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Old Jun 8th, 2022, 03:18 AM
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Casino Mini-Games


General OutlineIf you are working at the Casino, you can make one to two rolls a day - one would be for a specific encounter that would be roleplayed out, and one would be more for GENERALLY how you do over the course of a day's work. The better you roll, the more money is earned, similar to a Profession roll.

GebetaGebeta played on a board with two rows of five holes. Participants throw a pin of a beetle into one of the holes. Then the beetles race to a randomly assigned Red hole. Whichever one gets there first wins. The Silver is the easiest to throw but also the slowest, while the Obsidian is the hardest to land properly but also the fastest.

Simply choose one of the four colours and roll the corresponding dice rolls. Highest number wins.

Silver: Roll 4d6

Gold: Roll 7d4

Jade: Roll 3d10

Obsidian: Roll 2d20.
Gurna NmeshGurna Nmesh originated as a halfling martial art made for smaller opponents to defeat larger opponents, but is now practised the world over for sport. There is a lot of ritual and practise involved... or, in the case of the Dead Mermaid's Casino, it's simply throwing people around. If you're pinned for five seconds, you lose.

Rule: Choose one of three stances - Throw, Trip, or Sprawl. Then both wrestlers roll a d20, plus a particular modifier. The highest result wins. If one of the wrestlers chose a stance that beats the other opponent's stance, they gain +5 to their result. If both Wrestlers chose the same stance, there is no change to the roll.

Throw: Add Strength.

Trip: Add Dexterity.

Sprawl: Add Constitution.

Throw beats Sprawl. Trip beats Throw. Sprawl beats Trip.
Conch Shell CallYour character would act as the attendant on a board of Conch Shell Call. A game with a great diveted wooden bowl in the table, and a series of sea shells. They're thrown in - the player has to guess how many conch shells land in the divet. As the attendant, your job is to get potential marks to put up the cash and convince them that they have a good shot in this rigged game.

Rules: The DM, in secret, rolls a d20 to determine how many conch shells land. This roll determines how much the clientele win. At this point, you'll get a clue as to what approach to take.

Play to insecurity: Make a Diplomacy roll.

Hide the odds: Make a Knowledge Local roll.

Identify marks: Make a Sense Motive roll.

When you roll, this is compared against what the clientele won. Choosing the correct approach and beating their initial roll will double your normal earnings. Making the wrong approach will halve your earnings.
OrcstonesA large table of spherical stones is laid out. Each player has a cue to hit these players with in turn towards a set of targets. The closer the ball to the target, the better. As the House, your job is to let the richer marks win... at least, long enough for them to make a huge, and very stupid, bet and lose to all over again.

Rules: In this game, there are four kinds of shot;

Go Short

Go Long

Go for a Trickshot

Go to Snooker the Opponent

In addition, there are four kinds of Result, which determines the DC of that particular shot.

A Safe Shot has a low payout and a DC of 5

An Unsafe Shot has a good payout and a DC of 10

A Ridiculous Shot has the best payout and a DC of 20

A Definite Fail has no payout and a DC of 10,000

Make a Knowledge Engineering roll (you do not have to be trained to do so). A result of 10 or higher allows you to see the Result of one of the shots. A result of 15 allows you to see the Result of 2 of the shots. A result of 20 allows you to see all the Results.

Then you choose which shot you want to make, and make a Sleight of Hand check against that shot's DC.
BurlesqueTelling jokes! Exotic dancing! Playing music! Strip teases! All these and more are done in the burlesque wing of the Dead Mermaid's Casino. Though be careful - being at the burlesque does attract certain attentions and you may get propositions you don't want... unless, of course, you don't mind making money that way.

Rules: Make a Perform roll as normal to determine what you are doing, though you also can make an Appraise check of DC10 to determine the crowd's mood.

Something Traditional: This is a crowd that likes what it likes. There's a way of doing things, and that is how it will be done.

Something Experimental: This is a crowd that has seen it all before. But maybe there's something you can do that they haven't seen.

Something Saucy: This is a crowd of horn-dogs, nymphos and rubberneckers. We're all nothing but mammals - even jokes about it will do at this point.

Correctly identifying what they want will double your normal earnings. Giving them what they don't want will halve your earnings.
Waiters, Bartenders, Cleaners & BouncersThe regular staff of the Dead Mermaid's Casino aren't just there to serve (or, in the case of attractive people, serve while wearing a skimpy outfit). They're also the eyes and ears for Tilly, spying out any untoward behaviour and especially any cheaters.

Rules: Make a Profession roll to make money as a Waiter, a Bartender, a Cleaner or a Bouncer for the day. You make half of your result in silver pieces for that day.

There is 2d8 Troublemakers each day. They will each have a number assigned to them, starting at 2 and going to 18. You can roll either Perception or Knowledge Local to identify these Troublemakers. Each Troublemaker you beat is caught. Catch all the Troublemakers, you earn triple more silver that day. Catch three-quarters, you earn double. Catch less than a quarter, you get half.

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