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Old Jan 13th, 2011, 05:55 PM
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The Dream and the Broken World

"This was a different world once. A world ruled by men. Maybe several worlds; people claim to remember things differently. Myself, I think after The Storm all the things that could have happened but didn't got mixed up with the things that did.
So, in that world of men, all the creatures like the fiends and celestials and the few gods they had back then all pretty much got along. They had to, because they were so powerful they could destroy everything, and that meant as soon as any of them attacked, all the worlds, the heavens, all of it, would be broken.
The forces of the universe stayed in balance for thousands of years. Everything stayed the same and people like us could do what they pleased. Then, for whatever reason, somebody attacked. The gods all shattered into all the tiny little ones we have today, the world was remade and the planes were torn up and smashed back together. That was The Storm.
After that, all the monsters and angels came out of their hiding places and they fought over what to do with this mess they've made. And they never stopped. The big forces they used to fight for, like good and evil and the elements? They don't mean much these days, so they fight for whatever they please.
And that's why the mountains move. That's why we have to worship the vampires and why the gods of the river come begging to us for food. The Storm is the reason for everything."
-Garr Dumnal The Elder teaches the last human children in their camp.

I am sorry to disturb your sleep.
This message is one way, so I can't see or hear you. Please listen to what I have to say.
I am Ellired. The mayor of Sallisae, a small town of my fellow elves. No powerful being lays claim to our home or its surroundings. For this last century, we have been free.
For years monsters have fought over the area, and we have lost the last of our skilled warriors to creatures who would devour us or wreck the town. We will not last long unprotected.
I cannot know what strange creatures this spell has found, but I beg you, even if you would pervert our natures or prey upon our flesh, come to me. I am pleading for you and three others to live in the Sallisae territory and defend it as your home. It is beautiful here and more peaceful than many places.
You probably think me a fool, for inviting monsters into our midst, but I understand the price I pay and I act out of desperation.
This spell has been formulated to find exceptional beings who can benefit from exploiting us. I would much sooner risk seeing me people enslaved or sacrificing each other on dark alters than let them be wiped out by whatever horror next comes to our door.
If you will protect us from those who would destroy us, nobody will protect us from you.
Simply touch my image to be transported."
-An elf with red crystals for eyes, speaking to you in a dream.

If you have any questions about the world, ask them here. If I decide they don't need a knowledge check, I'll answer and add the information to this post. If they do need a knowledge check, then you'll have to find the answers in character.
Ingle Land?

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