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Old Jul 14th, 2010, 06:38 PM
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The Lottery

South of Rostland, the hills rise and forests bloom into a land that has long remained wild, despite numerous attempts by colonists from both north and south to claim and civilize it. Taldor made the most ambitious attempt to settle this realm, but even that great nation failed to tame the wilderness that lies in a green swath between Brevoy and the River Kingdoms proper. This region is known as the Stolen Lands, as the wilds are viewed as territory unfairly claimed (and lost) by the other. It has lain fallow for decades since the previous attempt at colonization, and some whisper that the time is ripe for another attempt.
Yet before the Stolen Lands can be claimed, they must be known. Old ruins, monuments to previous failures, dot the landscape, home now to all manner of savage humanoid tribe and ravenous glowering monstrosity. Bandits and barbarians are the closest thing to civilization an explorer can expect to encounter in these deadly but beautiful wilds.
—from Taldan historian Gustav Devarr’s “Kingdoms of the Lost”

The Lottery
The lottery has begun. With baited breath you wait for the names of those to journey into The Stolen Lands. Not having many options left you either eagerly signed up for this opportunity or reluctantly gave your gold coin and name to the lottery master in hopes of being anywhere but where you are. Twelve are to be chosen to enter the Greenbelt and explore. Your mind focuses on the first name as the crowd goes silent…
Johaan Tondorik, the first name is called in a loud booming voice. Other names are read aloud until your name is finally called. With elation you shake the mans hand and take your charter. Apparently you are to meet the other five of your assigned group this evening and leave for the Greenbelt in the morning. You heard the journey should take 4 days by foot. Glad to be done with your past and moving on to your future you step forth to the Leaning Lady, a tavern and brothel where you were told your group would be…

Group One
Johaan Tondorik
Kim Davis
Merak Aldori
Sofya Lebeda
Willem the Quick

Group Two
Krek'n Smith
Zirul "Exile" Surtova
Joseph Alvan-Orlovsky
Leonel Lucero
Findal Brightsoul

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