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Old 06-30-2020, 06:26 PM
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It may not be hot where you are, but man, it's hot here where I am. And someplace even hotter? Our post of the month contest.

Look over the hot writing styles of our gamers here, and pick your favorite to nominate for the prestigious July Post of the Month honors. They can't win, if you don't nominate.
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Old 07-14-2020, 07:44 AM
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Player: UngainlyFool
System: Shadowrun 5th edition
Campaign: Outplay 2020
GM: Imveros

Reason for Nomination: This post was, for me, the best post in all of Round 1. Shadowrun is about being sneaky. About being morally grey. About not being who you were born as, but adopting a role. This was never more evident than in this post, where a character brought the drama by showing us who they were. I refer to it as "the reveal". It drove the story, a few characters made reference to it after the fact.

Direct Link: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthread.php?p=8824127#post8824127

As this is a private game, I'll probably need to copy the relevant text. One moment for editing, please.
It doesn't even matter.

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Old 07-21-2020, 11:35 PM
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Player Nominated: Odyssey
Game: Heroes of Unity City
System: Mutants and Masterminds
DM: Phettberg

About The Game: Set in a world where metahumans, or "Supers", exist, those that have evolved beyond simple humanity are seen almost as invaders. Governments struggle to get a handle on this relatively new "threat", making many fugitives. One country, a haven, an island-sized city country known as Unity City is to many the last haven for those that just want to survive in this world that wishes they didn't exist. But not even refugees can live simple lives in this city.

The Cast of Heroes are all drawn together, from different paths, towards this conspiracy involving medical experiments and missing children. While this is going on, the growing political turmoil continues to leave such metahumans uncertain if even Unity City will remain a place where they aren't seen as terrorists. Knowing that there's little help to be found from the authorities, they become vigilantes in their hunt for answers, and for the children disappearing from hospitals all over the island.

The current group that Odyssy's character is part of is just on the verge of capturing the doctor that seems to be the link between all of the missing children. All that's left is to go down one flight of stairs...

Reason for Nomination: Odyssey has been giving us little tastes of the inner workings of his rather unique character, but this post is our first BIG glimpse into the true battle that brews inside the quiet and unassuming Titus; between the man and the monster known simply as Berserker.

More importantly, it is a perfect example of the kinds of struggles that everyone faces. While we may not become actual monsters, the emotion put into such an inner dialogue, into such vivd description of how something simple can trigger such powerful memories is something we can all identify with. This post is the kind of small, seemingly simple moment that draws you into a character in such a way that you not only feel for them, but you hope for them, you wish to comfort them; they become almost human to the reader.

Link to Post
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Old 07-22-2020, 07:10 AM
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Phew it is hot hot hot here!!

Was gonna save this for an outplay post, but when I woke up to this I decided that can wait till next month

Player: Reliq0770
System: D&D 5e
Campaign: Great Old Ones
GM: Reliq0770

About the game/setting:
Great Old Ones is a light-hearted campaign centering around a retirement home for adventurers. There's really a lot of messing around going on here, jokes and parodies feature heavily, and nothing is taken to seriously!
At this point in he game we have made our way to Valhalla (the wing of residency of barbarians and fighters) to hand out flyers for tonights bingo game, as well as to watch and bet on a blood-feud which has been teased since the first post. It's a Tiger King parody, so maybe it wont make much sense if you haven't seen it, but trust me- it's jokes

Reason for Nomination- So I wanted to nominate Reliq for this because of their dedication to keeping things ridiculous (yes, that's them setting up one of the PCs as a loan shark...) as well as the effort they put in- their posts are always funny and flow well, and I like how they break up the post with lots of pictures. In addition, when they control our characters I think they always nail them.
In this post they went to the trouble of creating the stat blocks for the characters and playing out the whole combat so we could win/loose all our money fairly.
Covering a whole combat in one post and keeping it punchy and interesting is difficult, and I think they did a great job here, they guide us through a LOT in one post but I never lost track of where we were etc. Their world building for the game is also just fantastic and I think you should get a bit of a sense of that in this post too.

Link to post
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Old 07-29-2020, 08:13 AM
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Player Nominated: DisasterMaster
Game: Curse of Strahd
System: 5E
DM: Begon Ugo
Post Link: Maja deconstructs Strahd

About The Game: The party has survived a rogue wave that leaves them stranded in the gothic horror that is Barovia. They are currently in Vallaki, virtual prisoners behind the town's wooden palisade. The group had separated, three traveling to Lake Zarovich and Three others going to retrieve St. Andral's bones. It was a poor decision that led to an attack by six vampire spawn.

Disaster Master's character, Maja, takes the bones and runs for all of Barovia's life...

Reason for Nomination: Maja is a young Mystic, a map maker by trade. Ironically, she finds herself in Barovia, truly lost. In this post Maja makes it to St. Andral's church after a harrowing dash through the town to find Count Strahd Von Zarovich waiting for her. Maja is a level 4 character and she was being confronted by a veritable god.

Strahd demanded the bones... and Maja should have given them to him.

Instead, Disaster Master composed a post that in my mind stands as one of the best I have ever read. This young girl, confronted by the most unholy fear, stands tall and calmly deconstructs Count Strahd explaining to this god figure the flaws in his very being. Her words struck the vampire deeply, such that he almost kills her then and there.

Instead she is now a prisoner in Strahd's castle... whether she will ever emerge again remains to be seen.
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Old 07-29-2020, 02:41 PM
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Player Nominated: Banana Badger
Game: The Hoffman Institute
Game Master: Savoylen
Post: Cartel Dracula

The Game: This is the third major installment of Savoylen's Hall of Fame game around all of the conspiracies, cryptids, paranoia and obscure theories you could want. The characters themselves often display supernatural, paranormal or fringe abilities which is the only chance they have in situations that can involve aliens, wendigo, genies, Time-Travelling Ted Turner, and more. The current assignment is Dracula, and Badger's character Javan has come up with an intriguing theory about the true goals, origins, and organization behind Dracula. Read it and enjoy.

The Nomination: The "crew" has been trying to choose their next assignment. Badger's organised character Javan took many of the discoveries and elements presented by other players, and fused them into a very creative and inspired new "conspiracy theory" worthy of Steve Jackson's Illuminati game. With supporting documents and a very logical premise, I may never be able to look at old Vlad the same way.
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Old 07-31-2020, 08:36 AM
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The InfoPlayer Nominated: HotsuSama
Game: After The Quake
System: D&D 5e
Dungeon Master: Me!

Link to post.

The Nomination After the Quake is the first game I've DMed on RPGX, and I've been fortunate to have an excellent group of players since the start. We stalled a little bit during lockdown, as was perhaps inevitable, and then sadly lost two players during a very tense encounter with the enigmatic local lord (and potential patron for the party), the Daimyō Nagamasa...

I've had excellent posts from all my players throughout this game, and it's a struggle to pick one out for special praise. This post from HotsuSama, though, I found quite touching. He's consistently made the effort both to acknowledge and respond to the other players' RP, and to contribute to the worldbuilding and scene-setting that I do as the DM: this post encapsulates that, and includes a final exchange between HotsuSama's character Turushno and the departing Kasumi that both brings out the close relationship the two had been developing and acknowledges the shared character arc that can no longer come to fruition.


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Old 08-04-2020, 09:30 PM
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Posts: 1,668
Player Nominated: Rhaiber
Game: Outplay 2020
Game Master: Bhelogan
Post: Here (thread is now locked, so I can't quote here)

The Game: Round 2 of this year's Outplay was the combat round; this post covers the lead-up before beginning the fight, and the opening move.

The Nomination: Rhaiber's Ginnifer Gooseblossom has been a crowd favourite from the first post. For me, this post encapsulates up everything about her that has caught the attention of those in the stands: the rustic insight she recalls from her witch mother, the sparkling dialogue that sums up Ginnifer's childish naivety blended with a particular kind of youthful wisdom, and magic both appropriately flavoured and colourfully named.


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