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Jacob Gobhar's CV

Jacob Gobhar’s Game Design CV

Hi! I’m Jacob Gobhar, and this is a list of writing things I’ve done related to gaming. I’m including this list on one of my RPGCrossing pages, because a lot of the reason I’ve gained an interest in game design is because of things that I've participated in at RPGCrossing over the past five years. If you want to try out a play by post gaming style, this is a great place to do so. There are so many amazing writers here, and my writing is better for having written alongside of them.

Paid External Writing.
Phlogiston and Fixed Air: Competing Theories of Alchemy
This is my first paid work in game design. I had a blast writing it, and it’s a free download. And I was so happy to see my name in print next to the names of some of the game designers I've admired for years.
The End of the Law: Turning Teamwork Feats into Story Feats.
This is also a free download. Writing this was a fairly cathartic experience for me because I wrote it while trying to deal with the loss of something important. Read the article if you want to know more.
Elemental Pets 4 elemental creatures which could serve as familiars or companions. There are even rules for snuggling with cats. All for $1.

You're definitely getting more than your money's worth for this min-adventure: Cult of the Rat God. Side Note: it's about a rat infestation that won't go away. When it came out in September 2019, my family was dealing with a rat infestation that won't go away. Also, apparently there is a chopped up version of this floating out there somewhere on the internet (which you would also have to pay for). I suppose they have a right to do that because they paid me, but I'm not linking to it.

I was also a contributor to this Electrum Bestseller at DM's Guild.

Self-Published Work.
Check out my itchio page here.

If you prefer DTRPG, I also have one of those but with a little bit of a markup.

Sudden Death: a method for resolving 5e combat in a single die roll that will be coming soon to DTRPG and itchio. I will include the relevant tables in my CS Personal thread, which will be viewable by Community Supporters if they want to use it.

Some of my favorite writing on RPGCrossing.
I might link to other things later, for now I want to just point out the times the community here has honored my writing with Post of the Month awards. The competition is quite steep, and you can only win once a year, so I feel quite honored to have won a POTM in three of the last four years.
March 2015
June 2016
October 2018

Other writing
I've been an author or coauthor on 4 academic journal articles. If this interests you, message me and I can forward you info on those.
I've also written a thesis and a dissertation.
I've written about 1.8 unpublished novels.

Contact info

@DeePennyway designed my avatar.
Other artwork is attributed within each supplement.
On hiatus while I figure out my gender.
Checkout my games at itchio.
my mailbox is full, but you can reach me on twitter: @goatmealery

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