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Old Aug 30th, 2013, 11:56 PM
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The Scroll of Souls

This will be the library for the public view of your characters so that others may reference it for interaction purposes.
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Old Sep 15th, 2013, 01:37 AM
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Emily Merellen

Race: Shinigami

Class: Spellcaster Shinigami//Summoner

Appearance: White hair and fine skin that comes only from a rich background and noble lineage frame a face with the sharp lines to match. Her eyes, once steady and buisness like, have picked up a degree of cheekiness and charm since the burden of Heir was lifted from her shoulders. She is thin for her size, and looks to be somewhere from fourteen to sixteen years of age.


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Old Sep 15th, 2013, 02:58 AM
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Red Iki
Race: Shinigami

Class: Expert shinigami specializing in shunpo and assassination. Possibly dabbling in spellcaster. Not certain which concept I will ultimately go with.

Appearance: Red is an androgynous appearing young woman of frail build and average height. The first thing virtually everyone notices is her mask. Similar to a gas mask, it actually functions as a breathing apparatus, designed to counteract an unknown and pervasive disorder she has experienced since dying and coming to Soul Society. Without it, her breaths are short and painful, leaving her weak. The mask is larger than it needs to be as well, covering scarring around the left side of her face.

Her second most noticeable feature is her striking red hair. Though she is frequently hooded, the hair seems to nearly glow, and is unmistakable. It is the source of her name, since she no longer recalls the name she was born with. Much of her background died with her mortal body.

The final thing one notices is her piercing blue eye. Only one is visible, the mask covers the other, but the shade is striking and her eye seems to take in her surroundings in an instant.


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Old Sep 15th, 2013, 12:37 PM
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Hildegard Traugott

Race: Einherjar - Quincy

Class: Gestalt Soulbolt / MarksmanQuincy ~ A dexterous ranged combatant

Appearance: A young woman seeming to be in her late teens, Hilde stands at 5'1" (155 cm). She has long blond hair that reaches to her mid back, which she ties up in twintails. Her build is trim, and though she's not terribly strong she's nimble and quick to react. Her eyes are sea green, set behind a pair of frameless spectacles and under thin brows. She has soft facial features and a broad forehead.


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Old Sep 15th, 2013, 06:25 PM
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Moziko Ebah

Race: Shinigami

Class: Expert/Alchemist

Appearance: Moziko Ebah is stickly, unhealthy looking, and generally unkempt. His blonde hair simply grows, and he makes no attempts to cut or trim it. As such it generally becomes a bird’s nest of knots and off splitting locks, all messily flowing around his head and down his back. His eyes are like gems nestled into sockets. Although his irises are bright and keen, they are surrounded by deep black bags and puffy lids, as if he permanently just woke up. His limbs are skinny, and his body lacks muscle definition. He’s androgynous, his face fair with a sharp chin and rounded ears and rather full lips. His mouth always seems to be about to ask a question, forming the words before he speaks them. Ebah's voice is soft and high, a far too pretty voice for a guy, and he has perfect pitch, though music is for dullards and sycophants. He always has bits of tat in his pockets, which will be numerously added to any clothes if they lack pockets. Pockets are very useful; why they don’t just make the right number in the first place he’ll never know. He's small, and slouches a lot. Which doesn't do much for his already short height.


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Old Sep 16th, 2013, 03:17 PM
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Wolcot Brighams



Purge as Corporal Pasam Molta

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Old Sep 24th, 2013, 02:56 PM
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left-aligned image

Momo Chub


Class: Warrior Shinigami/Monk/samurai/druid (something with Animals)

Appearance: The first thing one notices about Chub is her stature, She is incredibly small for a 17 year old. Many people mistake her for a child with her long auburn hair complimented by large green eyes. What people do not often see is the small plump mouth, which is always hidden beneath a long red scarf. She has a soft, warm face which is almost always dirty but somehow it just makes her all the more endearing. Where the Nickname "Chub" came from is immediately obvious in the chubby, baby like cheeks that glow a light pink when she becomes embarrassed which is very often seeing as she is not the most socially adept.

Though small her build is quite slim and nimble, not even hinting at the strength she possesses within. She is almost always seen in shortened robes, cut off by wrappings from her ankles to her knees. Her favourite piece of clothing are the rubber soled shoes with individual toes at the end, maximising her ability to climb the toughest of surfaces, the compromise for feet that long to be bare.

Ten Minute Background

Step one

“Have you seen the Scarlet ghost?”

1. A wandering troop of gorillas roams the borders of a large shinigami encampment, said to be accompanied by a mournful scarlet ghost. The spirit is said to rarely manifest itself and is most often seen swinging from the trees in tandem with even the most agile of ape’s, trailing a scarlet wisp behind it. Rumour is it’s a ghastly protection spirit.

In reality that spirit was a teenage girl, a feral human child by the name of Momo.

Most people have a family, it might only have two members, it might have as many as 5, Momo’s Has 104 and counting. Momo has spent the majority of her childhood as a member of a troop of apes just between the land of fire and the land of earth. She herself has no idea where she came from and the only memento she has from a life that could have been, is the scarlet scarf that she still wears to this day.

2. Momo was found 17 years ago in a tree root, barely, audible over the monsoon like rain, wrapped in her scarf by her now mother, the gorilla Hancho. Normally the troop would have passed a whimpering bundle without a second glance but luck was in Momo's favour that day, it was mating season and she was mistaken for one of the brood.
She grew up wild and free, carefree some might say but they were the ones who didn’t understand. Humans, shinigami and masked devils alike hunted for food in a world where nearly nothing grew so it became that they hungered for flesh and were not fussy as to what it was... Momo learned very quickly when to run and when to stand and fight. She was the slightest of the troop and often acted as scout. This more often than not lead to a close brush with death and she has had to learn to be tough in a world that has forgotten how to forgive.

For 15 years she remained with the shrewdness, until she was discovered three years ago with a broken leg and arm yet still guarding the recently deceased corpses of at least a dozen Gorillas.

Some of Momos first memories where of the rain....It rained that day too.

3. She was Found battered, broken and subsequently adopted by Miko Matsutaka, a shingami of relatively high standing. When asked about the day Miko has this to say.

"When our squad found her, she was just standing there. Poor thing was half crumpled but she was still standing over those dead animals. I met her eyes for a split second and that was the wildest, most pained look I have ever seen. It was so creepy we were just gonna pass her by but of course Taiga here just had to try and poke one; that’s when she pounced. Like some sort of feral demon she almost strangled him to death with that damn scarf and only one good arm. We had to put her out to get her teeth outta him. She got some shock when she woke up in a real bed for what I think was the first time in her life."

4. Chub is a very childlike teenage girl. She seems to lack the social inhibitions many teenagers her age have had drilled into them since a very young age. She has a solid foundation of self belief, confident but not cocky, she can at times be innocently blunt. This can make her seem very forward as she almost always wants to see something someone else has. She doesn't seem to have a mean streak though, in fact she is often very kind hearted but woe betide the person that gets her angry. Not a big talker she often expresses her emotions in different ways, a dazzling smile or a punch in the face. In She doesn't often lose her temper, but when angered she is hard to calm down.

5. About two years after her adoption into the ways of the shinigami, Momo disappeared. There was a search that lasted almost 6 months but bore no clue as to where she might have gone. It was as if her 8 months after her initial disappearance she was found at the gates of an encampment. Her smile had gone, replaced by a melancholy countenance and to this day no one knows where she had gone or what had happened to her, neither does she. She has since recovered her smile and her bright nature... but she has not spoken a word.

Step two

1. Despite her pleasant Demeanor, Momo has a more serious Goal. The one thing she does recall from her missing months is a pair of piercing blue eyes, staring, Always staring at her unceasing and unmerciful. Momo wants to find the owner of the eyes that seemed so cruel, yet so... sad.

2. Although Momo has no desire herself to discover her roots, I would love it if she had someone recognise a trait of hers as familiar to a shinigami they know. I want to find a replacement family to the one she has just lost. That or I would love a romantic interest. She’s going to be ever so slightly adorable and oblivious! I would also love for her to develop a sense of self worth as she journeys ie. Her feeling that she is not useless sompared to the stand up trained shinigami she is with. (well that is how she sees it).

Step three

1. Momo has a secret that she hasn’t been able to tell anyone yet... which is unfortunate as its a rather big deal. In her time in the wilds she witnessed a male shinigami. This Shinigami would make the journey to the wilds once a week and have a charge with him. The human he had with him was promptly devoured by the same large hollow every time and then the Shinigami would leave...surprisingly with his life. She would know the man if she saw him but she has no idea what the sacrifice is regarding.


Step four

left-aligned image

Taiga is Momo's biological father, although neither Miko nor Momo have any clue. He is racked with guilt over her mothers death, he couldn't save her or Momo he thought. Because of this he has never revealed to anyone that they are related but subtle hints give him away. He always picks up her favourite snacks, stands up for her, cheers her up and teaches her life lessons. In the last year he has taken an interest in her learning, she has the same insane strength as her mother it seemed. Unwittingly he is becoming more and more attached to her and his secret might be closer to being revealed then he thinks...

He is fearless though likes to appear brainless. Taiga has an unyielding, obsessive love for Miko and for several years they have been dating according to him. Though the tough skinned woman would never admit it and always sends him flying when he calls to her with flowers, she always jumps to his defense and never fails to set a place for him at her dinner table. As Momo's Mentor, The patient and optimistic shinigami has had a profound influence on her and coaxed her out of her shell.

One significant ideal they share is their mutual dislike of the rain, and only Taiga knows why they hate it. That night weighs on both of their mind constantly. Though Momo knows it not....So when it rains, they both spend the day baking and reading and of course eating!

Taiga's upbeat and enthusiastic attitude has often thrown Momo into the deep end of the pool(often times more literal than not), forcing her to think on her feet and interact with the environment around her. From him Momo has learned that giving up is never an option. Even in the face of the Godzilla that is Miko's Rage mode, they often unite and they never look more like father and daugther than when trying to simultaneously convince the woman to do something with their large watery puppy dog expression.

Once in awhile Taiga will Find the young girl sitting on a roof staring into the sky. When he asks her what she is thinking she says nothing. Secretly she is growing ever more curious about the identity of her parents and where she should have come from...

Momo and Miko have a very affectionate relationship. As the first human to make contact with Momo, she considers the bond is that of a mother and child. Although a boyish, rude and gruff woman, Miko treats Momo with great patience, she sees great potential in the girl and "She's just so damn cute".

Miko has a long and cold past. She is a quick and efficient killer taking pride in her hollow casualty count. Until about two years before she met Momo she was called the black widow. That was before she accidentally caught a child in the line of fire...... perhaps looking after momo is her repentance? She was the one to name Momo which was the result of several failed attempts to say Miko's name.

Miko feeds, clothes and trains Momo and Momo does her best to please the woman, which isn't hard seeing as they have a close womanly bond. Momo often surprises Miko with the pearls of wisdom she can come out with, sometimes appearing far wiser than her young countenance would suggest. Miko gets great amusement from her and does her best to treat her to get her to act her age. Miko loves to smoke, her one vice and whenever Momo is around the young girl will deftly whip the cigarette out of her mouth.

Chizu-chanA spoiled brat of a shinigami, Chizu has little time for anyone outside of her own bloodline. Chizu has an air of pompous grandeur that comes hand in hand with being born into a family of a long lineage, and as such could never accept a little dirty scrapper like Momo into the ranks. Since Momo's acceptance into society, Chizu has made things increasingly difficult for her. Many times she has turned her peers against her and she seems to have a goal of driving her back home to the trees in which she was raised. Who knows why?

Step Five

1. One thing very distinct about her personality is that Momo hates the rain, for some reason it gives her an intense feeling of sadness, which if not attended to with copious amounts of food, can lead her to become bedridden.*

2. Momo loves food, of any kind and preferably large amounts. Her nickname among the locals is "Sokonashi no ana" or the bottomless pit. Some call the tiny girl "insatiable beast" and once she managed to eat the camp out of udon

3. Momo has a fascination and almost obsessive love for shiny things. This often leads to her wandering off on a whim.

4. Her earliest memories are in the rain and of an intense sadness.

Inner Hollow:.

Momo doesn't know how, or when this presence began manifesting in her thoughts but at the corner of her mind Momo can always feel a heavy presence... Its like a beast that stalks in her subconcious and if she had to describe it... she would say it was a large massive hound stalking... waiting. Sometimes she feels like there are big golden eyes observing her in her dreams, an once she swore she heard the maniacal laughter of a man gone mad...

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