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Old Sep 28th, 2022, 05:18 PM
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Name: Jakka
Ancestry: Tengu
Class: Bard

Jakka serves as a courier, which allows him the freedom of travel that he craves. He collects stories, reads voraciously, seeks out tales from the people he meets on his travels. He’s even starting to become something of a storyteller himself, which he’s come to realize is what he truly loves. What he’d really love to do is find someone (or maybe a group of people) on the verge of doing something epic and chronicle their rise to fame and fortune. But where is he going to find someone like that? It’s a conundrum to be sure.

He’s friendly and charismatic. Some might even say he’s a bit much with his enthusiasm and steady stream of questions (he just wants to make sure the story’s told right!). He has a weakness for the strange and unexplained and sometimes doesn’t always think a situation through before he dives in for the opportunity to learn something new. He lives for the narrative. If there’s something challenging or uncomfortable, he’ll put every effort in to make it work if it tells a great story. He’s a singer and has a great many traveling songs he’s happy to share. His singing voice sounds remarkably like an oboe, and many people (especially those that can’t get the Tengu inflection quite right to say his name properly) refer to him as Oboe.

About Me
I enjoy PBP gaming for the opportunity to tell engaging stories with others. I’m a big believer in collaboration and communication. I believe that good stories arise from great characters and their interactions, and OOC communication and working together is super important for making those interactions great. I love collaborative world building, so Kingmaker is very much my thing. I also like a little bit quicker posting pace, so 1/day sounds great to me.
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left-aligned image
right-aligned image

Name: Clover
Ancestry: Sprite (Melixie)
Class: Summoner (Fey sorcerer archetype at level 2)
Background: Local Brigand
Alignment: N

Description and Personality

At first glance, it might be easy to mistake Clover for a very large bee or wasp- “very large” for a bee that is; at eight inches tall, even goblins and halflings tower over her. Her eidolon, Petal, however, is rarely going to be confused for anything other than what he is: a seven-foot tall monster of thorny vines and vibrant pink flowers.

Although she is a fey, Clover has never thought much about her connection to the mysterious First World. She was born on the Material Plane, and it’s the only home she has ever known. As far as she is concerned, she is just another of the wide variety of folk that live in the world. Unfortunately, she has learned that others don't always see it that way, and she bears something of a chip on her shoulder from years of being seen as nothing more than a “cute little fairy girl”. She has, however, learned to use the prejudices of others to her advantage, counting on her small size and innocent appearance to lull marks into a false sense of security.

While she does tend to be manipulative and somewhat selfish, Clover is not without compassion. She prefers to use guile or intimidation before resorting to force, and made it a point to never steal from poor farmers and peasants; only wealthy merchants who could afford the loss. Petal shares most of Clover’s views on morality and her desire for adventure, but where she is personable and mischievous, he is quiet and stoic, preferring to speak with actions rather than words. On the occasion that he does converse with anyone but his fey friend, it is usually limited to short and simple sentences.


Life can be tough in a world run by giants; and when you’re eight inches tall, nearly everyone is a giant. She comes from a small village of sprites deep in the swampy forests of the River Kingdoms. Most of her family and the other villagers were content to stay there, far from the ‘big folk’, but Clover was perpetually unsatisfied. Life in the village was safe, but it was just so… boring! The same thing every day, and nothing to look forward to but one day learning to do the same job your parents did. As she grew, she ventured further and further from the village, exploring the natural landscape. Eventually, she just didn’t come back, leaving her parents with nothing but a small note as a goodbye. She would have told them in person, but they’d just have tried to stop her. This way was easier for everyone.

Now on her own, Clover started making forays into the nearby human towns and villages.She learned quickly that the human world, or at least the River Kingdoms, was a rough place. It was rough in a way that appealed to her, though. People did what they wanted, and if they went too far, they were quickly put in their place. Even so, she wasn’t ready to fully jump into their society yet, instead living alone in the wilderness. She always felt a special bond with the plants of the forest; even more so than normal sprites. At times, it seemed she could almost talk to them, and indeed eventually she did. She isn’t sure exactly how or why it happened, but some interaction between the primal energies of nature and her own fey heritage caused a life to form; a hulking creature of vines. Whatever the details of his origin, Clover and Petal were inseparable from that point on.

With her new eidolon as muscle backing her up, Clover felt much more secure venturing into the human towns, and soon she was a regular sight in several taverns. They made an odd pair, and it took some time for the locals to accept her, but eventually they welcomed her as one of their own. She had a lot in common with the Riverfolk; in particular a distaste for what most would call a normal life. It wasn’t long before the pair fell in with a group of bandits, not surprising given their abundance in the River Kingdoms. While many would consider it distasteful, for Clover it was like a dream. These weren’t the savage, murderous bandits some of the stories spoke of. They had a code, a sense of honor. They didn’t kill unless forced to, and most raids went without any violence at all. Turns out, having a terrifying vine monster is a good way of cowing spoiled rich merchants into submission. The work was terribly exciting, and quite lucrative to boot. Despite coming from the River Kingdoms, they spent most of their time in southern Brevoy; they had found that most of the wealthier travelers avoided their homeland due to its reputation. Avoiding the law wasn’t always easy, but there were plenty of bandit crews in the region, and theirs was neither the biggest nor the most violent, allowing them to fly under the radar.

All things must end, though, and Clover’s bandit career was no exception. Eventually, they made the mistake of robbing the wrong person. Some son of some lord or another, Clover was never really sure who. No one was seriously injured in the raid, but it was enough to focus the attention of the lord’s house guard on their little band. The decision was made that they should go their separate ways and disappear. For most of them, it was as simple as vanishing into the general populace of Brevoy, or hooking up with another bandit crew. For Clover and Petal, though, it wasn’t so simple. Their unique and memorable appearance meant the only sure way for them to remain unnoticed was to simply leave. The idea of an expedition to the Stolen Lands was the perfect opportunity. She has the skills needed to be valuable on such a mission, and it would get her out of Brevoy with a measure of legitimacy.

Really excited about this, hopeful to join you. I've wanted to get into a 2e game for a while, and I've also wanted to play Kingmaker for ages. I love the idea of building a nation, and I'm especially interested in developing how a character like Clover will transition from outlaw to helping found a country.
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Criminal fey makes so much sense and I hope you make it in~

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Bo Bo
left-aligned image

Name: Bo Bo
Ancestry: Goblin
Class: Witch

Bo Bo's story begins on the streets of Restov where he and his clan of goblins made a meager living sorting through the cities refuse for food and anything that could be sold. They were poor to the point of destitution, living in sewers and the ruins of abandoned buildings. While this did not bother many of them Bo Bo knew his status in the eyes of the world and was not content with his lot. Though his name makes him sound like a simpleton, and he is happy to play that up when it benefits him, he is possessed of a rare intelligence that defies stereotypes. He did what he could to blend in with the more respectable parts of society but met with little success. It would seem nobody was interested in giving the goblin a chance. Walking home one day, angry at a failed attempt to gain apprenticeship with a local wizard, Bo Bo heard a voice call to him from a collapsing building. Looking around trying to figure out where the jokers were he heard the voice again and investigated. He discovered a snake that seemed to speak to him without making a sound. It offered to help him improve his peoples lot in the world and without hesitation Bo Bo accepted. He got to know his new pet and soon he made the discovery that he had gained magical powers, it was not a pet but a familiar, much like the cat of that ignorant wizard who had turned him away. Bo Bo knew he had been granted the powers to make the difference he wanted to and when the snake presented him an opportunity to forge a kingdom for his people he didn't ask why, only how.

About me: I have been playing pbp games for about a year now and participated in a couple campaigns over several systems in that time. I enjoy the character interaction and opportunity for building a story that comes from it. Checking in at the end of the day to see how the story advanced always carries with it a sense of excitement. For this reason I like the 1/day post rate. I am in a couple games right now I am enjoying but they are posting once a week and its hard to stay into it. For the game I am curious to explore the kingdom building aspect of it and I have not done much wilderness adventure in the past so that will be interesting too.

Character Sheet

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This sounds fantastic! I've wanted to try both 2e and Kingmaker for a while, so this would be a perfect fit. Excited about the character concept I've drawn up, too.

left-aligned image

Name: Rikk
Ancestry: Goblin (Unbreakable)
Background: Sword Scion
Class: Champion (Liberator, Cayden Cailean)
Archetype: Aldori Duelist


Wiry and short with bright green skin, physically Rikk looks like a fairly typical goblin. His clothes and bearing, however, will mark him as rather more unique. He tries his utmost to carry himself like a proper Aldori Swordlord. His clothing is usually as rich and fine as he can manage, and his hair, beard, and mustache carefully styled. Many would consider the overall look somewhat foppish, but in the (self-declared) “sophisticated” society of Restov it’s par for the course, if unusual for a goblin.

While serious about his art of swordsmanship, Rikk is generally congenial and friendly. Following the example of his god Cayden Cailean, he enjoys both drink and adventure, but strives to avoid excess in either. He strongly believes in personal freedom, reacting strongly against any attempt to curtail his own or that of others. He tends to become sensitive when confronted with prejudices about goblins, and sometimes lashes out defensively when faced with them.


The Steeltooth goblins have lived in the city of Restov for as long as they can remember. Some scholars suggest their ancestors originally came to the area as refugees from the ancient kingdom of Zog, but they themselves aren’t terribly concerned with such matters. While they do form a somewhat insular community in one of the city’s poorer areas, over the years they’ve become more assimilated than most goblins, adopting much of the local culture and customs.

Growing up, Rikk was fascinated by the stories of Restov’s legendary Aldori swordlords and was determined to be one himself. Most considered the idea of a goblin swordlord more than a little absurd, and tried to convince him to set more achievable goals. Not all, however. Rikk’s mother worked as a server in a local tavern, and one day told the owner, a half-orc called Bonzo, about her son’s crazy ambitions. While not a swordlord himself, Bonzo, a dedicated adherent of Cayden Cailean, had been an adventurer before settling down and found the idea exciting.

He wanted to meet Rikk, and soon took the young goblin under his wing, teaching him both swordsmanship and the tenets of the Drunken God. He learned quickly, and soon was ready to apply for a spot in the famed Aldori Academy. At first, they had much the same reaction as most to the idea of a goblin among their ranks, but he was given a chance to prove his worthiness. Soon enough, Rikk was accepted, and swore the swordpact and was trained in their ancient arts of swordsmanship and dueling. Ever determined to improve his skills and prove himself, Rikkrecently signed on with an expedition into the mysterious Stolen Lands, eager for the optunites for excitement and glory that would surely present themselves, as well as being a force for freedom and righteousness.
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left-aligned image

Name: Arista De'Kae
Race: Human
Class: Rogue - Mastermind
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Height: 4’ 9” (1.32 M)
Weight: 175lbs
Hair: Reddish brown
Eyes: Hazel shift from brown to blue mood dependent
Primary Role: Skill Monkey, Planner

Description:You see a short human woman who looks to be, most likely, under thirty. She has hazel eyes that seem to change from blue to brown depending on her mood. Her hair is a reddish brown in color. She is wearing a brown shirt over her light chain armor which is well-oiled with cotton wedged into each and every chain so that when she moves it is as silent as a night breeze. The armor and outfit presses into her form making it difficult to know more about her figure other than the fact that she is lithe. She speaks with a soft contralto voice and when you move close you can smell a hint of jasmine along with oil.

Background:Arista was born in the gutters and learned from a young age how to pick a pocket, climb walls, and hide in shadows, open locks and disable traps. Her mentor was her own mother and the gang was a band of female thieves. Perhaps not an easy life, but it paid the bills and kept them from other sorts of underworld occupations.

Her life might just have stayed on that course and ended in a hang man’s noose if it weren’t for the tragedy that befell her gang and mother. The entire group was killed by another gang. There seemed to be only one option to her in hunting them down and killing them, but how? How could she ensure that the people who killed her mother were ended?

The options were unlimited in ways she might do so and end up dead, but there was one path that might keep her alive and that was The guard. The guard was hundreds strong, upholders of laws, and a place from which finding gangs and killing their members when trying to take them in might just be perfectly acceptable. Or even just killing them in “self-defense” when walking in town wouldn’t be frowned upon at all.

Arista was in the guard for eight years since then. Eight years in which she whittled down the seedy underbelly of the city. She's tired of the city, tired of the crime and finds the idea of establishing a new nation to be just what she needs. Somewhere she can help fashion laws and really truly help people. Somewhere wild and green not the dull, horrible city.

Personality: Arista tends to be polite and professional. She is detailed when she speaks and is very good at getting information from those she speaks with. Often asking leading questions and drilling down for more information even when she isn't interrogating people. Few people know what might lurk underneath her exterior and she prefers it that way keeping everything as professional as possible.

RP Sample: Arista waited for a moment examining the door for a trap and remembering what had brought her here. The scene of the crime her skilled eyes picking up little bits of clues that most people wouldn’t even realize where there. The first thing she noted was the placement of the knocked over chair under the supposed suicide. It was wrong, totally and impossibly wrong the man couldn’t have kicked it that way and she had known it...

How long had it been since they found the evidence? Six maybe seven hours by her reckoning. A trail of clues leading here to this warehouse and a group of would be smugglers. She gave a sign to her companions and faded into the shadows. She’d let someone else do the talking to see if these guys might surrender. If they didn’t she would be waiting in the shadows, daggers ready to find their most vulnerable spots and kill each and every one for her mother and for every other girl on the street . . .

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Everyone has such good characters. :o
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Since there doesn't seem to be a deadline and the OP hasn't been on this site since the 28th of last month, I'm kinda worried here.
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Deadline came and went on the 4th. Seems to be a failure to launch.
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