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Old Dec 7th, 2018, 04:49 AM
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The Race For Third: Jim Faindel vs. Atua

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"You've done well to get this far, but your burden has not been laid to rest just yet", the Herald informs the two semi-finalists as he leads the two into a cavern deep in the Iron DM complex. In the center of the yawning cavern lies a massive crucible; searing hot to the touch. "You may have lost your last match, but in here... losing only makes you stronger. I should know. I have lost more times than both of you combined. Aye, and even won, though perhaps that was the worst of it."

Scattered haphazardly around the cavern are ingredients of all shapes and sizes, interspersed with large chunks of raw iron ore and uncut crystals. Picking up a small chunk of raw ore and a three stringed banjo sporting dancing monkeys etched onto the side, the Herald throws both into the great crucible. It takes only moments for the two items to sizzle, pop and melt together into a glowing morass of molten iron that emits the occasional twang. Waiting expectantly, the Herald looks to the two beside him before directing their gaze to the liquid iron from the crucible as it flows into a wavering stream that disappears into the ceiling. It isn't long until the three can hear stomping, cheering, and a grand raucous above them.

"Your task today is simple. You are both expert DMs. You would not be here were it not so, and it has been proven thrice fold. Above you Inem and Unko Talok battle to the bitter end, but the Chairman demands only the very best. You shall craft an adventure from what you find here and it shall form the very foundations of the grand finale. Each of the finalists carry a bit of your power with them and you in turn carry a bit of the power of those you have faced to date. These connections are not to be ignored. "

Nearby the competitors find the following ingredients:
  • a Remorse & Redemption!
  • Divisive Teamwork!
  • a Drowned Valley!
  • Vapor!
  • Ornithomancy!
  • a Support Beam
Farther away, they find bonus ingredients:
  • a Flying Fish!
  • Strength through Defeat!
  • Candy!
  • and a Ballerina!

This would not be Iron DM were there no competition; even now. For the pride of those you have defeated in battle, and for those that have in turn beaten you. For the acknowledgement of the chairman of Third place, and the honor of battles hard fought... let the Dungeon Mastering... BEGIN!
  • You are to write an adventure using the six items / concepts above. All rules found here are to be followed.
  • The guidelines for the Judges' scoring can be found here.
  • The entry is to be no longer than 3,000 words, which includes *everything* you put into the post. Judges are instructed to stop reading at that time, or to deduct points if you go over. The use of a spell check and word counter is highly recommended.
  • Please make a simple post in this thread when you first read it, to let the judges know have seen it, and that you are on board. It doesn't have to be anything more than "read!", or something like that! Do not edit this post after making it; when it comes time to post your entry, do that in a second, separate post.
  • You have 7 days from the time this post is made to complete and submit your entry (in a new post; don't edit your first post!). It is not expected that you use all this time - the extra time has been given to ensure that, no matter what your timezone, your schedule, your sleep habits, your work or student life, or emergencies that could crop up, you should have ample time to complete your entry. Posting when you are done, and not waiting until the end, is also recommended, and rewarded.
  • You should post your entry into this thread within the generous timeframe, and ensure it is secreted (to the above judges) and spoilerbuttoned. Feel free to also PM your judges to let them know you have posted, if you wish. (DO NOT PM them your entry - just let them know your entry is submitted). If your post is not made within the 7 days, you will be automatically disqualified. If you have issues, be sure to PM or hvg3akaek at gmail dot comemail hvg3akaek *before* your round is closed.
  • Once posted, do not edit your entry. The use of the "preview" function is thus also highly recommended.
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Old Dec 13th, 2018, 08:54 AM
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