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Geography: the Larger World

Regional Map

The city of Quantium is located along the coastline of the nation of Nex.

The Mana Wastes is technically part of Nex, but functions as an independent political entity under the leadership of the Grand Duchess of Alkenstar.

The nation of Geb has a history of hostilities with Nex, though currently a tentative truce permits trade. This is probably a very good thing, since Nex is currently dependent on Geb for its food.

Jalmeray was initially a gift from the archmage Nex to the Maharaja Khiben-Sald, back when Nex still walked the sands of his nation. It fell fallow when Khiben-Sald returned to his native Vudra, and when the Arclords were exiled from Nex several centuries later, they took refuge on Jalmeray's shores. In 2822, the Vudrani returned, expressing dismay at what the Arclords had done to the place, and ejecting them. Relations have since cooled, and now Jalmeray enjoys favorable diplomatic status with the nation of Nex. Still, the Arclords tread gently in these affairs.

Katapesh is a strong trade partner with Nex, though its unhindered markets are also the source of much of Nex's smuggling: slaves, narcotics, and other sundries often slip in through the desert, or aboard Katapeshi ships.
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