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Old Nov 12th, 2012, 09:45 AM
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The Travellers

Character links go here. Also, send me a picture of your character and I will make a pog out of it for the battle maps
Characters: Julia, Saru

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Old Nov 14th, 2012, 11:45 AM
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Character Sheet

Name: Lanaya Minnet

Age: 124

Race: Elf

Class: Magus 5 (Kensai archetype)

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Good


High-born to a family of renowned wizards, the girl who is now called Lanaya remembers having the option to an easy life - if she had just submitted to her heritage. All of her needs and wants would have been taken care of and she could have lived for nothing but her studies, but her spirit would not have it that way, and so she grew up in constant arguments against her entire family, of which nobody seemed to follow her ideals. When her father sent her off to an ancient school for wizardry after finding her to be too resolute to teach himself, she resisted even harder, but eventually had no choice but to submit - even a girl as adamantine in her ways as her knew better than to risk eviction over having to study wizardry, and even a girl like her knew better than putting it past her family to erase the dirt stain her constant denials and arguments could leave on such a well-respected family.

Forced to the academy with a deep-seated grudge in her heart, she soon found out that the wizards and scholars had found their own ways of making unruly students comply. They would not beat her as her father did from time to time, with no effect, as they had much more efficient ways without having to do as much as lower themselves to harm her physically. From the first week on, her mind was subjected to enchantment spells - charm spells if the particular wizard felt nice, but more often than not it was a compulsion spell that made her study as hard as she did. Even when she finally did study, her results were disappointing for an elf of her blood. She was intelligent, that much was certain, but it paled in comparison to the rest of her family, and so after years of forced studying, the scholars of the academy did not care as much as before. It was an oversight that finally led to her being able to escape, and when she felt her mind free for the first time in a long while, she reacted like a panicked animal might - she ran from the place, as far and as wide as her feet would take her.

Luckily enough, she did not have to run far before meeting a paladin on the road. He took the frightened girl under his protection and it was because of him that she learned of her fondness for martial combat. Although her fragile and, put plainly, weak stature could not even lift his greatsword, much less swing it, he put the idea of being a warrior in her head, and her old stubbornness made her refuse anything but success in it. The city of where he left her was a small, but famous and bustling one - it had one attraction that drove people to it, the adult brass dragon that came to visit from time to time. After talking to him for days and days, the jovial dragon took a liking to her and invited her to his cave, where she stayed for years and took on some of the traits from the dragon - mainly endless curiosity, as she read book after book from the dragon's hoard. Two books in particular interested her - a book talking about oriental fighting styles that were possible even with her fragile body, and a book about magi, warriors that used their inborn intelligence and knack for magic to become even better in martial combat. It was from those books, and a well-meant warning from the brass dragon, that she took on a new identity and never used her old name again - Lanaya Minnet was now her name, and she taught herself the way of the kensai. Her relationship with the dragon was what finally got her in the mountain as well - one day, the brass was simply driven off by a blue dragon with much less patience and friendliness, and so she fled through the caves after taking what she could of what the brass dragon had to leave behind, feeding off of small animals and drinking from the small pools of water that gathered here and there, going through the seemingly endless cave, before finally reaching a small hole she could climb out of - and (a few days before the events of the campaign) finding herself in a completely alien world, one of snow and coldness, and cruel jagged mountains. Ever since, she wandered through the mountains, sustained by her magic and what rations she had left.


Years of studying inside, and years of living in a cave, together with natural shortness, made Lanaya's body look even more fragile than it was before - that combined with her paleness makes her look as if a strong gust of wind or even just a rough touch could easily break her apart. When she moves however, she does so with inborn grace enhanced by her dervish dancing, and she could easily be mistaken for a dancer by the way she walks. In battle, this graceful part of her is only enhanced as she swirls and dances around with her scimitar, with effectiveness you would not expect looking at her.
However, her early life and especially the academy has left her quiet, almost paranoid to talk to anyone, and other elves and wizards in particular. As such, she mostly keeps to herself, unless asked or talked to. Even then, other arcane spellcasters are likely to not get more than a few words from her lest they make the effort to and show themselves to be friendly enough. Once she takes interest and finds trust in something or someone though, she asks and inquires with the curiosity of a brass dragon.

Greatest Fear:

Though she fears wizards and other elves greatly, her biggest fear is of Enchantments of any sort, not being able to control herself in any given moment, and not being able to make her own decisions, deriving from her academy years.


Combat as a magus, along with a few utility spells, as long as they are not of the Enchantment school, as well as being fluent in quite a few different languages, and possessing knowledge about various topics.
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Old Nov 14th, 2012, 11:59 AM
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Name: Hamlet - Prince of Denmark
Character Sheet
Class: Fighter 3 levels, Oracle (Enlightened philosopher - Zen Philosophy) 2 levels
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: (Tries to be) Neutral Good


I see a red door and I want to paint it black...

Cynical, jaded, a brooding philosopher one minute, ebullient fool the next. Bipolar and introspective in the extreme, Hamlet walks the thin line between genius and insanity.

Hamlet considers himself a good person but is unafraid to punish malice.


Black leather armor, wild black hair, pale skin. Think Robert Smith dressed like Wesley Snipes in Blade

Back Story

Born to the late King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude, Prince Hamlet lived in 10th-century Denmark. Considered by many to be a gentle but complex young man, Prince Hamlet's life took a sinister turn when his dead father's ghost visited him in the dead of night and revealed that he had actually been murdered by his brother Claudius.

From that point on the young prince's life spiraled out of control and before the young prince finally succumbed to a poison-tipped blade, he had become responsible for the deaths of six people.

As Hamlet's world faded to black the last words he heard were those of his friend Horatio..

Good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Next there was fog. Fog and mist. Prince Hamlet was awake. Born again, transported body and soul into a new place.

The fog cleared, the young prince found himself on the back of a wagon, rolling down a bumpy country road. He was surrounded by mysterious traveling folk dressed in a mish-mash of colorful silks bearing the emblems of ancient dynasties.

He's awake! said one.. an ancient woman with only a half dozen teeth and a floral kerchief tied around her head. Good morning, sweet prince! You're lucky to be alive! Found you out on the moors we did! All sprawled out like a roast chicken!

Hamlet later learned that these people who found him where called 'The Sanka', a mysterious traveling people who had access to dark magic and long-forgotten secrets.

Am I in Denmark? asked the prince.

Denmark? replied the woman, never heard of the place.

Since the moment of his death, life for Hamlet had suddenly taken a turn for the strange!


Greatest Fear

Simple, being wrong. Hamlet's life has been plagued by indecision. What esoteric ramifications could his next action have? How can one be certain of anything? Who is judging him and what are the standards he is being judged by?

Why is Hamlet on the mountain pass?

Hamlet has been living in a nearby town where he has made a living for himself as a hired swordsman. Recently he has been studying secrets of the arcane and mysterious... in order to work out how he got to this strange land... and how he can return home to his own 'dimension'.

Last night, Hamlet was visited once again by the ghost of his father who simply uttered: The mountain... go there...

First thing in the morning, Hamlet packed some supplies, strapped on his armor and headed up the mountain into the storm.


I'm not gonna lie, Hamlet doesn't fit in with man or beast. He feels there is no place for him in the natural order of things. He can however offer healing to the wounded, damage to the evil and creative reasoning the perplexed.

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Old Nov 14th, 2012, 04:35 PM
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Name: Zariel Thorn
Race: Tiefling
Class: Rogue 5
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description: Zariel is tall and shapely, standing at an Amazonian 6'1". Her voluptuous figure, however, is a testament to her non-human half. Her mother was a succubus, and certain assets transferred to her. Her bust and her hips give her an hourglass figure that many men would drool over, and women envy her. However, she considers this as both a blessing and a curse. Her long raven hair (which is often braided) is also due to her mother, as are her crimson eyes. She also has one outstanding trait of a succubus, and that's her tail, which she often keeps wrapped around her waist to disguise it as a belt.

As to her personality, Zariel is often a loner, preferring to keep to herself. However, when her succubus instincts kick in, she can be extremely seductive. She hates that part of herself, but she will use it to her advantage when absolutely necessary. When she does finally find someone she feels she can trust, she is rather flirty with them, but there is a hidden wisdom behind her crimson eyes. After all, despite looking as though she were only in her late 20's, she's actually 65, a youthful blessing of her succubus heritage. She is also one to help someone in need whenever possible. She follows in her father's footsteps as a benevolent outlaw.

(She looks a lot like this, sans the wings, and with a larger bust)

Backstory: Being unaccepted by both humans and demons, Zariel has been a wanderer all her life. From a young age, she realized she would likely have to make her own way in the world. After all, despite her demonic heritage, she had a good heart like her father. Her father was the kind of man that would help the poor by robbing the rich, much like another legend she had heard as a child. She decided she would try to garner a similar reputation to hopefully gain some acceptance among the more generally accepted races.

Throughout her life, Zariel has developed two great fears. The first is a fear of becoming like her mother. Her mother was a powerful succubus by the name of Marielle who was famous for having devoured the souls of over 1,000 men. Faren Thorn, however, was the only man she ever spared, and he ended up becoming Zariel's father. She didn't want a reputation like her mother's for numerous conquests. She preferred her father's reputation as a hero. The second great fear is that of the undead. As a child, Zariel once had a run-in with a horde of skeletons that had been sent to kill her by an unknown demon. This was also the incident that ended her father's life: Faren had rushed into the fray to protect his half-breed daughter from the undead scourge, dispatching many of them in the process. However, one of the skeletons managed to catch him unawares and pierced a blade into his back and through his heart. Zariel had witnessed the entire incident and ran away. Faren, however, managed to tell her one thing before he died: "Make peace with your existence and overcome your background. You'll be accepted one day..." The sheer power of the undead over her father had scared her beyond belief. In fact, her darkest secret lies in her demonic heritage, as well as the knowledge of who her mother is.

Her travels eventually brought her to a remote mountain range, a region she was unfamiliar with, but would hopefully be more comfortable for her. Zariel's resolve carried her through the mountains for 2 days, but a freak blizzard hit on day 3. Despite her resistance to the cold (she actually thanked her mother for that for a change), she eventually couldn't go any further and passed out cold (no pun intended) on the mountain pass.

Role: Damage and trap disposal, and will serve as the serious and brooding one for role-playing purposes. She will slowly grow to trust the rest of the party, though, which will create a slightly different dynamic.
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Old Nov 15th, 2012, 12:03 AM
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Name: Sagota Isaru
Race: Human
Class: Samurai [Order of the Undying Emperor] (Shogun Archetype)
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Description: Isaru's childhood illness has marked him. Shorter than most of his people, he has had to struggle to improve his build and maintain the strength to serve as a warrior. His face is pockmarked by small scars and his hair lacks fullness but his eyes shine with a strength of spirit. Appearance is crucial to a samurai and he endeavors to maintain his armor and attire to reflect his station. He is a creature of habit, the type to put everything in its place, and he finds disorder unbearably frustrating. Knowing that honor is only as good as your actions, he is reluctant to commit to something unless he is sure the cause it worthy. Only the Emperor and the royal family inspire to action without hesitation.

Background: The Sagota family was never as wealthy as most samurai clans. Their lands were far from the capital and plagued by poor weather. The people they ruled were xenophobic and disinterested, seeking only to etch out another miserable winter. Isaru grew up sickly, the result of a plague that swept through the village overseen by his family when he was a baby. His earliest memories are of watching the village children play from the gates of his family's estate. While this gave him time to learn from the finest tutors, it left him bitter at his lack of a future among the Samurai. When his health began to improve as he neared his teens his entire outlook brightened. His parents devoted funds to martial training, then, and in time Isaru was a rival to the sons of far more prestigious families. His selection as a member of the Emperor's elite order of samurai after an impressive showing at a tournament was simply the realization of a lifelong dream.

Of course, that isn't the truth. Isaru's family were actually commoners, the last of a distant village decimated by bandit raids. They lived as vagrants and thieves along the road as they traveled east through the frontier seeking a new home. It was pure fortune that they came upon plague-infested Hisoma, ruled as it was by a reclusive family of samurai, and even greater luck that the family had all died of the illness. Setting themselves up as members of the clan was only a matter of claiming the property and some light adjustment to the paperwork. By the time the Emperor's tax collectors arrived there was no reason to doubt their sincerity, being from such a remote and isolated area of the empire. Isaru learned the truth only when his mother revealed it on her death bed and now he struggles with the desire to speak honestly and the fear of losing his position.

The disappearance of the Emperor's oldest daughter has put his concerns aside, however. She was simply gone one morning, having left no note or evidence behind. With the samurai families already seeking to claim more power for themselves, and fearing the damage the news could bring to his reputation, the Emperor sent the most trusted members of his order out into the land to find the girl and bring her back, in flesh or in spirit as the situation demands. It is that search that has brought Isaru to the mountain pass in the bitter heart of winter, having chosen to search the frontier as the land is familiar to him. Perhaps, he reasons, success in this task might purge him of the dishonor of his lineage.

Greatest Fear: Discovery. Having learned the truth about his family's history, Isaru is rightfully terrified that someone else might do the same. His position, his status, even his life would all be forfeit if the Emperor were to learn that everything about him is a lie. This stems from something deeper and more visceral, however. A fear of being unable to live up to what he believes he is. Everything he has been taught to believe has been proven to be built on lies. The world believes that a commoner cannot live up to the ideals of samurai. What if they're right?

Role: Isaru is a warrior first and foremost, and he'll serve as the sword arm for his companions. Secondarily, he is a capable battlefield commander and strategist. He can also function as a backup diplomat.
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Name: Shinobi
Race: Human
Class: Ninja
Alignment: CN
Gender: Male
Description: 5'6" Tall, 140 lbs, Black hair, coal black eyes, a serious scowl and disposition. His raspy voice sounds like his vocal cords were scraped with broken glass. He moves like the wind, his feet, light as a feather and the master of stealth.

Background: Shinobi was stolen by his parents at an early age and his identity removed. His only name was Shinobi for he was Ninja. His body was beaten many times to condition him for hardships of life and to know that his life was dedicated to the "Sad Flutes". They were called this because of the sound their victims make when they cut their victim's throats. He is an instrument of the clan and to disobey means death.

Shinobi has trained his whole life and dedicated himself to the clan. His main fear is that an unexcusable failure reaches the clan leader and that would lead to his death.

The clan leader has ordered Shinobi to take on the guise as Toshi Karata, an enforcer from the Yakuza, who was to use his skills to assist the group in reaching the Abbot of the Monestary. Little did the group know that the abbot was the target assigned to him by the clan to kill.

Role: Skill Monkey, support
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Name:Proffessor Talhoffer
Race: Half elf
Class: Wizard (Universalist)
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 59

Description: Standing at 5.4 Talhoffer, ironically named after a great swordsman, is a rather scrawny man with a face that speaks of dull boredom at all times. His black hair rests neatly on his head and his beard is trimmed perfectly to a point resting on his chest. Though his body is relatively clear of callouses, scars or other combat formed physical deformities he is not a particularly strong man; an injury at birth requires him to walk with an aid, most often his hand carved darkwood cane given to him by his father, and there is a limp prevalent in his left leg. He prefers finery of black, gold and blue--usually well embroidered with the words of his spells--with an almost unfashionably thick leather belt meant to hold his spell components, potions and other various odds and ends he might need. His spellbook is heavy and iron bound with black leather covering its face, and his fingers are stained a light green from his work with alchemy; the one hobby he seems to have besides pessimism and cynicism.

Background: Talhoffer was born in the mages academy of his home city, his mother was a teacher of divination and his father a wandering scholar who married the woman he had been studying under during his stay in the marvelous tower. The boy was born small with a deep set fracture in his leg at birth that never quite healed right which caused the child to be excluded from physical labors, so to compensate he spent near every moment awake nose deep in books seeking to fill his missing hours of the day with....something. As the years went by he became a professor in his own right, to the ultimate joy of his parents who were now retired. But to the confusion of most he became a teacher of general studies, not focusing deeply into one subject as most did, and became a proverbial black sheep like the other general studies teachers.

In the fourth year of his profession he was in the middle of teaching his students the arts of calling creatures from other planes, and coercing them into assistance. It was a basic study and he told his students to call and bind a simple imp, nothing complicated, than dismiss it. For a while everything seemed to move fine until a sound screeched and tore through the classroom and a bone white demon wielding a massive, pitch black glaive begun tearing through the class. Talhoffers eyes went wide as he called to mind every spell he had prepared for the day and unleashed his arcane assault upon the beast; but to no avail as his spells seemed to merely fizzle upon the bests side and the bone devil splattered the blood of his students upon him. He grabbed for his cane with a shaky hand and rushed out of the room calling for assistance, and the devil was nearly done with the class when the spellguards arrived to banish the devil back to his own realm.

Talhoffer and his surviving students were hospitalized and he himself was put under investigation for the summoning of the devil. Once he was able to move correctly (well, as correctly as one can with his leg) he approached the council and had his teaching license revoked, and was being sent to another city to teach; He was a good and brilliant man, even outscaling some specialists in their own field, but the parents of the students cried out in outrage seeking punishment. He was speechless at this outcome for he was being punished for the single most terrifying thing he had ever witnessed; the way he, a wizard, could do naught but stand by powerless and watch as his students were torn to shreds right in front of him. He sucked up his doubts and overbearing pride and accepted this verdict, and within the week he was packed and ready to make his trip through a large mountain pass that was the only route to his new city....
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