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High Noon (Noon)
right-aligned image

Name: High Noon (Noon)
Race: Tabaxi
Class: Swarmkeeper Ranger
Alignment: Neutral Good
Origins: High Noon comes from a small city that was built upon the old ruins of long forgotten ancient civilization in the jungle.

Personality Traits:
I love the sound of small chirping outside.

Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools (how about custom?? zoologist/botany kit: hand lens, dissecting kit - tiny pliers, knife, needles or pins, sample vials, plant press, journal, ink and ink pen, butterfly net, bug traps, netting, sample or preserving jars)

Folk Hero
Animal Handling, Survival
I stood up to a tyrant's agent.
The goal of a life of study is to better oneself. It is the path to knowledge. And, knowledge is the real power.
Many people dislike my favorite animal group - the insect - and I'm not sure why. I'm working on a field journal and if I could take them through just a few pages of my notes I am sure I could change their outlook.
I studied the land, I love the land, and I will protect the land.
Secretly, I believe that things would be better if I were a tyrant lording over people who claim this jungle as theirs.
People are often weirded out by my love of insects.
I...peak...slowly...when talking...to idiots,...which...almost...everyone...who....comes...here....soley....looking...for....ancient....treasure....and...ignoring...the...wonder...and...beauty...of...the...jungle...is.

Appearance and personality: High Noon has a sort of blend of fishing cat fur pattern and has bulgy/bug eyed eyes so far apart they are bordering on being on the side of her head. Her periphrial vision is top notch tho! She is long and lean, with arms and legs that seem almost too long and rail thin. She is fast and nimble and can travel by treetops if she prefers. She is a curious young Tabaxi. She takes some things very seriously, and other things not nearly as seriously, and this might not be seen eye to eye by everyone about which should be which. For example, she is very casual about religion and can take that or leave that. But, she is really into fruit trees and grafting branches of guavas - so that you can have a pineapple guava and a strawberry guava produced on one tree. Another example is that humaniods keep coming to the jungle to find treasure in the ruins. Noon would rather pry up a stone and see what is living underneath it than for buried treasure. But, she is sensible enough to know that income is good. So, she will scout or search or map or guide or find or identify or otherwise help out if hired....and do what she agreed to do in the job description. But her passion isn't gold. It's bugs, plants, trees and flowers.

Character History/Backstory:

But who built it? Who dwelt here? Where did they go? Why did they abandon it?” —newcomers to the young city of Toxaldu always ask upon arrival as they gaze upon the great temple ruins. I'm not too sure, is their only answer if they have asked High Noon. All the carvings, designs and motifs that might have been carved into the ancient stone structures have washed away leaving blank grand walls and columns and city squares, foundations, and streets paved with marble and granite. There isn't much clue of who built the old ruined city, not even a rumor of its name. The new city, that got named Toxaldu, the one that Noon lives in is just built on top of these ruins for convenience. The same spot drew settlers because the old pavements help keep the jungle from taking over all the new buildings and dwellings. It's a constant battle to keep your shelter and your garden fit because the vines, the rain, the weeds, the insects all want to conquer them if you just set up your home in a jungle. High Noon grew up in the new city of Toxaldu, but thinks everything important and interesting is the jungle and all the flora and fauna all around it rather than the mystery of the lost civilization it was build over.

Defining event in more detail
Noon is a young tabaxi known for archery skills at young age (someone witnessed a lucky shot and the story spread). It was a classic wild west standoff - between two people whose problems with each other ran deep. It was a rivalry that went way back and something about something finally set them off. Only it was set in the jungle, of course. High Noon wasn't actually involved but her archery mentor was. He and this real jackass were facing off, doing the whole count to ten and turn and shoot at each other thing three times from 60 paces, only High Noon could tell the problem guy was going to shoot at count 8 or 9. She just knew it and reacted as soon as he made his turn. She was watching from a rooftop about 100 feet away and ready. She let fly an arrow at his face - just hoping to distract him and make his cheating first shot more difficult as he had to track and dodge her arrow as well. Like a feint assist. Yes, she was cheating too. But he cheated first so this was fair enough. It just so happened that she nailed him in his left eye and dropped him. This was a wildly lucky shot - she was just hoping her aim would send her arrow anywhere around his head area to throw him off his shot. That's it. She got a little bit of a sharpshooter reputation that she did not mind at all and the name High Noon - since that is the time when all these sorts of stand offs happen as a dueling rule whether you are in the wild west or in the jungle.

She likes being a bit of a folk hero - that's alright she supposes. Noon goes deep into jungle to practice archery and trickshots so no one can see how she is just a bump up from mediocre. She is mostly a nature nerd. She observes and studies the flora and fauna of the jungle. She catches bugs. Observes. Follows trails of ants. Takes notes. She digs up plants, draws them, dries them, even experiments with them and tries to figure them out maybe discover a new medicine. Has a collection of antlers from the beasts, bones from dinosaurs, skins from snakes, rocks from the river and countless pressed leaves and flowers. Noon finds the jungle very interesting and is a bit of a botanist mixed in with zoologist and so maybe biologist. The archery is actually just a side thing. It's a really good practical skill to have here, necessary even, no doubt about it, much like speaking the local language of where you live is a practical necessity.

About Me

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Slide Slycky
right-aligned image

Character Sheet Will be update/modify if select
Name: "Slide Slicky" ( aka Ali Dener )
Race: Human (variant)
Class + Subclass: Amazon/Gypsy (Barbarian lvl 2 - Bard lvl 1 )
Background: Entertainer ( Gladiator )
Appearance and personality: see Below
Gender/Age: Femelle 22
Alignment: CN (AND don't worry .... I will cooperate with other PCs)
Key event: Kidnap , Re-educate , sale As slave , re-sale as entertainer
Personality: Thinking is for other people. I prefer action. When I set my mind to something, I follow through no matter what gets in my way.
Ideals: Creativity. The world is in need of new ideas and bold action.
Bonds: I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them again.
Flaws: I have trouble keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble.
Where does your character originate from?: Birth in a Land that is unknown from the civilized area

Character History/Backstory/RP sample:

Birth in a Land that is unknown from the civilized area. Ali lives in peace with her primitive family like hermit in a Savage Land.
His father Rhym was a very good hunter and take care of food, while his mother Drynar was gardening with exotic plant around the area. At the age of 8, a group of amazone emerges from the wood to claim Ali from her parent to pay the debt of hunting in their territory. Nodding, both parents interpose but has been knocked out easily by the Huntress ... Ali rush with two bone daggers of his father, but in the desperate charge she slept and fell just in front of the Huntress Prime who start to laugh. Removing both daggers from Ali hand putting them on her belt. She grabs Ali by the neck and said :” LoL... Oh My ... Are we really make something good with you ... I will call you Slide "

Ali was then nurse and train to fight for the Amazone. Not knowing the distance cover by the huntress from her home she never had the chance to try to return home but she never forgot her parents.

Ali alias Slide, got somes differents moves and techniques than other Amazone coming from some flashback on how his father show her how to fight. She quickly learns many weapon styles and wrestling technics ... being a little stubborn and with his hot tempers... she always was the one that her mentor like to push further than other sibling native.
Many years later, While hunting in new territory ... the Prime Hunteress fall on a group of templar collecting a village of only woman and Child. The Amazone interpose and everything went wrong. The fight starts and many Amazone falls that days. When the Prime Huntress fell down after been decapitate by the HighTemplar, Slide rush to her with both bone father dagger quickly slice stomach and plunging his hand inside the corpse to grab the heart of the mystic Prime Huntress to take a bite. That was the ritual that she had learn to transfer the spiritual energy, from time to time, ancestor to a sibling... The Templar disgusted but amuse ... find that Ali deserve to be shown in the Great Arena ... and strike her down. And again after being unconscious, she has been brought to the authorities and kept in the gladiator arena.

The Guardian Master who takes care of the slave for the arena confiscated the silex DoubleBlade Scimitar of the Prime huntress that Slide had grabbed before being knocked out. the Guardian said:" I will allow you to keep that with you when you will win a total of combat equal to your age in the arena ... meanwhile, you don't have any freedom or right in here.

Many months later, on the evening before his last combat for her freedom. The Guardian brings her to his personal dining room with a big buffet:

"- You know me ... I got only one word ... and when I give it... I'll keep it ... but this time ... I can't because it's not from my order but from the Baron. He asks 1 slave from all Guardian in his territory to be given as taxes ... and for me, he requests that it is you... and he won't accept no for an answer...i'm sorry

-"You son of Mercury... I know it has to come ... if you can't ... you got to give retribution to compensate for you fail word of honor ... I want my weapons back both dagger and Double scimitar"
he accepts with a sign of head

Then Ali was transferred to the slave market with all precious "personality" to be sold
Ali has been sold for good price disputes between 3 auctioneer the winner was a chief of a mobile circus ... saying that the combat and acrobatic prowess of Ali must be put on higher ground than just bloody combat.

After 2 days with the circus, the chief said that he will never keeped ali captive but he hopes that she will help him regain the value of what he has paid... in a demonstrative show by performing on a stage ... and probably other connect task of interest.

She learns with him the art of the scene and ... behind the scene, while the show goes on, some pick pocket or a raid in house in the city closed to where they raise their tent for the circus

After one year, Ali made her count with the chief. She excuse herself for all the trouble she gives them and walk away with just her heritage ... the twin bone dagger and the Prime Silex Double Scimitar.

She long left where Amazone style for a more gypsy style for her look, but her fighting style cannot be mistaken for anything else than the Amazone wrestling style. She decides to adopt the name of Slide Slycky to represent what she become til now.

She's now heading toward a city unknown to her that are far away, where nobody heard of her.

About You

Previous role-playing experience:35 year in table top D&D ( Master and Player )
Anything you want us to know?:
Roleplay Sample: Link to some old RP
Ali in an alternate reality (in my start here in 2019)


Wollean too
Yes ... I'll take the Oath of Sangus ;)

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Looks very cool. Placeholder!

As always I have idea overload.
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In your jungle will there be an Grung, Lizardfolk or Yuan-ti? I'm not looking to metagame and get details on what we're up against. My characters backstory will be about traveling to this jungle to find his clan, being estranged at birth. Hopefully one of those races fits in to your world.
I have taken the Oath of Sangus!
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right-aligned image

Name: Sigrid
Race: Human
Class + Subclass: Barbarian - Path of the Totem
Background: Entertainer (Gladiator)
Appearance: Sigrid is a tall (six foot), powerfully built blonde woman in her mid twenties with blue eyes. On her face she bears the light blue markings of her tribe on her left cheek and across her left eye. She wears a iron helmet with auroch horns on her scalp and the furs of northern ice bears across her body with a woollen tunic and kilt beneath. On her feet are thick, well made boots. In her belt she carries twin handaxes (her favoured weapons) and across her back is slung a heavy double sided greataxe.
Personality: Most people who meet her find Sigrid as strong as an ox and very nearly as bright with nothing going on upstairs other than the next fight, the next tankard of mead and the next lover. Actually that isn't entirely fair - while she is certainly no intellectual and is cheerfully illiterate Sigrid is quite shrewd in many ways. She genuinely enjoys her life as a gladiator and the benefits that come with it but her all brawn, no brain act is exactly that - an act. She's been saving her money and honing her skills as she waits for the chance for a real adventure to arrive, and with it real challenges, real wealth and fame and real power.
Alignment: Neutral
Where does your character originate from?: A distant northern kingdom of rugged snowcapped mountains and dark pine forests.
Character History/Backstory: Sigrid was originally born male, the son of a clan chieftain and grew up with the expectation in turn. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) Sigrid always had a weakness for fair maidens and after a successful battle got very drunk and deflowered one of the maiden priestesses of the Bear Goddess in her own shrine. The deflowering was consensual but no less an act of sacrilege for that and Sigrid awoke that morning to find the goddess had altered him in body, turning him from a man to a woman.

Another warrior might have fallen on their sword then and there but Sigrid was made of sterner stuff and was shrewd enough to tell angering the goddess further was unlikely to improve things. Besides he... she was beginning to find she liked this new body. Swearing her axe to the Bear Goddess Sigrid departed her tribe to find honour, glory and wealth elsewhere as a totem warrioress.

Heading south to the so-called civilised lands Sigrid found work as a bounty hunter, mercenary and bodyguard but it was not until she became a gladiator in a decadent port city that her fortunes truly changed. A strong, fearless fighter with striking good looks and a natural ability to work a crowd she made a small fortune and some fame before wanderlust persuaded her to turn elsewhere...
Key event: Being magically changed by an angry goddess. While she's been on many adventures it is hard to say anything has come close to that.
Flaw: Sigrid was always a womaniser and becoming a woman has not changed that one jot. She's a sucker for a pretty face, at least outside of battle (in battle she'll treat a female opponent as she would a man - violently.)

About You(you may secret this section)

Previous role-playing experience: I've been in a lot of PbP games over the years, including a lot of D&D (various editions) and WFRP. More generally I've been roleplaying for twenty years since college, starting all the way back with 3.5 (I have a few ancient 2nd edition books from the 90s but never really got a chance to game with them.)
Anything you want us to know?: I think I'm okay.
Roleplay Sample: Here you go.
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Originally Posted by Azure Nokori View Post
In your jungle will there be any Grung, Lizardfolk or Yuan-ti? I'm not looking to metagame and get details on what we're up against. My characters backstory will be about traveling to this jungle to find his clan, being estranged at birth. Hopefully one of those races fits in to your world.
Hi there! There are several known tribes of Grung and Bullywog. As far as lizardfolk and yan-ti go, their presence in the area is somewhat limited, but not unheard of. Feel free to use any of them for the purpose of your backstory.
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Race: Forest Gnome
Class + Subclass: Rogue/Scout
Background: Charlatan

Appearance and personalityWith long hair and a thick, dark beard, Gnomansky dresses in faded greens and browns, giving the impression that he hasn't changed his clothing in twenty years. This, as with much about the man, is an affectation. The careful application of rubbing alcohol to leather armor can give it the impression of having seen far more use than it actually has. With a handful of such tricks, the Gnome looks the part of a grizzled veteran guide, with years of experience out in the wilds.

Gnomansky acts the part, too. Taciturn, except when given the chance to pass off book knowledge of plants and creatures as the results of expeditions into lands that, conveniently, few have ever seen and lived. Happy to flaunt his easy rapport with animals, but evasive about the austere upbringing on the Thistlefeast family sheep farm that gave rise to it. Full of barbed asides about "City folk," but silent on the matter of having spent his entire life in urban areas.

Beneath all the fakery lies a simple and rather touching need to be liked and valued by others, alongside an extraordinary capacity for hard work. This rather makes one wonder how impressive a fellow he could have been, had he not seemed to be hell-bent on cutting corners in pursuit of social standing. Gnomansky also possesses a highly adaptable mind, capable of learning quickly and applying old lessons to new contexts.

Alignment: CN

Where does your character originate from?: A small farming village around twenty miles north of the city of Dwemol, which is a significant port in a settled and fertile region with a large Gnomish population.

History/BackstoryIn the city of Or whatever, if you already have names in mind for cities in your worldDwemol, the name of Billip Thistlefeast was well known to all of high society, and to many of those further down the social ladder who enjoyed gossiping about the affairs of the Duke's court as a form of recreation. Billip, as he used to tell the tale, was the last scion of an old but impoverished noble family, who had sold off his family's dilapidated estate to finance travel across the world, standing atop previously-unscaled peaks and discovering long-rumored ruins of legendary civilizations. He became a particular favorite of the Duchess of Dwemol, and though scandalous talk of an affair was for once a fabrication of parties other than himself, it did little to harm his reputation as a brave and impulsive thrill-seeker.

In fact, Billip had never ventured more than twenty miles from Dwemol, his tales of adventure a mix of plagiarism of genuine traveller's tales along with plausible conjecture about places that few in his audiences would ever have been likely to go near. He had grown up on a small farm in a village to the north of the city, the ninth of eleven children of Gullick Thistlefeast, a farmer whose parenting style could best be described as harsh. Gullick showed his children little affection, and the small amount he did provide was largely showered upon his second son Rugly, known by all in the village as the old man's favorite.

Shy and booking as a child, the young Billip never stood much of a chance of getting into his father's good books. Nor did it take the juvenile Gnome long to figure this out. As soon as he was able to, Billip left his village, finding himself employment as a manservant to a kindly local wizard, Malon. Billip enjoyed his time at the magician's cluttered cottage, and availed himself of Malon's large but poorly-organized library at every opportunity. Billip was offered the chance to become the wizard's apprentice, but unfortunately for him showed no aptitude whatsoever for the casting of spells beyond the simplest of illusions.

Instead, inspired equally by the epic stories of travel and heroism and sordid accounts of the affairs of nobles that mixed with the dry magical lore in Malon's library, Billip decided to present himself at court as a well-travelled man of adventure. For several years he dined well off of his stories, until such time as a childhood acquaintance from his village appeared in town. The woman had become a successful merchant, and introduced to Billip at a social event immediately recognised the charlatan for what he was. Billip swore blind that she had mistaken him for another, but no-one bought it. True to form, the Gnome made a dramatic exit, vowing that he would return with the exotic treasures that would shut up his critics once and for all.

Billip, now adopting the name Gnomansky, travelled down the coast, sleeping under the stars, and poaching his meals with the same shortbow he had once used to slay foxes which threatened his father's livestock. For the next few years, the disgraced former courtier forced himself through sheer strength of will to become some semblance of the outdoorsman he claimed to be, persuading unsuspecting merchants to hire him as guards for their caravans, or idiot sons of nobility to lead them on hunting trips from which they were lucky to return. Gnomansky, almost to his own surprise, managed to survive long enough to gain actual skills as an outdoorsman. Without even noticing it, he had somehow acquired the kind of skills he'd long boasted of - not at the levels he'd claimed, but enough that those to whom he sold his skills were no longer being entirely ripped off.

Gnomansky still found, though, that the modestly successful life that he had stumbled into by accident brought him nothing like the acclaim that he felt he deserved. The humiliation at Dwemol rankled him deeply, and he sought out news and rumors of potential adventure, that he might one day return to the city and 'prove' that he had been telling the truth all along. Then, one day, he found himself at a dockside tavern, where a boastful ship's captain, deep in his cups, announced loudly that he would be sailing for Palmania, and that the exotica he acquired there would make him a rich man. Once not-entirely-fair game of cards later, Gnomansky found himself owed a debt which he would be only to happy to have repaid in the form of free passage...

Key event: Billip's unmasking, and the flight from Dwemol in disgrace. No matter what he achieves in his life, there isn't a day that goes by without him thinking of that moment, and dreams of a triumphant return fill his head every night within moments of his head hitting the pillow.
Flaw: Gnomansky still can't resist lying to make himself look better, even if the lie is completely implausible or actively endangers himself or others. Self-aggrandizing falsehoods are to him as stinging the frog is to the scorpion.

About YouPrevious role-playing experience: I started with 5e. Began playing with friends over Discord just before lockdown. Done one Skype campaign that lasted around nine months and another that went a year. Member of RPGX since April 2020 after being intrigued by a PBP dnd game on another website dedicated to a different hobby. I've largely jacked that hobby in for RPing!
Roleplay Sample:



Getting back into posting. Please poke me if I'm neglecting your game!

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Hi, this sounded interesting and I love a good homebrew setting!

Name: Hammer pas Deux
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (Battlemaster)
Age: 38
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Appearance: Hammer wears a suit of battered armour, a mixture of chain, scale and the odd bit of plate. It is rusty in places, well used, scuffed and worn, even some visible dents in places. He wears a deep red and black tabard, the embroidery on it long faded and barely noticeable. For the keener eyesight, a golden dragon can just be made out on the black half.

Hammer is tall at 6'4" and is well built and lean through his many battles and long weeks on the road. He has a weary look about him but most striking is the odd, red glow from his eyes, particularly noticeable at night or in dark shadows. Matted long, auburn hair flows about his face and he sports a thick leather headband with a strange rune embossed on the front. He often sports a beard, although, when time allows, he will sometimes shave this off.

Personality: Hammer is quiet and withdrawn, known as the "Madman" locally as he his always talking to someone who is not there (Sheeba). He is very quick to anger and has a fear for people in positions of power. He is not a bad soul, just a damaged one and is hell bent on freeing his sister from the imprisonment of his sword. Wary of magic due to the ritualistic arcane he was forced to witness, he would never trust it and is not comfortable around it if being used openly, although he understands it has its merits, as per the head band which aids him to see.

Through the hardened and short tempered exterior is a man who's heart is as big as the moon and is trying desperately to right the wrongs his family has suffered, but he is drained by the internal conflict as he tries to do the right thing in the right way, and the desperation consuming him. His desperation makes Hammer seem brash and instinctive and will tend to rush forward rather than think things through if it means he is one step closer to freeing his sister. He is extremely loyal to those that help him and he trusts, although trust is terribly difficult to obtain from him. His glowing red eyes give him an intimidating demeanor (although he doesnt mean to be) and as such ordinary people find it very difficult to deal with him and most just stay away.

Sheeba, on the other hand, is the voice of reason. She does not like conflict or bloodshed and will often try and persuade Hammer to "find another way" or advise him in sticky situations. She is the Ying to Hammers Yang.

Although they openly communicate with each other, nobody else can hear Sheebas voice.

Backstory Born to a Soldier and a washerwoman in the small town of Daggerford in the Delimbiyr Vale, Hammer had a very modest upbringing. His days mostly spent farming the family small holding during the time when his father was on march, which was not often, or practicing sword play with sticks or blunted weapons. His sister, Sheeba, would spend her time looking after the home with mother, or reading. She loved reading. The lord of the land was Baron Pax Meridian, a family friend for many years who had on a few occasions, helped Hammers' father out of a fix; be it paying his taxes or getting bandits removed from the farm. Baron Pax helped.

So it came as a crushing shock when, for reasons unknown, Baron Pax had lured Sheeba from her reading spot and imprisoned her in his Manor house. With father out crusading, his mother could not understand the reasoning, not that he offered any, and so only Hammer could possibly reason with the Baron to return Sheeba home. Only 21 at the time and full of nerves, he travelled alone to the Barons Manor to plead with Pax to free Sheeba. What Hammer had found was that the Baron had been seduced by promises of a strange cult and Sheeba was to be part of a ritual to give the Baron unprecedented power, or so he was led to believe.

Forced to watch the ritual, Hammer, in a fit of rage and desperation, lunged at the Baron and pierced his gut with his fathers sword as the rituals words were recited. Sheeba screamed and there was a blinding flash and all were knocked from their feet. After some time passed, head thumping and ears ringing, hammer struggled to his feet. He could not see, his world now just a shadow which would not disperse, no matter how hard he rubbed his eyes. Silence befell him and he fumbled his way from the Manor house, but now Sheeba was safe and the Baron was dead. Or so he thought...

Key Event: The cultist ritual he was forced to witness has forever scarred Hammer, causing him much distrust of others, especially nobility and is very wary of magic and its open use. Having confronted the Baron and attacking him, Hammer disrupted the ritual and caused a rupture and released wild magic into the area. Ultimately this cost him his sight (cureable) and entrapped the soul of his sister into his sword. Staggering from the ritual site and unable to see, Hammer collapsed and was found by a local elder who fashioned a headband which enabled sight. However, if the headband is removed or destroyed, Hammer can no longer see until his affliction is cured or another item is crafted. After recovering and understanding every that happened, Hammer set about to find a solution to freeing his sisters soul from his sword which has led him to travel to far away places and offering services as a sell-sword to finance his mission.

Hammer believes Pax Meridian is dead, but he survived and wants Hammers head to ensure he cannot reveal the truth of his endeavours

Flaw: The tyrant who rules my land will stop at nothing to see me killed.

Relationships: Subject to change, but anyone from Daggerford or the surrounding area will know of Hammer, either through the family treachery/tragedy or because he is the mad soul who talks to unheard voices.

Previous role-playing experience: A fair amount. Started way back when with the Red/Blue DnD box sets and moved onto ADnD 2e which was my main bag for years alongside WHFRP. Also used to pay a lot of the original Cyberpunk 2020. Was a member of roleplayinggames.net which (i think) was one of the first play-by-post websites and was in a game for over 3 years. Unfortunately the site stagnated and didnt move with the times.

Anything you want us to know?: Do not like power/meta gaming and characters that are good at everything. I immensely enjoy the development of characters over time and interactions and relationships between characters.

Example Post:

GM of Cyberpunk - The Edge of Glory Player of Waterdeep - Dragon Heist
I have taken the Oath of Sangus

“Dream big and dare to fail” – Norman Vaughan
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I made the update
Yes ... I'll take the Oath of Sangus ;)

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About Your CharacterName: Kroth (Danger)
Race: Lizardfolk
Class + Subclass: Barbarian/path of wild magic
Background: Outlander
Appearance and personality: (please include as much detail as possible): Kroth is a Hulking 7ft tall and 340lbs. Wears leathers and hides. His scales are a variety of colors from green, blue and some red. He has a necklace made of teeth around his neck. Each tooth represents a trophy kill. His shorts word is made from the spine and head of a crocodile and leather strips wrapped around the handle.
Kroth lives for the thrill of battle, but also loves to learn about other cultures. When it comes to his culture he lives by one tradition; nothing goes to waste when it comes to a kill. Tools and weapons are fashioned out of bone and hide and leather is made, and the meat becomes a meal. He has learned some etiquette. So he won't just chow down, he will wait and do it in private as some cultures he learned frown up on cannibalistic nature. He is a defender of the weak. He also believes he is easy to get a long with.
(optional) Picture:

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Where does your character originate from?: Swamplands
Character History/Backstory (again please be detailed): The sound of battle up ahead. Kroth heard the screams and yells. He begins running up the hill. As he gets to the top he see's a caravan being attacked. Royal guards are defending a carriage, Kroth charges down the hill and tackles two bandits to the ground and rolls back on to his feet while drawing his sword out to the ready. Another bandit approaches the new comer and swings but, Kroth's quickness allows him to jump back causing it to miss him, and he lunges forward with a slash of his sword, down on the wrist of the bandit. Breaking his wrist causing him to drop his sword. After dispatching the last to guards three bandits join their broken wrist companion. The two bandits that were tackles get back to their feet. Kroth surrounded let's out a roar in a field bit of rage. In doing so a chaotic whirl of energy erupts from Kroth in a form of tentacles lash in at the bandits. With no desire to finish fighting the bandits flee. Kroth goes to the carriage and sees a woman in a beautiful gown. "You are safe now." Says Kroth. A royal guard gets to his feet "Thank you for your help. This here is the Princess Amelia. We where escorting her to Prince Dragon, for there marriage and unification of the two kingdoms." So Kroth joined them for the rest of the journey.
Key event: At the age of 14 Kroth ventured out beyond the Swamplands, while on a dirt trail he was ambushed by three bandits. During the skirmish Kroth felt this burning rage inside him and he burst letting it all out. At the same time a powerful magic was released and tentacles erupted from his body knocking the three bandits down. They got to their feet and fled. When Kroth got back to the swamp he told the elders and the elders had him learn how to control it. 7 years had past and Kroth made a decision to adventure out beyond the Swamplands and learn what he could about this world.
Flaw: Kroth's flaw is that nothing goes to waste on a kill, fingers and other parts of the body can serve as food. Bones serve for weapons and tools, along with the skin serve as armor or clothing or making pouches and bags out of.
Character Sheet: (This is optional. We will do a lot of the character creation process in the game forum. If you choose to include it, please put this in a spoiler button)

About You(you may secret this section)

Previous role-playing experience: I have been roleplaying for around 20 or so years. Several different types of settings and genres.
Anything you want us to know?: I'm 40 years old I like solving problems and puzzles, I also like immersing myself into the story and character development. I like combat and usually try to find ways outside of the box to end combat by using the environment or by having traps set up if it's a known encounter with time to prep.
Roleplay Sample: so this sample is from my character Angus Mcgrillin. He is a Mountain Dwarf, cook on a farm and retired soldier. Angus
Posting is Normal.!

You can't kill what you can't see,
But what you can't see can kill you! Quote from Nailo moonshade Phantom Rogue

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Just checking in; I've updated Rook a bit, but I still need to finish writing his backstory and key event. Sorry for taking a bit longer with my application. This month has been unusually busy and I've had less time than I normally do to get on site. Just didn't want my absence to be viewed as a lack of interest or anything.
I have taken the Oath!
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Gnomansky is done, I think.

Getting back into posting. Please poke me if I'm neglecting your game!
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I've resubmitted in a better format. (https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...41#post9528941).

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Added character sheet to my app
Leaning against the wall, watching the others rush by him, he grins. "Go ahead, go get that treasure that's laying there. Be more for me after you die."
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ApplicationName: Ketri
right-aligned image

Class: Fighter (Champion)
Race: Goblin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Level: 3

Chain Shirt
Common Clothes
Explorers Pack

Background: Highway Robber (Pirate Variant)
You spent your youth under the sway of bandits, ruthless cutthroats who taught you how to survive in a world of beasts and savages. You've indulged in larceny on many trade routes and sent more than one deserving soul to an early grave. Fear and bloodshed are no strangers to you, and you've garnered a somewhat unsavory reputation in many a small town.

Personality Trait: I don’t pay attention to the risks, never tell me the odds.
Flaw: If there’s a plan ill forget it. If I don’t forget it, I will ignore it.
Ideal: Greed I am only in it for money and fame. (Neutral)
Bond: I want to be famous, whatever it takes.

Background Feature: Bad Reputation: No matter where you go, people are afraid of you due to your reputation. When you are in a civilized settlement, you can get away with minor criminal offenses, such as refusing to pay for food at a tavern or breaking down doors at a local shop, since most people will not report your activities to the authorities.

Ketri was born into and raised by the Red Claw tribe. They were a prominent goblinoid tribe that had built a bit of a reputation for ransacking caravans along the roads of the Moonsea. Despite the vast riches that they had taken over several years of hard (and often dangerous) work, they had little to show for it. The majority of their loot was slated for their warlord, Hashrad (a hobgoblin marshal), and his lieutenants. The scraps that her small tribe were allowed to keep were mostly distributed among the strongest warriors with the occasional silver coins thrown around to the rest in order to keep them hungry but not starved.

Never knowing any different, Ketri had no qualms with her lot in life. Instead of being resentful, she simply learned to become more ambitious. She wanted to prove that she was capable of becoming the fiercest warrior among them. She didn't just want to be the strongest among her clan, she wanted to be recognized as one of the greatest in the entire Red Claw tribe. She knew that, as a goblin, she could never hold a high-level position within the tribe. However, there was the possibility of being selected as one of the warlord's personal guards. A title like that would mean fame, riches, and cozy living until she died or they found someone better.

Her last assignment with her clan started off in the same routine as so many before it. Orders came down from Hashrad to ransack a merchant caravan. The killing of guards was encouraged, as usual, but "the fancy looking elf in his fancy looking chariot" was not to be harmed. If he had to be kept in line, as minimal of injury as possible was to befall him. The rumor floating around camp was that the fancy-looking elf was some sort of jewelry merchant that did regular business in the area. He had been paying Hashrad the standard fee for "protection" but had apparently decided that his gold would be better spent on his own personal security. Apparently, their warlord wanted a clear message sent that this would simply not do. Everyone knew that this was Red Claw territory and such dissent was bad for business.

As their hunting party engaged the caravan, they were quickly overwhelmed. The merchant's private guards were far better equipped and better trained than the goblins. Ketri watched in horror as her kinsman were torn apart by large men, in heavy armor, wielding beautiful longswords. She knew that she was going to die, just like the rest of them but that didn't mean that she couldn't go down fighting.

Rushing towards the men, with a sword in each hand, she followed Rhaenyra (a close friend of hers and a fierce warrior) into the battle. Suddenly, Rhaenyra stopped dead in her tracks and turned to look back at her friend. The shaft of a heavy crossbow jutted from her chest. Instinctively, Ketri embraced her friend and, almost simultaneously, was rewarded with her own bolt to the thigh. Together, they fell into the mud with Rhaenyra on top of the smaller warrior.

Waking up hours later, Ketri shoved her dead friend off of her and looked around at the carnage left behind. The only bodies left were her clansmen and a few horses. She was in bad shape and had lost a lot of blood but she was grateful to be alive. Looking around, she shook her head in disgust We were nothing but cannon fodder! After tying a strip of cloth around her thigh, she gathered up a few supplies and started limping down the supply road. "Forget this! I'm going independent!"

Where does your character originate from? The Moonsea region.

Key event: After losing most of her tribe in a single meaningless ambush (based on orders from above), Ketri decided to start thinking for herself. Since then, she has taken to mercenary work and floats from one job to the next.
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