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Old Mar 10th, 2014, 02:19 PM
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Post as much or as little as you want about your characters and their background here. Slap a nice picture on too, if you find one.
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Old Mar 10th, 2014, 06:17 PM
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Gamagori "The Hammer" Irael De Sayrune
Alignment: Lawful Good (Emphasis Lawful)
Fighter-Cavalier 4
Race: Martelii

Gamagori Irael De Sayrune was born to the noble house of Sayrune's Royal family, his father, the adopted son of the line. Gamagori grew up amongst the world of politics and intrigue. Once the king of Sayrune began to grow old, and it appeared he was on the verge of death, a bitter feud of succession broke out. Gamagoori's father, having the least legitimate claim, found himself the first to be targeted by assassins. Soon after, when Gamagori was 14 the youth found himself orphaned, and then adopted by his uncle "Prince Phil."

Under his uncle's tutelage, Gamagori became obsessed with the ideas of justice, fairness, and the law. Four years later, Gamagori himself found himself the target of assassins, but managed to fend off the first attempt. Seeing himself as an exceedingly illegitimate heir to the throne, and in no desire to continue fighting off attempts on his life over it, Gamagori took to the road, seeking to give those who wanted him dead little reason to continue to do so. Carrying nothing but his hammer, and mounted on his faithful steed Maculus, Gamagori set off to adventure in the name of Justice!

The Martelii:

Little more than magically super-sized and bulked up humans, the Martelii came into being to serve as shock troops for the kingdom of Sayrune in times long passed. Initially, they served well in this role, but eventually they peacefully withdrew their support from Sayrune and founded their own kingdom on the north-eastern borders of the Alliance of Coastal Nations, by simply refusing to fight for Sayrune any longer.

Generations passed before Sayrune finally managed to piece together a friendly relationship once more with the Martelii, but since then, the giants have taken up the role of shock-troops for Sayrune again, but with a far more agreeable, equal understanding of their responsibility. While officially still independent, at this point they serve primarily as a vassal state to Sayrune.

The Martelii have been a successful, but not a prominent people. Their magical heritage rendering them somewhat infertile, the Martelii have never expanded their borders beyond their central city of Meralia and a few neighboring villages and townships.


When trying to describe this giant, "ostentatious" or "gaudy" are good places to start. Standing at somewhere around "really big" and weighing "a lot" the man doesn't need to do much to stand out. Despite this, from his weapons, to his armor, Gamagori is covered in gold, and glistens like it. Using small torches attached to his shield, Gamagori illuminates himself, making sure he still sparkles even at night. Beneath the armor, Gamagori is a rather well tanned individual, and has blond hair and dark grey eyes.

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Old Mar 11th, 2014, 12:02 AM
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scara wolf fuxbeus
Alignment: true neutral
Druid Witch 4
Race: human: fuxbeu

During scara's child hood he and his family were one of seven families left in the clan of fuxbue but they were hunted because they were connected closely to the dire wolfs. those who wanted to kill the dire wolfs had to fight the fuxbue but in the end the seven families could not stop the waves of rangers and clerics that were after the wolfs. scara survived by a lone she-dire wolf grabbed him and fled to the high mountain tops. their scara grew learning of the dangers of the world and perfecting his natural abilities of witchcraft and druid heritage. when the she wolf had her litter she gave scara one to become brothers with. scara and his new sister ruina decided to travel the world to slowly rebuild the fuxbue clan and its connections to the earth and the sky. he also holds a quarterstaff that was close to his families heart.

The druids of the fuxbue:
These highly skilled druids witches connect with the dire wolf in a mysterious way, these creature are both a companion and a familiar. so the fuxbue were used to fight the most wild of the giant animals that caused chaos to the land but when society became stronger the fuxbue were needed for their powers no more. though society had come a long way they did not learn the secrets that the fuxbue kept and the holy quarterstaff that was named wolf's tooth was a treasure to be had. few learned of its existence and fewer still could wield its power but it was the greed of others that drove them to try to gain this item.

As humans go Scara is average, average build and average looks but the one part of him stands out is his leaf green hair that is shaped like the antihero on bloodlad.

Character Sheet

Ruina's Charcter sheet

HP 40, AC 17,
Int: 2
Wis: 12
Cha: 6

BAB: +3
Melee AB: +5
Range AB: +6

CMB: +6
CMD: 18

Fortitude: +6
Reflex: +7
Initiative +3
Speed: 50ft
Medium size creature

Acrobatics: +9
Climb: +2
Fly: +5
Escape artist: +4
perception: +5
Stealth: +8
Survival: +1
Swim: +2
Heal: +2

Agile Maneuvers

Attack any target also on command

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Old Mar 11th, 2014, 01:32 AM
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Yamza the Monkey King
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human
Alchemist 4, Fighter 3, Barbarian 1 (Gestalt 4)

“Nothing matches the might of the Monkey King, and I will prove that to you as many times as I have to! What? Potions? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

You know Goku, from DragonBall? How he was this quirky kid living alone in the forest? And how he can turn into this huge ape thing and everything gets all #rekt? Give Goku one helluva 'tude, and you've got Yamza.

Appearance and Personality:
Yamza is weaksauce when he's being his normal self. His pretty thin and scraggly. He's got some monkey features, like a tail, patches of fur all over him, a sorta-monkey-face, and other monkey traits that don't do anything for him but look sorta gross. He's got a lot of guff, though: he thinks that because he's the king of his forest domain, he's the king of everything. It doesn't really help that the only way he can back up his trash talk is with a precise mixture of potions, which lets him go ape. This ability of his has gotten him kicked out of plenty-a-town, because he uses it to settle most of his arguments.

He may be a figure of myth, but man is he a jerk about it.

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Old Mar 11th, 2014, 10:00 PM
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Current name: Sven Silvers
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Fighter-Rouge 4
Race: Kitsune

A shape-shifter who has the ability to take the form of anyone he meets. It is rather hard to trace Sven's background due to the fact that he changes names and faces easier then most people can change their socks.

He grew up an orphan in a town were any non-humans were hated and feared. With such incentive, he had plenty of practice using his abilities to blend in to the crowd.

As Sven's shape shifting powers grew, so did his skills of manipulation. Eventually, he took to the road, bringing his own brand of chaos to each town he visited.

A troublemaker at heart, Sven always seems to find himself in the middle of all sorts of madness. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to give guards the slip when you are a shape-shifter.
He has a little bit of the Robin Hood mentality(steal from the rich and give to the poor) though he generally does a lot less giving then taking.
Due to his rough start in the world, Sven never truly lets himself trust others. Facts like his true race, name, face, and past are his most guarded secrets.

Sven has several rather unique collections including:
A collection of interesting faces(Held in his memory. He is not running around with severed heads!)
A collection of bounty posters(He is truly a troublemaker after all)
A collection of shiny, though worthless trinkets.(Because they're shiny!)
A collection of tricks and trinkets that pretty much any disguise he wants.

Guise #1:A noble of impossible charm.
Everything from his glistening silver hair to his shining blue eyes is utterly perfect. To compliment this he always wears extremely opulent clothing while in this form.
This guise has the face of the most handsome man Sven has ever met.

Guise #2:A man so plain you would never notice him.
Were the first guise stands out, this guise blends in. From his boring blown hair and extremely normal brown eyes, this man can instantly fade from all but the best memories,
This guise has the face of the least interesting person Sven has ever met.

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Old Mar 13th, 2014, 06:29 AM
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okay second shot at this, first time it logged me out an ate my post.

Tyr Drakenson
Race: Fenrir
Alignment: Neutral Good
Classes: Fighter 4 Druid 4
Size: Large

"You have violated the sanctity of this grove, and destroyed something far older than you... now your lifeblood will fuel it's regrowth."

Tyr was born as part of a litter in a small village of Fenrir. At age 15 his village was attacked by Werewolf hunters from the south who did not understand that his people were not Lycanthropes. The lone survivor of his village ge picked up his Father's Axe, and his Mother's runestones and left for the life of a wanderer. He tried to keep to himself in the forests of the world, but wherever he went he found evils in the world. He came to understand his Mother's Magicks and trained as a warrior. As the game begins he has accepted his role as a protector of the wilds, but is new to his role as a protector of humanity as well.

Appearance and Personality
Tyr stands at an imposing 7'6" and weighs in around 450 pounds. His body is covered in silver-grey fur, and his eyes are that intimidating yellow you see in the rare wolf in the wild. He carries the armaments of a warrior, he carries a shield, and a large battleaxe, and his armor is well maintained, though he keeps it blackened to aid in stealth. He also bears the markings of a druid, runestones are tied into the long fur that most would consider hair, as well as druidic markings that have been dyed into his fur.

Tyr is often quiet, though he will give his opinion if prompted. He is normally calm, but there are things that can drive him into a deep rage if provoked.
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Old Mar 14th, 2014, 03:35 PM
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Tal'Cios Malaize
true neutral, Half Elf
4 rogue, 4 warlock(3.5)

Tal'Cios barly remembers what happened before his resurrection. Apparently a strong wizard owed him a favor and resurrected him after he had died, though he does not remember who or what he was beforehand. The wizard only told him his name and that they had met in a far-away land. He refused to reveal what had transpired to have him owe Tal'Cios, and said that they were even. Tal'cios now goes around living his new life looking for answers.

5'10". He looks more human than half elf. Usually keeps covered up so you can't see much other than his face, which is slightly scared on the left side by a spear. If you ever see him without his armor you would find that most of his body is covered in horrendous scarring from multiple sources. His skin is a pale white, with light brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

Random according to dice roll that day.

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Old Apr 22nd, 2014, 02:44 AM
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