman, mysterious and foreign, named Ulalume. But alas, Ulalume died tragically at a celebration party only a few short months before they were to be married; and since then, Auber's work has diminished, though not his mind. Never his mind.

Recently, to pull him out of his gloom, Prospero called Auber to his princely manor, to avoid the devastation of the Red Death which struck the land. And while he considers himself a common person, he is by no means common. Not with a mind like that.
In Repose
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Old Mar 26th, 2014, 01:13 AM
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Name: Doctor Dastaf Del Rey

Class: Expert in mechanics, but more of an Aristocrat in terms of station.

Race: Human

Background: Why, he's the Good Doctor of course! An honorable man of medicine by day, a second generation one at that, and a bit of a man about town at night. His life is an invitation to all tomorrow's parties, for why wouldn't you want a doctor around...heavens forbid someone indulge too much and need assistance.

Personality: The doctor is as pleasant and courteous of a man as you would hope one in his profession to be. Though he's not the tallest or strongest man in the area, not by a long shot, he knows he's welcomed by people because of his knowledge and charm, and he is fully comfortable with that. He knows that he could make more coin in another city, but there are so many good people here, he couldn't dare leave them. And he takes solace in being relied upon.

Appearance: Five foot something. A hundred and some odd pounds. Two some years old. Dark enough hair atop his head.

Well dressed, surprisingly so given he spends half his waking hours looking after the phlegm ridden, blood stained, and all around icky. You'd be surprised how much a butcher's apron can protect a silk shirt.

He can normally be seen carrying a masterly crafted satchel with him in his travels. While inside the bag are a couple tiny knives and a wooden mallet, it couldn't truly be said he's carrying weapons. He's a doctor, he saves lives, he can carry what he wants.

But that's his normal attire. His masquerade fancypants? Not telling, it would ruin the surprise.

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Old Mar 26th, 2014, 01:31 AM
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left-aligned image
Name: Mirelinda Reyes
Class: Expert
Race: Human
Background: Owner of the Thunderbird Elixirs, the only place to go for well-made potions and elixirs. A family business that has been in her family for generations, and she now runs the shop with the help of her husband.
Personality: High class, arrogant and pompous. Mirelinda is better than the average person and she has no problems letting them know it. She rarely wastes her time dealing with the "commoners" of town, making her husband do those transactions; after all their gold is just as good as anyone else's but Mirelinda would never admit to that. She prefers to do her business with the wealthy and the powerful, she has friends in high places and that is just how she likes it.

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Old Mar 26th, 2014, 02:05 AM
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Name: Kirkforth Crierson
Class: Commoner (Scribe)
Race: Human
Attachment 59657

Background: Formerly a personal scribe in the Prince's entourage. He was fired two years ago and disgraced by Prospero's staff for allegedly gossiping secrets about the noble Prince. It made little difference that he had nothing to do with it. The rumor was true and known by all anyway. The whole matter was just spin to cover the truth and he was punished to make an example of. His family suffered ridicule and he lives a paupers life. Even former friends shun him. Once a well paid and respected scholar, he now works in the equivalent of the mail room for the town/city paper or whatever fits for a news organization in this setting.

Personality: Once Loyal, respected, and trustworthy he is now ingracious and consumed by vengeful pettiness.


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Old Mar 26th, 2014, 02:25 AM
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left-aligned image

Name and Titles: The Honourable Constantine Palandro, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, second in command on board the frigate Mayfly.
Class: Aristocrat
Race: Human
Background: The third and youngest son of Baron Unger-Petrov Palandro, trained in the Royal Naval Shipyards, a school where young nobles are molded into officers in the Royal Navy. Soon became a favorite and considered one of the most promising young officers to graduate from the Shipyards in decades. Assigned to the battle seasoned frigate “The Mayfly” where he now serves under the venerable Captain Anatoly Kurska.
Personality: Ambitious and headstrong, he prefers to be addressed by his naval title rather than the one confered upon him by his heritage, Constantine aims to climb the rank-ladder within the Royal Navy all the way to the top, a well known fact to most who know him. Not a big socialite, yet he is generally regarded as a courteous and charming man among the ladies even though some find him too serious for their taste. Minds his own business, expects other to do the same - he is known for tackling problems head-on and without hesitation.

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Old Mar 26th, 2014, 12:20 PM
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right-aligned image

Class: Courtesan

Race: Human

Born into a wealthy family, Sofia grew up among the kingdom’s upper-caste elite. An engaging conversationalist with a penchant for gossip, she quickly made many acquaintances, both friendly and adversarial. A natural knack for manipulation opened doors that would have otherwise been closed to most non-nobles, and her lively personality made her a favorite in the communal milieu, (not to mention other attractive ‘assets’). As a socialite with some local celebrity, there’s few who aren’t familiar with the hush-hush conquests of Miss Ashdown.

Arrogant, egocentric, manipulative, and categorically aloof - despite her practice of the oldest profession, Sofia imagines her place to be well above the rabble, and will seldom make concessions to her prideful, self-centered conduct. She sees herself as a pleasure afforded to only the most powerful of patrons.

NPC Relationships

Player Relationships



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Old Mar 26th, 2014, 03:13 PM
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The SoldierName: Lieutenant Niccolo Albericus Montevisti
Class: Warrior
Race: Human
Background: Niccolo was born into a military family and his formal instruction even as boy was to continue the family tradition as an officer in the royal army. And so that is exactly what he did without complaint or defiance. He excelled in his studies and training and before too long, he graduated with honors as one of the youngest junior officers at the rank of Lieutenant. Tragedy struck one late evening in a small hamlet that was hosting the officers. Niccolo's captain was particularly drunk and in danger of dereliction of duty when the young officer found him in a barn, attempting to rape the daughter of their host. Niccolo managed to pull the inebriated senior officer off the girl, but he tried to strike the lieutenant in his drunken range and missed, causing him to lose his footing and fall upon a hay fork. At least, that is what the report said. Niccolo was later tried and found innocent of murdering his commanding officer but his honor has been tarnished ever since and people whisper about him, speculating the events that truly happened for it is known by some that Prince Prospero himself may have had a personal hand in acquitting the young officer.
Personality: Niccolo is an intelligent young man with a natural knack for logistics and tactical planning. He tends to be on the quiet side, observing his environment and choosing his words carefully. From a young age he was taught to be restrained and in control of his emotions, actions, and thoughts at all times; a trait that he has strived to master since childhood. He is honorable, chivalrous, and respectful to the extreme. Impressing his father and making him proud is one of his primary concerns. Niccolo loves reading, music, art and good games of chess.

Relationships: Finished and secreted.


Mysterious Niccolo

I am Weasel!

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Old Mar 27th, 2014, 09:54 AM
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left-aligned image

Bertrand Ignatius Wattlesbum

Class: Aristocrat
Race: Human


Bertrand Ignatius Wattlesbum is one of a large brood of beneficiaries of the Wattlesbum family fortune. For generations, the Wattlesbums have been at the center of all manner of mercantile enterprise from the wholesale and retail sale of goods and sundries to the import of exotic luxuries from all corners of the world - jewels, spices, rare antiques and other works of art.

The family is famous for their philanthropic endeavors as well as being "old money" (very old money) in socialite circles. Their businesses have already earned enough riches to keep countless future generations of Wattlesbums not only fed and clothed, but lavished in elegant comforts of every kind. Aside from that, their expansionist entrepreneurship still generates new revenue faster than it can be counted.

Bertrand is married to the Lady Penelope Wattlesbum, who is only rarely seen in the company of her spouse. Addicted to travel, she leaves for months on end on international holidays, spending time anywhere her whim and her limitless resources will take her. Bertie never seems forlorn when speaking of his good lady wife, no matter how long she stays away, keeping himself well entertained attending all the best parties, and especially the special-invitation all-night soirees that tend not to have women on the guest list - rather, other rich, opulently-attired and flamboyant young men, also with wives who prefer to travel.


Bertrand, or Bertie, as he is known to his upper-crust cronies, by most commoners' accounts - and many uncommoner's accounts, though such accounts are usually only whispered - is a pompous windbag with curious interests. At 30 years of age, he's never "worked" a day in his life, no one of his privileged digits ever seeing a callous. He dresses in bright, bold, flamboyant clothing, and his droll behavior is almost constantly over the top. As much as he is delighted by the finest of art, entertainment, food, and drink, he is equally entertained concocting harsh criticism of the same. Due to his zeal to complain, one might wonder whether he prefers a good meal or a bad one.

Though never engaged in anything that could be called employment, Bertrand calls himself an artist, his preferred medium being oil paints. Art critics writing reviews in various local news sheets or gallery pamphlets have referred to his work as everything from "Disturbingly sublime" to "An unfortunate alternative to blindness". He of course scoffs at any negative review, inditing the author as a classless hack who wouldn't know fine art from head lice.

Bertrand is giddy about his preparation for the upcoming masquerade ball - seeing it as a sort of competition for the most inventive and elegant costume. Having some knowledge of the guest list, he's been heard gossiping about their reputations and telling unflattering stories about them - essentially running a grass-roots campaign for life-of-the-party.

Costume Code: Red

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Old Mar 27th, 2014, 12:38 PM
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NPC: The Butler
left-aligned image
Sebastian Collinsworth, Human Commoner

AKA Mister Collinsworth, Collinsworth

Background: Longtime head of household staff for Prince Prospero. Son of a chambermaid and a valet in the house of Baron Von Grimmler.

Personality: Highly professional when on duty, committed to serving the Prince and his regular rotation of guests. Seems to take pride in his work and maintains a respectful distance from both his employer and the lower staff. Few have ever observed him outside his 24/7 role as the head of Prospero's lavish household.

Relationships: With Prospero and Baroness Von Grimmler. Any others interested in ties with this NPC can PM me to work something out!
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Old Mar 27th, 2014, 12:44 PM
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NPC: The Dowager Baroness
left-aligned image
Name: Dowager Baroness Portia Von Grimmler
Class: Aristocrat
Race: Human

Background: The young widow and sole heir of the Von Grimmler Barony. A close, personal friend of the dear Prince Prospero. A socialite extraordinaire who prides herself on her knowledge of current events, fashion, and everyone else's business. She's wealthy, lives alone with a small staff of attendants, and there are rumors that she seduced, wed and murdered her much older husband for his fortune. There are also rumors concerning her relationship with Prospero.

Personality: Arrogant, flirtatious, sassy, snide and dismissive. She is new money but wears the title of a wealthy Dowager Baroness well. She's very particular about etiquette, particularly as regards her title. To friends and those who rank above her, she is Portia. To equals, she is "Dame Von Grimmler." To those beneath her, she is "The Dowager Baroness Von Grimmler" and neither her given nor maiden name are to be used under any circumstances.

Relationships: Prospero, Collinsworth, plz PM me or post in Private thread if you want to develop a relationship with Portia.
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