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Old Apr 1st, 2023, 12:59 PM
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Grim 7/7
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Grim knew he was pushing too hard and literally taking his life in his hands with his comments, but his nerves were shot and he was tired and cranky and in no mood to submit to the Tyrant who had them all under her thumb, he had expected a violent response and was prepared to vanish at a moments notice. What he wasn't prepared for was her laughter, at the same time both musical and in this context frightening. It was enough to give him pause and he could only watch on, barely registering her words about his theory, a theory she didn't actually outright deny he would realise after the fact when he could think clearly again, as she took a bite into a stick of tobacco.

Something about it sparked a memory for Grim, and his suspicions were almost instantly confirmed as the Orc moved with unnatural speed and plucked him from the ground in an exceptionally painful grip on his chest, he could feel the pressure starting to crack his ribs and sternum as he had an almost out of body experience watching the scene, taking in the details of her bulging discoloured veins once more confirming his thoughts on the substance and listening to the exchange between Sandraminae and Tilly as the Elf bartered for his life.

He didn't know what power Sandraminae had just given up to secure his release, what bargaining chip she had but even through the haze of pain and anger he felt he was aware of how indebted to the Elf he now was, more so than his obligation to Tilly in his mind. He didn't need the scowls and condescending lectures of the others to know his anger at their blackmailer had been badly timed and ill advised, he was not willing to submit to her control as easily as the others appeared to but he was smart enough to know he should have bide'd his time and held his tongue. An act he was finding hard to do as Damien berated him and moments later Vyeggar chose to pull him into a headlock and rasp his well calloused knuckles against his head as he made a point of how easily overpowered the gnome was.

Grim's own knuckles cracked as he clenched his fist tightly, sparks of magic flicking in his eyes as they shifted into a Demonic Red again as he pushed to escape the grip of the Half Orc. Having proved his point Vyeggar chose that moment to release him and Grim stepped away glaring at the large man angrily, before casting his gaze around at the others as he struggled for a moment to compose himself. Luckily Phoenix and Emerald had chosen that moment to peek out into the corridor and seeing no sign of Tilly or Sandraminae invite Grim into the room.

Stooping down to snatch up the bag of coins from the floor where it landed after Sandraminae had thrown it at his chest, Grim let out a breathe and the glow in his eyes faded as he looked at Liana, his eyes holding her own angry Amber ones as he focused his mind for a moment and snapped his link to the collective before silently heading into the bedchamber beside Tilly's office, there was a great deal to be said to the others but at that moment in time he knew if he started to speak, he would lose his temper like he had done with Tilly, and there were much more interesting ways of releasing his anger and frustration within the room with Phoenix and Emerald

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Old Apr 2nd, 2023, 12:45 AM
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Vyeggar Vugmuk
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Credit to @TSRodriguez14

"Wasn't my intention, I just didn't want to drink alone. Besides, I couldn't afford you even if I wanted to. I already gave you all my money. And no, that wasn't me putting a deposit down on your body either. I was just wanting to show you how grateful I was for not treating me like the monster everyone seems to think I am. It gets tiring and... look, let's just drink, okay? I don't want to talk, it's just nice to sit with you."

He was about to take a pull directly from the bottle, but then paused. "You don't mind germs, do you? Otherwise, I'ma need a cup."

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