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Old Mar 21st, 2014, 09:39 AM
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As Kira watched Aurus quickly introduced himself and walk away, she didn't think much of him as an opponent. "It was a pleasure meeting you Aurus! The next time we meet, you won't have anywhere to walk away to!"

Just as she finished her words, she felt what could only be the hand of Theodos slapping her behind. Anger spills forth from your face, the temperature clearly rising around her. She turns around to find the vile human bowed over letting out gas from his behind.

Quicker than the dull man thought possible, Kira reaches our and grabs his beard bringing his face level to hers. "I truly wish I was to do battle with you instead of Aurus. It would be so much fun watching you burn. Actually, I think I'll request you for my next match."

Letting the stinking brutes beard go, she turns away and walks out of the dining hall.
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Old Mar 21st, 2014, 08:10 PM
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When Tural approached the table, Sensha took in the sight of him and smiled warmly. When he averted his gaze and his face flushed, she chuckled softly.

Theodoros' provocative behavior and crass humor didn't seem to hurt her mood at all. On the contrary, it only brought about a hearty laugh and a crinkled nose from her. At any rate, he seemed to have found another target, the Ifrit girl.

Watching him go off to try and disturb the other gladiators, Sensha soon turned her attention back to the other occupants of her own table.
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