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Old Dec 19th, 2023, 04:04 PM
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PotM November

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CONGRATZZZ to Kaigen!!!! They have successfully swayed away Strangemud but also the judges from the Post of the Month! To quote "Kaigen really hit all the buttons for me in terms of a fantastic post. It is heartfelt. It connects with the other PCs and NPCs. And it circles back to just a gorgeous scene of her reconnecting with a story reveal I gave Kaigen several posts ago-- it is, without a doubt, magical. ~ ". Ofcourse you are now all curious about a post that is called 'magical', so here you go. Consider handing out that RPXP by clicking those scales to show your appreciation...

There were other nominees, all worth a read! I made a list starting with the reasons for nominating. You can click the link and you will understand why this month it was hard to choose because all of these posts were quality posts.
  • Alemar wrote; I found it quite fun to write, and feel the imagery is both clever, fun, and powerful for other readers to enjoy. So please enjoy this post over here and show some love by clicking the scales
  • There was Dworin's praise, encouraging us to read this post; In this short post, Squirmonkey masterfully shows how to manipulate a person into submission by first breaking her down and then giving a (cheap) promise. This transformed a plain 'the spy didn't see anything' scene into an impressive reveal of character, bringing Levian's character aspect (cold-hearted bastard) into focus.
  • I had to summarize Bananabadger's nomination praise a bit, but it comes down to: ElderOblex deepens our understanding of their character, showing us who Nuala is through her response to NPCs, through simple declarations of actions ..... Mechanically, ElderOblex addresses and advances at least three separate plot points, and ends the post with a nice, clean volley for others to pick up on and move the story forward.'.
    Curious? Here is the link
  • Last, but NOT least, this post was nominated by Kaigen; Qat works in some excellent non-verbal cues in this post to convey the storm her character is holding in under the calm facade. At the same time, she works in her background connections to the other characters in a way that underscores the tension in the post. All while incorporating the mechanical results of Touketsu's roll in a way that flows from her character. Please check out why they mentioned this by reading the post over here

Thank you for your time, and all the RPXP you have given to all November contestants, and do not forget to check out our RPC sponsor Crossing Drive while you are clicking and chillin'. (the sponsors are linked under this post, please admire their attribution to the drive)
You can always nominate a post yourself, or nominate a post written by yourself by posting in this thread
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