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Old May 20th, 2023, 11:05 AM
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Post of the Month April

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CONGRATSZZZ to Wynamoinen for winning this month's Post of the Month April. Not only was their post chosen to stand out by our judges, but the nomination was well-written. I can not NOT quote Fillyjonk for the reasons provided to nominate this post.

Reason for Nominating: In this heartfelt, beautifully written post, Wynamoinen is doing four things at once.
  1. Being extremely collaborative and taking a huge risk to help another player.
  2. Bringing in Laisren's backstory and history
  3. Remembering an important item and a plot point from all the way back in Chapter 1 and using them at this key moment.
  4. Engaging deeply with an NPC

Please read this post and hand out RPXP-love by clicking those scales in the right top of the post :-)


Yes, I am uncharmingly late with the announcement, so I will add the nominated posts with a link and a short summary of the reasons these posts were loved and nominated. Never hesitate to show your appreciation, you know how to add some RPXP-reputation ;-)
  • The nomination was because this post made an impression that Alemar was able to convey the information to an NPC, in a way that it was an overly dramatic/eerie origin Story, completed with multiple castings of Thaumaturgy to set the mood for everyone.
  • Jbear's contribution was nominated because it was the final scene of the game and through clever tactics and some rule of cool at play we are rewarded with the finale of this adventure!
  • mad_gondsman's contribution was nominated because even though it's at the start of an adventure, the character work already made an impact. It is said that this post nailed it quite as expertly, and with as much humour
  • Palliven's contribution is said to be depriving the reader to miss this post. High praise coming from writeline who really wants you to read it
  • leftyyy88's contribution was nominated because of them taking time for delightful interactions with NPCs providing depth for story elements that can serve as possible hooks for future interactions and adventures
  • Black Jim's contribution is worth the read because of the masterful way that it is written. It is said that a failed check can make the story more interesting and lead to better roleplaying than a successful one. This post is an example

Please read, enjoy, learn, and show appreciation to the writers that excelled this month....
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