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Old Nov 8th, 2018, 10:52 PM
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Name: Michael "Mickey" Griswald
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Appearance: 5'9" fair freckled skin, messy mop redhead with a firm build thanks to years of training his body to harness ki and to simply punch kick and climb. Dawns simple cloths with or without shoes but always with a small brown open chest hood that stretches down his back.
Personality: Mickey is the sort of person to be cheery and wide-eyed when learning of a culture and new life. He wants to experience life in its fullest, which can lead him into walking openly into traps just to see if he can survive them, though he is no an idiot. He does have a sense of self-preservation but is one less for book learning and more for experience and trial and error, however, he does have a love for history as he sees them as stories of the past.
With all this said, even early on in his adventuring career he is not afraid to kill. he will match the ferocity of his attacker and will go as far to openly slaughter those who oppose him. The world is wonderful and curel.

Backstory: Mickey lived a life of a well off farmhand. Raised by two parents (Alison, Thomas) with two older sisters (Jessica and Trisha). He always appreciated his life as he got older, but was also in wanderlust when travelers would come across his village and shared their tales. His family was less then keen to let him wander the world without prepping him of the dangers. His own sister had even left for a big city to make it as an actress so it's not like they wanted to stifle him but they made him promise to find a school or protection while still helping at home before rushing off.
Fortunately for him, one band of travelers, a old (for them) Tortile (Brextin) with his adoptive children/students, two adolescent elves, (Nail and Neris) had found refuge in the village and became new regulars of the land. After much convincing and goofy chores, the odd family did train Mickey, and accepted him as the newest of their kin even having Mickey begin to adopt Brextins religion in Fharlang, the god of the horizon and travel. While the twins focused on weaponry and shadows, Mickey went for the straightforward rush of the open hand. Now 23 Mickey was given blessing by both his families to travel if only to return with his own tales once every few years.

1 or 2 Goals/Ambitions: Mickey wants to travel and become more knowledgeable about the world, in turn creating a more whole self of who Michael Griswald is and what he can offer, beyond this he wants to help preserve ways of life that can add to the existence of the world, while also stomping out those whos entire existence is to destroy or hinder others.
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