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Old Sep 24th, 2013, 06:47 PM
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Character sheets and everything

Good day soon to be adventurers! As you may have guessed, we are about to take part on a quest to save the dear town of Falcon's Hallow. Now, your first task is to know who you are. If you have done your assignments, you would have read up on how to get started here and have a basic idea of how the Pathfinder system works.

Now comes the interesting part, decide who you are gonna be. If you have read the link above, you should have a basic guide of how this goes. The fun part is on deciding on your character's background. In addition to the link to your character sheet which can be made under the tools tab on your upper right (under Character Databases>My Characters), I would need a short (not more than 500 words) description of who you are, what your connection to Falcon's Hallow is and what drives you to take on this quest.

You can be a passing adventurer who is looking for some recognition or coin. Or maybe a run-away trying to find a new home. Or perhaps you are a resident of the poor town and is victim to the plague as well. Now, let your imagination run its course.

If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask in our OOC thread.
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Old Oct 14th, 2013, 01:17 AM
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Alright, I'm going first! Here's to a fun and wild first adventure!

Character Sheet:

Arius is an outcast both in his form and in his dark heritage. Spending his early childhood as an urchin in the Underdark, Arius never had a family nor did he know his parents, aside from the inference that he must have had a Drow mother and a human father due to his purple eyes, light hair,pointed ears, but otherwise human features.
Forced to hide in the shadows and fend for himself due to his different appearance, Arius quickly learned that life is not easy in the streets, and more so in the streets of a Drow city, where only your skills spell the difference between another day and a knife to the throat. His harsh lineage and life worked to his advantage however, honing his skills with a discipline and tenacity that was only exceeded by his drive to know who his parents were and how to reward them for their negligence.
Having grown up in such a violent environment, Arius is not afraid to get his hands dirty if it served his needs, but his discipline stems from the fact that he has a personal code, and some lines should not be crossed. He has also been busy disciplining his mind and his tongue as he trained himself to be a mercenary, doing business with the reclusive grey dwarves, and even learning the ways and language of their more common cousins, who had dealings with surface dwellers.

At the onset of the plague, Arius has been working officially for some months as an assistant overseer of a small, independent lumber mill at Falcon's Hollow. Unofficially though, he is an undercover enforcer for one of the more ambitious Lumber Barons, looking to buy up his competition. Said Baron sent Arius to the company to sow unrest and financial troubles from the inside, to make it ripe for the picking. Arius himself has a more personal reason for working for such a greedy man, and being in such an obscure village; this same baron has been reported to have close ties to Arius' very own father.

(OOC: I left my inventory blank because I has no gold. haha)

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