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Old Jan 11th, 2019, 08:59 PM
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Game NamePathfinder Chronicles

Dungeon MasterMaster of Monsters


SettingForgotten Realms, Northern Sword Coast

Description of the gameThis will be an openish world campaign. I will be using the module “Heros of Thornwall” as a starting point, but will not be chained to it by any means. If the players walk a different road I will be happy to adjust as I go.

Game thread can be found here Which will slowly be populated as I go.

Character Creation
Ability Scores: You can either use Dice Pool (28d6, assign dice to each stat[min 3d6] roll reroll 1's and 2's, take best 3.) or 26 point buy
HP: Max at first level; Afterwards you can take ½ HD +1 or roll. If you roll lower than ½ HD -2 then take ½ HD-2 (for example. D12 would be 6-2 = 4. If you roll a 2, you take 4)
Traits are allowed.
Wealth: Standard(aka 1000gp)

Background I would like to see creative and Imaginative backgrounds. Please include as much of the following as possible.

Childhood History
Family information(status of family members, occupation, ect)
Character’s Occupation(They have a class, yes, but what do they do for a living? Fighter might be part of city guard or a bandit…ect.)
Character professional network(who do they know, what kind of strings can they pull)

Basically I want to know what kind of people your character would be friends with, who they are enemies with, ect. Be creative and take initiative. Feel free to create people, places, and things. I will be more than happy to write them into the campaign. I want fleshed out characters at the start of the campaign because one of your contacts might end up being a vital resource in game.

DeadlineI will set a rough deadline of 1/11/19. I will accept no less than 4 characters, and no more than 8
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