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Old 02-03-2020, 06:39 PM
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February POTM

It's February, that's national Hearth Month, and it's the month the KC Chiefs won the Super Bowl, for the first time in 50 years. I'm proud to say I have watched both of the Chief's Super Bowl Victories.

What about you? Is there a post this month you are proud of? Nominate it! It might impress the judges, and score well. Might even rate a come from behind Victory in the POTM Contest.

You never know, and it can't win, if you don't nominate it. So, get busy, and nominate!
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Old 02-12-2020, 02:38 PM
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ContextOur group (which is only 2 PCs at current) has joined a caravan to travel between cities of the underdark. Elarick is the leader of an information network that hides behind a mages guild. The GM has just described our arrival in our new city, with a bit of flavor about the journey which we were allowed to fill in. Then this happened.

The PostThe caravan of wagons, carts and beasts of burden that rolled from Grackstugh to Sshamath was not outwardly unusual. A varied assortment of type, style and design of vehicle not entirely uncommon in the trade routes of the underdark, but perhaps a bit more colorful and seemingly loosely organized. A half dozen merchants were relocating their families to the drow city, perhaps hoping for a more hospitable market for their services. A trio of traders had joined as well, heavily laden with goods fashioned by the dwarves that will fetch a high price in the Dark Weavings Bazaar. A pair of scholars, interested in accessing the vast libraries of the school of divination. A priest on a holy pilgrimage to a site sacred to his faith, though he knows not the exact location, only its proximity to the drow city. Add to that several dozen craftsmen, guardsmen, guides, and others and their passage becomes neither quiet, nor unremarkable.

At the center of this swirl of sentience, like a captain silently watching the workings of his ship at sea, stands Elarick Durrin. Or rather, Octavius De'Winter, as he is travelling under guise of an Enchanter from distant Menzobarrenzan. Octavius has become wildly popular among the common folk along this voyage, particularly the dozen children. He seems to take great delight in learning of their various aptitudes and desires, encouraging them and even connecting them with others in their company that might offer a trick or two.

Like Maghda, the jeweler's daughter. Though only a young drow of 23, she bested one of the guards leading the caravan twice in three challenges of throwing blades. Or Sirus, eldest of the three sons travelling with their adopted father to open a scribe business. The boy could already converse in seven languages at the start of the journey, but seemed to have picked up 4 more along the way. Favorite of course was Tilo. Barely 10 years old, the lad had a mastery of summoning magic that few practiced conjurers could beat. He was destined for the school of conjuration, once his parents could find work enough to afford his tuition. They had been overjoyed when Octavius had offered to sponsor the boy, and all he asked for in return was an occasional suit or coat from the tailor shop they would soon open.

It was almost too easy. Octavius was the hub around which all activity within the caravan spun. By the time they reached their destination, everyone who had been along for the ride felt somehow indebted to the mysterious, and incredibly generous being. Though he appeared a drow, there was clearly something otherworldly about him. The two, and only two, guards he kept with him would only hint at his true nature, and always in hushed tones and away from others.

The legend of Octavius De'Wynter had grown in those short weeks, largely due to the fact that fully two-thirds of the 100 travelers in the caravan were already secretly in his employ. Members of Eclipse, hidden in plain sight as workers, tradesmen and fortune seekers or every ilk, would gently steer conversations, share in quiet awe at his stories, and encourage gratitude for his efforts. Those arriving in Sshamath were convinced of one of several different stories. That Octavius was a Master Enchanter on his way to join the school of that nature. That he was a wealthy businessman, checking on enterprises throughout the Underdark. That he was a shadow dragon, travelling in disguise. Or that he was even an avatar of some otherworldly entity, granting favors to those in need of spiritual guidance. Sometimes the best lies, are those cloaked in the truth. Onyx imparts softly.

Elarick smiles to himself as he gazes up at the towering central pillar of Zorr'bauth. Raziel to his right, exchanges a few last commands to one of the "caravan guards" that brought them to the city before the wagons continue to roll toward the Bazaar. Small groups of operatives have quietly been peeling off from the traveling group and are already engaged in a number of important tasks.

We will have identified inns and taverns within the hour where we can rest from the road. Raziel says in undercommon, the drow tongue spoken most widely through the city. We can begin shopping for a more permanent holding.

Elarick, still in his drow guise as the great Octavius De'Wynter looks over at his oldest friend with obvious delight sparkling in his eyes. Wonderful. He answers softly. I'll look forward to hearing the
Dice * Know: Local - Initial reports from the spy network:
d20+18 (5)+18 Total = 23
latest news,
Dice * Know: Geography - Getting the lay of the area:
d20+14 (11)+14 Total = 25
taking in the sights, and enjoying the comforts of a
Dice * Know: Nobility - Power groups in the area.:
d20+18 (10)+18 Total = 28
fine inn after so many days sleeping in the wilds.

Turning to the final member of their trio, waves a hand across the city before them. Welcome to your new hunting ground. He says to The Shadow. Would you like to walk with us, or find your own way?

The PostPost it is in a private thread, not sure how that impacts this.
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Old 02-13-2020, 01:14 AM
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Player nominated: DAquilina
Game: Way of the Wicked
System: PF1E
GM: LeoByron
Reason for Nomination: DAquilina has been producing consistently awesome posts but this one had me literally slapping my knee with laughter. Our players are currently attempting an escape from their cell and DAq's character Aila has possessed one of the guards to aid in the attempt. Unfortunately for our would-be prison escapees, one of their fellow inmates was a werewolf and has just now awakened and is now feasting on her poor host. Hilarity ensued! Great post, one for the ages for sure!


"Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep,
And yet a third of life is passed in sleep."

- Lord Byron
Old 02-13-2020, 02:59 AM
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Player Nominated: DoubleL1987
Game: Playerbrew: The Paku Isles
System: Pathfinder
GM: Lentil Sponge


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Player nominated: Thorsten
Game: Way of the wicked
System: Pathfinder 1E (Spheres of Power and Might)
GM: LeoByron

Reason for Nomination: As a late entry to our merry band of murderers, Thorsten's character, General Moergan Thasbyrne, hasn't had a lot of time to make an impression. While most of the scallywags are fighting off the guards in a room above, the general is lock in the torture room and left to his own devices to contemplate existence. Thorsten uses this opportunity to provide an excellent introduction -- one which truly captures the darkness necessary to find oneself locked away in Branderscar Prison and the dignity of a general who has fallen from (dark) grace.


Way of the Wicked | P6 Arena
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Old 02-19-2020, 05:36 AM
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Player nominated: In the Mix
Game: What Lies Beneath
System: 5E
GM: Nade

Reason for Nomination: There are multiple reasons for me to nominate this post. What I like about In the Mix as a roleplayer is their ability to take storylines that the GM initiates and run with them. With this though, I felt that In the Mix did something out of the ordinary. Built on the back of a storyline that I initiated in my previous update, they took that and not just ran with it but did something with it that I absolutely didn't anticipate. From my perspective that's brilliant and as a GM it gives me so much now I can do to take it forward. That the post itself is both emotional and haunting, and sticks with you after reading it is the proverbial cherry on top of a delightful cake.


GM: What Lies Beneath - a Gothic Horror role-playing extravaganza

GM: Heroes of the Purple Waste: - an enchanted adventure in a faraway land of mystical promise
Old 02-21-2020, 03:45 PM
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Player Nominated: Sassafrass
Game: Decent into Avernus - Demon Team
DM: DaysUntold


Reason: Style. Sass's Relena has the aplomb of a Broadway star and all the weird hang-ups of a kid raised in a temple. In this post, Relena responds to the death of the party's contact (Turina) at the hands of the now-subdued pirate Dead-Eye. Before the dust has even settled, while the fight is still winding down into threats and inter-party bickering, Relena focuses on what's important: that we've failed in our primary mission.

In inimitable style, Sassafrass's lyrical prose captures Relena's unique perspective, and indirectly scolds the rest of us for being too wound up in the fight, and not attendant to its consequences.

he/him/his ó DM Westport | Waterdeep: Dragon Heist ó Play Aryka | Erna | Jamir | Kvarga
Old 02-29-2020, 03:54 PM
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Player Nominated: phinar
Game: Wave Echo Cave (and beyond?)
GM: goatmeal

Reason: Typically a long rest is little more than a chance to regain some hit points and spells before heading back out for more action. But when you have a bugbear valor bard who just embarrassed herself in what should have been an easy combat, it can be more than that. In addition to a hilarious description of a rare moment of ineptitude in combat, we are graced with a masterful bedtime story from the mouth of our bard.


Old 02-29-2020, 11:45 PM
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I know the rules technically let me nominate myself, but itís probably super-egotistical of me. Felt kinda good about this one though.

Player nominated: Touketsu
Game: The Keep on the Borderlands
System: 5E
GM: Vathe


I have taken the Oath!
Old 03-01-2020, 02:32 PM
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4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger 4eyedBadger
Posts: 2,107
Player: 4eyedBadger (self)
Game: The Breaking of Exandria
GM: 4eyedBadger
Post: The Boatman

Reason for Nomination: Iíve never nominated myself. My players provide me with a ton of nomination-worthy material, and I prefer to put their posts forward. But I was really excited about this post so I got over it. Itís the first post in a short, planar side-quest to our game.

Old 03-04-2020, 01:39 PM
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Player: dbaque
Game: The Forsaken Plane: The Plane of The Elder Evils
GM: Xian

Reason for Nomination: dbaque's Dr. Aurelius Aylmer is a true academic, a alchemist surgeon searching for the secrets of life. The good doctor has been placed in a sanitarium for committing crimes against nature, but has now made a deal with the sinister doctor in charge of the sanitarium so that he may attempt to restore life to the homunculus he has come to see as his daughter.

In this particular post, dbaque delves deep into the details of a tortured and obsessed mind as well as the minutia of conducting metaphysical scientific experiments. He manages to turn what is basically a series of skill checks that most players would announce in a single OOC sentence and dice-roll into a captivating and compelling window into the good doctor's psyche. With so much effort expended, the reader can't help but pray for his success, as well as dread the consequences of his unholy alliance.


"He looked to the Kender for wisdom. If there was one thing she was good for, it was pearls of wisdom. Wisdom buried beneath twelve hours of stories about obscure relatives." -- Imveros
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