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Old Jan 26th, 2022, 12:52 AM
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I know little about Golarian Lore and I'm still learning Pathfinder 1e, but your primer on the River Kingdoms was helpful.

Character Application
right-aligned image
Pashe(Pae-sh) Orett
  • Name: Pashe (pronounced Pae-sh) Orett
  • Race: Oread
  • Age: 73
  • Class: Sorcereres (elemental[earth])
  • Role: Magister
At 4'3" tall, greyish-white is Pashe's most defining feature when someone first sees her from a distance as her skin and hair are awash with the color. But once someone gets closer, that light color spectacularly offsets Pashe's eyes of glowing obsidian gem. Looking into those pools of black tends to unnerve most people who meet her, and Pashe tends to avoid looking directly at strangers because of this. Her Orend features and short stature aside, Pashe does not favor her father much, whoever he may be, and she instead takes after her human mother.

It's strange having a human for a mother when you are a long-lived half-human. Pashe effectively grew up while her mother, Gabriell, grew older. The young Pashe didn't really notice this until someone mentioned to her mother in her presence that Gabriell should find a husband before she was too old. Growing up on the outskirts of Sezgin, one of the three main merchant towns in Lambreth, she and her mother were ostracized from those around her. While her mother would not tell Pashe anything about Gabriell's family, Pashe's slow growth compared to humans did not mean she couldn't figure out what was happening around her. With no real prof, Pashe pieced together the facts that Gabriell was of the Vizcarra ruling family. However, she did not know her mothers' exact relationship. Given the looks she received and the hushed insults thrown her way by the Black Eagle horsemen who guarded the kingdom, it was not hard to guess that they lived ostracized because her mother had become pregnant with Pashe.

Pashe learned to ignore those glances and hushed insults and focused on helping her mother in any way possible. If Gabriell could sacrifice her life in Sezgin for her, Pashe could spend her youth helping her mother have a full and prosperous life despite the residence of Sezgin. So in pure stubbornness that only youth could bring, Pashe set about doing just that. At a young age, she would insist on doing the most demanding and most strenuous jobs around the house. As Gabriell grew older, Pashe would do more and more of the chores around the house, and she continued this over a decade into her adulthood until the day Gabriell grew sick. It was inevitable and a day that Pashe dreaded would come.

Pashe had decided decades ago that when her mother passed, she would leave Sezgin and the River Kingdoms entirely, but Gabriell had other plans. As her dying wish, Gabriell wanted Pashe to head to the Stolen Lands and aid her friend Merina Istara who was building a new kingdom there. So, after her mother had passed away, Pashe buried her and left the only home she ever knew. Pashe set out for the Stolen Lands and Merina's budding kingdom to tell her mother's old friend that Gabriell was dead and that her mother had wished for Pashe to aid Merina in her endeavor.

How do you know Merina Istara:
Pashe first met Merina several decades ago when she was still a young girl and had just shown that she shared her or fathers? since he was an outsiderhuman mother's potential for sorcery. Occasionally over the years, as Pashe grew up, she and her mother Gabriell received visits from Merina where they would talk in private for hours. Pashe thought of Merina as her mothers' friend and never really concerned herself much about the elf's visits.

Something only Merina Istara knows about Pashe: Oret was Pashe's fathers' name, and Gabriell took it as her surname but added a second 't'. She did this to prevent any possible snafus with magical summonings since Oret was an outsider, and so was their daughter. Pashe does not know this, but Merina Istara does.

STR 14(12 base-2pts +2 Oread), DEX 14(14 base-5pts), CON 12(12 base-2pts), INT 10(10 base-0pts), WIS 10(7 base+4 pts +2 Oread +1 @ 4th level), CHA 14(16 base-10pts -2 Oread) | Neutral Good(the treatment of her mother has pushed Pashe to regard the enforcers of law and order as an annoyance rather than something to be adhered to. And caring for her mother right up to Gabriell's dead has taught Pashe to care for others a bit more than she normally would) | worships Desna | Spells: 0-level[all day]) Detect Magic, Drench, Jolt, Mending, Read Magic & Root; 1st[7/day]) Mage Armor, Stone Shield, Thunderstomp + BurningAcid Hands; 2nd[4/day]) Stone Call or Rock Whip..
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~ Work just kicked me in the nuts when I wasn't looking.... limited posting from now on. ~

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Old Jan 26th, 2022, 07:39 AM
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Application by Dressedtojazz
right-aligned image
Bebutov Coat of Arms
Name: Lugar Von Rintz of the Bebutov Clan

Age: 42

Class: Unchained Rogue/Cavalier

Race: Catfolk

Role: General

Description: Being a prime example of the Iobarian Bebutov clan of catfolk, Lugar is muscular and lithe, with an average height of five feet and a visible awareness of his surroundings. He smiles a sly smile, where the impressive canines of both upper and lower jaw frames the brilliant white of his incisors. His paw-like hands are often moving in elegant motion to emphasize his explanations - which are often carried out in a soft, purring baritone.
The thickness of his fur coat changes with the seasons, but in color the fine fur tends towards a reddish, golden glow with the chest and stomach always shining white. The general is seldomly seen in anything but his quality-made and tightly cut uniform with black-dyed leather and charcoal-gray cloth to frame the heraldics and marks of arm besides the pendant of Sarenrae embossed in his armor. Lugar has a natural woody smell about him - like pine and juniper bark.

Bio: The Bebutov clan has been an active part of both the mercenary armies levied for Prince Tzakiv Korya of Orlov, Iobaria, and also the forces pledging their might and agility to various organizations and leaders in the River Kingdoms. As a senior command leader of the mounted ‘Granzlanders’ - the cavalry of the catfolk clan - Lugar Von Rintz has seen his share of conflict, depraved leaders and communities in turmoil.

It was neither unexpected nor unwelcomed when he was summoned for the court of elders and asked to be the clan’s emissary and token of goodwill for the Brevic and Rostlandic courts and their shared endeavor to maintain control of the Greenbelt.
He had lost his wife, Ingaliz, to the plague and his two children had grown to an age where they could take care of their own. To Lugar’s great pride, his oldest, Tutlanivic had been sent on a blood quest for the clan while his youngest, Narium, was serving as a squire under a winged squadron near the border of Kridorn.

Commander von Rintz was, for a short time, indulging himself in the court societies of the two countries and learned a lot of the etiquette and their bickering ways. While he could easily blend in and, due to his exotic looks and ways, also often was invited to banquets and private audiences, he found the ostentatiousness and the decadence alarmingly wrong. It was fortunate that he should then meet the kind and industrious Lady Merina Istara. Her business in establishing Tazlford and Fairhaven struck home in the heart of the Ioberian clansman and his knowledge on military strategy and his experience with rising empires was of great value to her, so they dined, laughed and struck deals.

A month after her visit in Brevoy, her petition to the Dragonscale Throne to have the Bebutov emmisary from Orlov appointed to aid her cause, came and was accepted. With great ambitions and a heart for adventure, Lugar Von Rintz packed up and left for a life in the frontier.

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Old Jan 26th, 2022, 11:19 AM
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left-aligned image

Name: Means "Prosperity"Abadard

Age: 40

Class: Unchained Rogue (Phantom Thief Archetype)

Race: Human

Role: Councilor

Description: "Towering" at 5'5", and weighing in at 140lbs, Abadard is invariably either grinning or preening, and usually both at the same time. Impeccably (and flashily) dressed, not physically imposing, but definitely noticeable!

Personality: In a word "Friendly!" Most would say overly friendly and exuberant, always trying to get people to like him, as it is easier to sell things to people when they like you! Has a habit of talking about himself in the third person. i.e. "Abadard is glad you came to see him today, Friend!" Only in the thick of battle, does this "salesman" façade tend to disappear, then he becomes serious, focused and tactical.

Many years ago, Abadard was part of a Merchant Caravan that was ambushed by a large group of bandits. Not content with stealing the wares of the caravan, the bandits also took all the Merchants and assistants who had not already perished in the attack, and sold them all in the Slave Markets of Cheliax. Fortunately, Abadard was canny and had a glib tongue, he began trading when his duties permitted, with whatever he could get hold of and whenever he could, eventually raising enough to to barter for his freedom. While this did nothing to slake his thirst for riches, he gained a newfound sympathy for the downtrodden, and decided that he would find a way to both enrich himself and help other who are in a similar situatuation to the one he escaped from.

Abadard set himself up as a moderately successful Merchant who used his mercantile connections (across borders) to run an underground railroad, helping slaves escape from Cheliax, and even smuggling Andoran Agents into Cheliax, again being sponsored by the Andoran Government. He suplemented his income with the Sales of various Alchemical Items and Legal Poisons, that he had crafted himself, to save coin.
It was through this network that Abadard met Merina Istara. A dear friend of the Sorceress had been captured by Slavers, and taken to Cheliax for auction. Abadards network helped the friend to escape, and Merina told Abbadard that she would "Remember what he had done for her".

Many years later, Abadard was on the run from a slaving gang that he had liberated/stolen slaves from. He needed to get FAR away from Cheliax, and even Andoran, for a good long while, maybe forever, and find a place where they would never go.

But where?

It was then that a messenger finally found him....

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Old Jan 26th, 2022, 02:22 PM
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Andalis Myramar

Name: Andalis Myramar
Age: 25
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Unchained Rogue
Role: Spymaster/Warden/or Treasurer (in order of preference)

Description: To call Andalis scrawny, is an understatement. This is a man who had fought hard, just to survive, and the former malnourishment of his youth is plain to see. His jaw is of an angular cut, with high cheekbones. His features are otherwise gaunt, despite the visible musculature he has acquired in recent years. His hair is dark, raven-hued, and long, hanging between his shoulders. His eyes are a cloudy green, not very dissimilar to moss, though there is a deep scar that bisects his left eye, he was lucky enough to not lose it. And while he isn't the tallest of individuals, he still holds himself proudly.

Bio: Very rarely do people come into your life and leave such a profound impact on you to make your life better for it. Merina Istara was one such individual for a young boy on the streets. 'Andalis would have been a thief like any other, born to the street, unknowing of any real family. The closest he got was the other kids he lived with, at an orphanage in a rather disadvantaged part of his city. There were more children there than there were people to care for them. That could often drive older children to grow up faster, take care of the younger ones... but that was not who Andalis was back in those days. No one had cared for him, so he cared not for anyone else.

As soon as he could find a means to escape the orphanage, he did and found himself worse off for it. He struggled to survive in those early days, looking for work... and finding some. He met a man named Silas Imari. A massive wall of a man, who offered many a kid a means of earning money, a place to stay, and hot meals. He jumped at the opportunity and soon learned skills to rob another person of their livelihood. In his opinion, if they couldn't hang onto their wealth, they didn't deserve it. Problem was since Silas was the one offering them this "new and better life" that meant he got a cut. If a child did not do well that day, then they didn't eat.

It sparked a rivalry between the children under Silas's "care". Andalis stood at the top of a downward spiral that there could have been no escape, as several orphans died of numerous causes... starvation being number one. Andalis and a girl named Sandrine often competed for wealthier and wealthier marks... but for the first time in his life, he was letting someone else win. He was drawn to her... wanted her... He would go without food for days at a time, stealing food instead of coin, just to survive... making sure Sandrine could eat. He hated himself for this weakness.

One day, he heard about a rather wealthy mark in his area and hoped that perhaps Sandrine and himself could both partake... He approached a young woman in, what he believed, regal attire, planning to cut the strings of her purse and be off-- as soon as his hand touched it, however, he was hurled backward, against a wall. Guards appeared around him, weapons drawn... but her voice rang out, calling the men off of him. She told him her name, Merina Istara... She gave him her purse, on the promise that he'd walk with her and have a chat. She claimed to have seen something in him that she doubted he could see.

She explained that she'd be leaving in a few days to the Stolen Lands... and that she could see a good heart that had become calloused over due to a lack of true kindness. She suggested he show others the kindness that he needed... he may not receive it right away, but patience would lead to a truer reward that was not petty baubles. She promised to send him a missive one day, no matter where he was, and she believed she wasn't wrong... that he'd answer her call. She left him with so many questions that would go unanswered...

He returned with the purse and met with Sandrine, offering to split it with her. It was one of the biggest hauls they'd seen in a long time. So Andalis gave her a different offer on top of that. Run away with him. Forget everything, this city, Silas... everyone but each other. They'd make a better team than they did as enemies. She balked at the idea and tried to take the purse from Andalis. She threatened him with her dagger... but he allowed her to have it without a single word of resistance. Broken-hearted, he decided he'd just leave, alone in the morning...

Unfortunately for him, Sandrine told Silas his intentions, and Andalis was beaten in his sleep by the larger man. But Silas slept with his own dagger. He struggled to fight back... wounded before the fight even truly began, but he utilized his smaller size and speed, to get around him, sinking his knife into Silas's side- it wouldn't prove fatal, but it'd be the start of many cuts, Andalis swore. A glint of steel, however, made him snap his head back, as a dagger nearly stabbed him in the eye, instead turning downward, and slashing him, deep. Sandrine had come to assist Silas. The pain in his eye was numb in comparison to the pain he felt deep down... the scuffle soon became even more heated, with Andalis leaping out of a window with several cuts across his chest, back, arms, and legs... and upon hitting the ground, a broken arm as well... but he escaped.

He left the city and tried to find his own way... but infection set in, and his arm set poorly. He was later found, unconscious on the road... he woke up in a warm bed, however. He was being taken care of by some farmers, who rebroke and realigned his arm in his sleep... with his wounds treated. They claimed to not be the one who found him though. An elven woman with white hair had found him and saved his life first. She left him a note that only had one word written on it: "Patience".

The boy he had been would have robbed those poor farmers blind. The man he had become, however, stayed with them. Helped out around the farm. He was there when the patriarch passed away... and that man's children, all five of them, called him brother. He stayed with them for several winters, until he received a letter from Merina. Bidding his new family ado, he makes way for the Stolen Lands... After all, he doesn't want to be the one who proves her wrong.

How do you know Merina Istara: After attempting to steal from her, he was shown a kindness he didn't expect. She would then go on to save his life... he feels he owes her a great deal.
I have taken the Oath of Sangus. As such, I am still present unless otherwise discussed.

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That's four good applications in my book. So I am re-closing this with the caveat that really, really impressive applications are likely to peak my interest though you may need to PM me to let me know you posted it...
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Silk, one nice thing about the internet, you can finds lots of info on almost anything, event the world of Golarion.
Leaning against the wall, watching the others rush by him, he grins. "Go ahead, go get that treasure that's laying there. Be more for me after you die."
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