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Old Apr 13th, 2021, 10:04 AM
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P.S. - I appreciate your use of colours to highlight the elements. Makes my job a lot easier!
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Old Apr 16th, 2021, 11:38 PM
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Descriptive elements: Natila, young woman, elven maiden, elven sorceress
Action elements First one is her move action, physically entering the room from the previous area. Second is casting detect magic or what not, standard action. Could have chosen a lot of fluff there for the standard; but I stuck with just the actual seeing of the magic as it seemed most relevant.
Motive The memories of her failure is what motivates her to be so cautious and thorough
Hook Pretty much everything spoken out loud is the hook, but I highlighted just the call to action.

Natila was careful as she stepped into the room, taking just a moment to give her surroundings a good check before he continued on. Once satisfied, the elven Sorceress closed her eyes to focus on what could not be seen with eyes alone.

Memories of a time long past filled the young woman’s mind, reminding her of the steep cost if she failed ”I must be perfect here, I swore to myself I would never fail again! Her inner voice roared. With eyes flashing open, Natila scanned the room once again, this time focusing on any weaves of magic that may lurk in the room. "Gregor, there!" the elven maiden exclaimed, pointing towards a chair directly in front of her. [say]That chair radiates a strong evocation aura. I believe it may be trapped. Be careful as you check for triggers/say]

Satisfied with her findings, the sorceress waits for her companion to disarm the trap.
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