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Old Dec 20th, 2023, 05:48 PM
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Support #mentalhealth research and win a copy of Girl's Gotta Eat!

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Check out this awesome prize from Mongoose Publishing!

Any participant in our 12th Annual Membership and Charity Drive who donates at least $50 will get a free copy of Girl's Gotta Eat by Mongoose Publishing at the end of the drive!

Homestead is a ruined world. The entire population wouldnít fill an Imperial cruiserís low berths. They barely survive by mining the ruins for old technology. Salvagers donít live long, falling prey to dangerous mutated fauna, grit storms, or just plain starving to death. You learn to survive, or Homestead kills you. Pac is a survivor, and she works alone, salvaging what she can, trading it for food, and often going hungry. Then off-world strangers offer her a job. They need a guide into the wastes, someone to show them where she found a high-tech artifact. They offer enough to keep her eating for a year, but her father said never to trust strangers. Pac judges the payoff worth the risk, and finds her fatherís lessons well-founded. Homestead is a deadly world, and shiny high-tech gear will fetch a fine price. After all, a girlís gotta eat.

Thank you to Mongoose Publishing for this great prize, and thank you to everyone who supports our drive!
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