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NAME: Kaine Strongblade.
RACE: Halfelf (moonelf)
CLASS: Fighter ( aiming for Eldtitch Knight)
DESCRIPTION: Being half moonelf and half human he is taller and more built than most elves while having all their natural traits. He spent his life training, traveling, and fighting. He now stands with a grim face (handsome but always looked like he'd kill you rather than say hi). Wears dark green, or all black clothes, and carries his weapons everywhere he goes.
BACKGROUND: Outlander.

CHARACTER OVERVIEW: A high level overview of your character concept: I'm not sure what this means but I'll do my best. So the idea for this ch. Is basically he's out cast from his clan. They made him so unwelcome that he trust Noone. He works well enough with or for people that as a hired guard for caravans he is good. He's aimed to become a Eldtitch Knight. So was hoping to play him a good while. And hopefully he'll learn what a friend is along the way.

PRELUDE to the BACKSTORY 31 years ago.... Arielle daughter of the Lord of a moon elf clan.
Married a human ranger in secret( a harper). Who had come to help fight a army of orcs and goblins. He died protecting the clan from an attack, 9 months later. Arielle was pregnant by then.

Her father was furious. And denounced her. He was going to exile her and the baby but then he'd have no heir. A bargain was struck the boy would be raised and trained by the weapons master. ( This because both the Arielle request and the Ranger's death in protecting the clan.) But as punishment for her marriage to the Ranger, he imprisoned her. This imprisonment would last until Arielle denounced her son so he could be exiled. As this clan accepts only pureblood.
The Lord came to ask her to renounce her son daily, she refused. The weapons master came to her yearly to tell her about Kaine's training, and how he was treated. The Lord grew impatient and began to threaten to have Kaine killed on patrol. He even sent another moon elf to assault him. The weapons master told Arielle all he knew and that Kaine was old enough and skilled enough to survive on his own. And told her the lords hate of Kaine will continue to grow, till he has Kaine killed. So on his 15th birth day Arielle denounced Kaine. He was exiled never to return.

Kaine was raised in the home of a weapons master. He was never given a family or clan name. He was only know as Kaine. The weapons master drilled him daily, training him. Never allowed to treat him as a son, or to protect Kaine from the others of the clan.
The children and adults treated him with animosity and hatred , he never understood. On occasion there'd be one who'd hurt him. But mostly they treated him as though he didn't belong. Kaine once asked about both his parents. He was told his mother died giving birth,( as she was in prison he never met her) and his father wasn't of the clan. No names were mentioned ever. Kaine asked why he was so hated. And was told cause his parents had done a great wrong onto the clan and he was being punished for their miss deeds. Then in a moment of mercy the weapons master told Kaine he had a Destiny to become a great knight, which would redeem him in the clans eyes. So he must train hard and protect all goodly creatures. This was the one and only time Kaine was given kind words from anyone of the clan. But those were all he needed he trained even harder than any one in the clan and grew stronger too. So strong in fact he could use a greatsword better and faster than anyone could 2 short swords, including the weapons master.
Kaine. was also taught eleven magic by a wizard. He wasn't able yet to control it but knew he could. He'd never be as powerful as a wizard but. the Wizard told him he would be a Eldtitch Knight. An Eldtitch Knight was a warrior who had the ability to study and use magic along with his physical skills and training. That it was rare but it would allow him to protect others even against mages, wizards, ect. So the weapons master was right Kaine was going to be a knight.
Kaine trained into his teens and joined patrols and watch duties. Even stopped a goblin raid. Still the was treated as though he didn't belong. He was attacked during a patrol by a zealot. Kaine beat him and put his sword to the man's throat. He was going to kill him he was so angry. But the rest of the patrol intervened.
Then on his 15th birthday, the Lord had him arrested and brought before him. Said it was proven he wasn't a pure blood moon elf . That this made him a danger and a threat to the clan. That this was proven when he almost killed a member of a patrol.( The fact he was defending him self. was never mentioned.) Because of this he was to be exiled and executed if he returned.

Kaine left with his clothes and a few weapons. He spent 5 years alone in the wilderness. Which led him to Ten Towns. When he hired on out of Luskan to help guard a caravan. Then the last 10 years as a caravan escort. For ten towns. The caravans coind him the Strongblade. And so he is known as Kaine Strongblade. To his knowledge the Towns were built by people who weren't welcome elsewhere. And given his life it made a perfect place to dissapear. He'd winter in Bryn Shander. And escort caravans the rest of the year.

Strongblade good to see your back. Those goblins give you trouble ?" Said the smiling captain of the watch.

"Since when have a handful of goblins given either of us trouble? Fun that's what killing goblins is. I mean I ain't a untrained farmer with a pitch fork." He responded bantering back.

" Well I know you just got back and all but..." said the captain in a way that says he doesn't want to ask.

"Spit it out man. You don't have to worry about me. I always come through for you." Said Strongblade to the closest
thing to a friend he had At least that's how he saw this man. Hopefully the captain felt similar .

"Well it's just rumors, but we believe that there might be trouble over in the spine. We need someone who knows their way around to go check it out. You know see what's worth seeing or not. If it's nothing after a couple days just hire on as a caravan escort back here. And report. But if there's something and your needed you do what you can. Or if worse come back and tell me. So I can get the duke( or whatever the current title is) to send a battalion out." Said the captain.

"See it's nothing to fret about. A easy lazy scouting mission. Won't take long. When I get back you owe me dinner. " He jested. As he turns to leave again. Having all his gear already cause he travels prepared for anything.
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Originally Posted by Demandredd View Post
Trashking - absolutely fine with me. The game is open to all skill levels for 5e.
Thanks so much, Demandredd!

I believe my application is finished. If there's anything I missed or misinterpreted, please feel free to provide some feedback. (:
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FAQ and Applications table has been added to my second post.
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Completed my application for Ulfgar. I took the liberty of spending a gold to pick up a dagger, if that's okay.

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