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Old Aug 1st, 2022, 08:50 PM
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Game NamePTA
Game SystemOther Roleplaying Games
ThemeSci-fi, dark horror, adventure
FlavourTerminator, Predator, and Aliens
Plot SummaryThe World of PTA (background):
Judgment Day has been stopped several times since the first known incident in 1984. However, to use the word “stopped” would be an incorrect analogy. Judgment Day was postponed, it would never have been stopped. The state of the Earth in 2055 was horrific. The United Nations stood strong against several global threats, but it was within where the powerful collection of countries should have been prepared. The sentient global protection protocol known as Skynet, was destroyed in 1997; however, the “child” of Skynet, a clone program, created as a backup to protect from its own inevitable demise, was formed.
Legion went online the moment Skynet was extinguished, completely dominating the networks Skynet had formerly controlled. Legion was smarter, laying behind the scenes as human existence continued daily life. In shadow programs, dark websites, and viruses access was granted to much of the world's technology where Skynet did not previously go. Skynet’s primary concern rested with defensive and offensive capabilities, with little immediate influence on life outside of vast government-controlled locations; Legion used the next 30+ years to further root itself into the world’s hi-tech future.
By 2037, Legion controlled nearly all government surveillance and development assets, and by 2050 rested behind monitoring and creation of almost all forms of public-use computer technology. Through the use of millions of algorithms, Legion siphoned money from legal and illegal financial transactions across the globe. In 2041, Legion purchased huge swaths of land in isolated locations. These locations were deep within South America, Russia, and scattered across the Indian Ocean. 2042, Legion sent a single Terminator-3000 model: 9th Revision, to begin constructing an army. Unseen, construction continued, commodities and materials were purchased remotely and all physical business issues were handled by the Rev-9.
By 2054, photographic captures from the newly constructed UN Space Station proved the world's first glance at the massive and lethal project Legion was creating. Mir-II, the Russian space station, confirmed similar constructions deep within the icy mountains of Russia. In the fall of 2054, the United States and China sent a joint fleet to the Indian Ocean. With scant warning of any danger, the entire joint fleet vanished. The disaster sent the governments of the world into a panic. Unknown to the UN, Russia had already confronted military force, fighting a losing battle against Hunter Killers on land and in the air. Russia confirmed the threat of mechanical invasion in the spring of 2055, 3-hours before the first nuclear payloads were deployed.
Sarah Connor, a militant freedom fighter from California, USA, became the disembodied voice for hundreds of thousands of survivors. First encountering the Skynet threat in 1984, she was pivotal in every Machine threat afterward. Losing her son to a Terminator in the late 1990s, she formed what would be the Human Resistance in 2019. At 100 years old, Sarah held the unstable Human Resistance together until Judgment Day. She disappeared in 2056. The Human Resistance Sarah Connor shaped became a global collection of combat-hardened liberators, complete with a para-military command structure, focused on the survival of the human race meter by meter across planet Earth.
In the world of 2069, nations no longer exist, as they once had. The world is split into sectors, patrolled by Hunter Killers and infiltration units, in efforts to complete the human extermination that had begun 14 years ago. Both the UN Space Station and the Mir II had been destroyed. Legion has spread construction in several more areas, the true number of which is unknown. Total global domination has been accomplished.

Story hook: Recon Mission
Commander Regina Akuma received communication from a former section of what used to be Detroit. The communication came over broadband radio, and the rapid succession of clicks lasted the briefest of seconds. After deliberation with her squad leaders, the determination that the communication was a trap became evident and unanimous. But the risk, if there was indeed human life there, weighed heavy. It was a hard night of silence before Commander Akuma asked her squad if they could collect some volunteers for a reconnaissance mission.

What I'm Looking For?
1-3 Players to try out a skill-based homebrew game system
The posting rate will not be too strenuous and I am not a stickler for spelling and punctuation
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Old Aug 4th, 2022, 05:59 PM
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The PCs would all be human, yes? No reprogrammed Terminators?
Old Aug 8th, 2022, 04:56 AM
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Is this a one-shot? What's the anticipated length of the game?
I might be able to squeeze in another game if all you want is test out some mechanics, but I won't be able to do anything longterm unless another one of my games ends.
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