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Old Jan 13th, 2011, 05:57 PM
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The Monsters of the Age

Post your characters here. Paste in all the information from your application and add a link to your character sheet.

We'll be using 20 point buy.

Hero points are being used too. You start with 1. For the purposes of this game, a heroic act is anything really awesome that involves a risk or cost, even if it's essentially self-serving. I'm not allowing the anti-hero optional rule.

All characters will start with gear appropriate for a 7th level PC. The table for PC wealth is in the section of the book for building encounters, for some unfathomable reason, so don't get confused and use the column for heroic characters in the NPC wealth table. The correct value is a whopping 23,500 gp. Feel free to buy anything in the core rulebook or the APG. Ask me about anything else.

No free traits. Your characters are powerful and complicated enough. If you want traits, take the Extra Traits feat. Check it out, it's a pretty cool feat.

You can take any feats, classes and spells in the APG, Bestiary or core rules. Ask about things from elsewhere.

I use a minor house rule for hit points and healing: Always take half the maximum result when you roll a hit die or a spell that heals hp.

If anybody needs advice on rebuilding their monster, PM me and I'll get off my ass and write a short, simple guide. In the meantime, make do with this.
Ingle Land?

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Old Jan 13th, 2011, 06:50 PM
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Have a person.

Name: No, 'Ria' is not a girl's name. Why does everyone think that?
Ariadonai "Riadon" Tehel'is
Species: Stop trying to steal my food, or I'll bite you instead.
Serpentfolk(Beastiary 2, sadly not in the SRD. They're magical snake humanoids, ala Yuan-Ti without the corruption overtone.)
Class Levels: Mother wanted me to be a wizard, father wanted me to bash some heads in. I never really made up my mind.
Age: I'm old enough, okay! I think... please tell me I'm old enough around here. I need my booze.
24(corresponds physically to a late-teen human)
Alignment: Well, if the guard's a jerk, that must mean it's legal, right? He started it, we can be mean back.
Chaotic Neutral. He tries to be good, but has a tendency to do evil things out of paranoia or desperation.
Appearance: Everyone always suspects the snake. It's like they think I look dangerous or something.
Riadon stands about 5'11", if you can ever get him to stand up perfectly straight. He bears a green scale pattern with a few black stripes, and an elongated figure that gives off the impression of being closer to a snake than a human. His blue eyes are rarely closed, always darting about here and there looking at new things. Woe to the one who is smiled at by Riadon, for his teeth would look perfectly at home in a wood-chipper.

Riadon is rather lackadaisical about clothing, not caring too much about his appearance. He usually goes for a set of faded blue robes, with a split along the bottom to allow for better freedom of movement. When actually working, he has a small breastplate of light armor that is worn under the robes.

History: Oh cmon, you don't really wanna know about that. Oh, you do want to know? Um... I gotta run.
Oh so secretive.
Personality: Banned from Inn: Riadon Tehel'is. Reason: Smashed a waitress with her tray upon being questioned about his doings in his rented room.
Riadon is a mildly manic individual. He's perfectly capable of sitting down and thinking things through rationally, but whenever something happens that's not according to plan, he starts to get only slightly jumpy. It's not that he doesn't mean well, he's just prone to doing some very naughty things in the name of paranoia and "oh crap", which makes him feel just awful later on(always good for your mental state). Most who have been around him would point out that he's a bit cracked, though they're not entirely sure why, and at least the have the solace that he generally doesn't lash out at people who have been shown to help him in the past.

Greatest Desire: He's clearly got one, as demonstrated by his constant fiddling with old tomes of magic and spellcraft, though he's very mute on the subject.

Worst Fear: Clearly got one of these too, though if anyone starts prodding, he's prone to punching them in the face and running away really fast if he can't divert the conversation.

Random Trivia: Riadon does not 'talk with his mouth full'. Rather, he'll make sure the food is idly dangling out of the side of his mouth, so you can clearly understand him.
Riadon does the tongue thing. Sure, it's for smelling, we get it, but it still looks vaguely creepy.
Riadon curls up when he sleeps. It's more comfy that way, he claims.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
A satyr rises in the morning, and hangs the coffee mug on his horns, so that he won't lose it.
The coffee is done, but the mug isn't in its usual spot. Where did it go? He forgot.
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Old Jan 13th, 2011, 10:32 PM
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Class Levels (if any):none yet
Age (literally any age at all is acceptable): eons
Appearance:Typical succubus features, red hair, yellow eyes with slitted pupils.
History: The souls of the damned filled the Abyss, more than there had ever been. Since the extinction of most humanoid races, the Abyss had had a massive influx of souls. The troubled and terrible times leading up to their disappearance from the mortal world had driven most to despair, desperation, and madness. The demons, excited by this incredible surplus, and recognizing in the back of their twisted minds that their would be no more mortal souls coming, were on a decades long orgy of torture and revelry. Every known torment and agony was being applied to the damned, and new ones were being invented all the time. The screams of the souls and the laughter of the demons filled every corner of the Abyss.
It was all so very boring.
Azamina wistfully prodded at a damned soul with a red-hot pitchfork, it's tips dripping with caustic acid. The soul writhed and screamed, just as it had the last four-hundred and sixty-one times she had poked it. How predictable. Azamina briefly considered switching to some other infernal device, but she knew the outcome of that. It would scream and writhe just like it was doing now, and besides, getting one would mean getting up from the couch she was reclined on, finding another device, and bringing it back. She could just torture some other soul, but they were functionally identical to her, and that would mean also finding some of the older, broken souls to lug her couch to it. Pointless. With a sigh, she once again cast her mind back to the good old days, when you had to work for your souls. Oh, the Abyss always got a lot of it's souls basically automatically, mortals were always good and finding ways to damn themselves, but some souls needed a special nudge. That's what she loved doing, finding the pure souls, the seemingly uncorrupted hearts, and corrupting them. It was a game, a dance, and one she had gotten very good at. She hadn't always been successful, but that's what made it challenging, and she had always held that every soul is corruptible, you just needed to know where strings were. It's what she taught her seven half-fiend daughters, and they had done very well for themselves, although Mazarina, her third, always leaned toward the bloodthirsty rather than the devious. And her sixth daughter, Kirwenna, had broken her mother's heart and become a paladin.
But now there was no one to corrupt, and her youngest, Xilliana, would never know the thrill of leading a soul to ruin. She leaned back on her couch, and covered her eyes with one hand, letting out a forlorn sigh. Suddenly, she saw a vision of a mortal, an elf. She listened to his offer first with disbelief, then giddy excitement. Here was her chance. She could help these mortals to rebuild their population and fill the mortal world again. It would take awhile, but she had nothing but time. She wouldn't be able to corrupt all of them, not at first, but waiting for the population to grow was better than there not being mortals at all. When the message ended, she touched the image, pausing only to use her magic to alter her appearance. The elf had said that he didn't care if she corrupted them, but it would be no fun if they made it easy for her.
Personality: Careful and methodical, at least as a front. Always looking for strings to pull. Loves attention and people doting on her.
Greatest Desire:Doesn't really have one at the moment, is a creature of whim. Becoming lord of the Abyss would be nice.
Worst Fear:Boredom
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Old Jan 14th, 2011, 01:05 PM
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Name: Fragush 'Frag' Marfahlan
Species: Cyclops
Class Levels: Barbarian 2
Age: 83
Alignment: TN

Appearance: Very triangular in shape, Fragush's massive body is topped by a narrow head, at the top of which is single bulbous eye. The girth around his waist is the largest of all, nearly ten feet around, beneath that his legs are like tree trunks. He is slightly short for a Cyclops, a mere eight and a half feet tall, but his stature is dwarfed by his presence. He paints himself with bright warpaints, and tatoos his skin with tales of his life - a sad story, even for a Cyclops.

History: Fragrush's parents were typical Cyclops. Huge brutes wandering the lands ruled by their eternal hunger. Then they had a child, who had a deformity that appeared to be a single horn on his forehead. For most races, that wouldn't be a big deal - or would even be worisome - but long ago, Cyclops had horns and they conquered the lands. So, his parents worshiped him, as did any other cyclops they encountered. He learned the sum of all that was known of Cyclopean history, the lost empire of ancient times, the mighty horned ones, and more. And mostly, this made Fragrush sad. The people, his people, were so pitiful now in comparison.

And so, Fragrush began building a Cyclopean city. It wasn't exceptional as far as cities went, but it was infinitely better than living in a cave. But the dragon Fixleartasam didn't think so. Twelve years after founding his city, Eye, Fixleartasam decided they were taking too much of her space - or something - and attacked.

Dozens of cyclopes lived in Eye, and nearly all of them perished, along with all the writings and work that Fragrush had done to return to civilization. Gone, in a single day and entire lifetime's work. And now, sleeping in a cave, there was a small elf asking him for help. And offering him a city in exchange. A new city, where he could rebuild again, and even elves to do all that boring building for him.

And he slammed his hand down on the image.

Personality: Fragrush is simple. Not that he is dumb - but he enjoys the simple things. Eating, he smell of flowers, eating, the song of birds, and more eating. Always with the eating, as Cyclopes are want to do. He had it under control ten years ago in Eye - but he had let himself go. He is also a little obsessed with rebuilding the society his people had once had a long time ago. He started building it once, and it was crushed. Now, has the chance to start it again, and there is little doubt that he would give his life to see it succeed this time.

Greatest Desire: To see the ancient and crumbling cyclopean civilization restored. While there is little hope of that in it's purest form, the mere ability to build a society around cyclopes would be a huge victory for him.

Worst Fear: Being reduced to the level of an animal, as most of his kin are. Cyclopes are huge, powerful and often far smarter than the smaller races. There is no reason for them to be reduced to barbarism.
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Old Jan 15th, 2011, 09:53 AM
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Species:Umbral DragonClass Levels (if any):None (Younger -1)
Age (literally any age at all is acceptable):15
Alignment:Neutral Evil
Appearance:Onyx black horns jut out from a jet black scaled dragon head with Crimson red eyes that glow in the dark. Two more crimson marks run along the bridge of his nose to his nostrils. A short row of spikes run along the back of the dragon's serpentine neck, down to a small cluster of spikes at the point of it's tail. Crimson stripes run parallel along the dragon's spine. Two bat like wings spread wide from the dragon's back to reveal continual crimson stripes on the thick membranes.
History:Faranath was not a usual dragon, he was hatched prematurely. Having hatched prematurely, he looked at his small size, and the size of his nest-mates eggs, and grew envious. Although Faranath was smaller for a dragon, he wasn't about to allow something like that to stop him. He decided he would make his nest-mates small like him, since he hatched much earlier then they did. His attempts however, failed and ended with the death of all of his nest-mates before ever being born. Fearing the wrath of his parents, Faranath searched through his mother's hoard for a solution for before she could return. He searched hard and quickly through a pile of powerful artifacts, and was accidentally transported away from his nest with a small portion of the gold he had with him. Transported to a world unknown to him, he explored, seeing many also larger although lesser, beings. Faranath decided he liked this new place, and would take his claim. Not long after, his genius was recognised and he was called by some lesser creatures known as elves. Faranath decided he would answer the call, and exact his toll.
Personality:Faranath is an extremely arrogant dragon, possibly even by their standards. He fancies himself smarter then all those around him, not helped by the occasional fact he is right. Faranath does not hate "lesser creatures" but rather sees them as insects to be used, wether for amusement or food. Beyond his arrogance and pride, he is a reasonable dragon, willing to accept some forms of compromise, so long as he still gets what he wants or the deal leans in his favor. Ever since his attempted experiments on his siblings, he has had a slight facination with changing the nature of things around him, with or without their permission.
Greatest Desire: Fanarath desires knowledge, as well as power. He believes the ignorant should do what the intelligent say, and who is more intelligent then he?
Worst Fear: Fanarath fears that he will be caught unprepaired, and not be strong or smart enough to get out of a creature of equal stature's, although bigger and stronger(certainly not smarter), wrath.

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