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Old Mar 20th, 2014, 01:44 AM
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The Rules of Battle

~ The Rules of Battle ~

1. Once a game is announced, there will be 48 hours before its coorsponding thread unlocks. This allows the two players to either acknowledge the fight or withdraw without incident. During this time the players can purchase items as long as they can afford them (please alert the DM if you do so, using your private thread) and alter spells. Each player will need to place their XP betting amount in their private thread and roll initative in the dice thread, as well. However, this time primarily allows each player to develop a strategy before entering the match, both against their opponents and against the arena.

2. Once a battle starts, the posting rate shall be as follows: the opening post is by the DM. When the thread is unlocked the player who won initiative will post first, followed by the one who lost. After one post from each player, the DM will post. Following this pattern, the game will continue. Each party will have a maximum of 48 hours to post from the previous post in the thread, using that post's timestamp. Over weekends and holidays this limit is extended to 72 hours. Any player who fails to post within their alloted time forfeits the match, and their character may or may not be executed. If an emergency arises, please be sure to alert the DM using your private thread, or by PM - do not leave a message in your signature and expect that to count!

3. Each player will have the opportunity to make 24 posts. If the battle is not concluded by then it is logged as a draw.

4. All dice rolling must be made in the Dice Thread. Any dice rolls made within the Game Thread shall not count.

5. The arena is not a simple map. Within it the players may find traps and monsters. Alternatively, the environment could be unpleasant or even fatal. Injuries obtained from the environment count, and the arena can even slay a player. However, defeating the arena will not give you any bonuses in the match: the enemy player is the only thing that matters.

6. Victory is obtained by defeating the enemy player. A player is defeated when their Hit Points are reduced to 0. A player is slain when their Hit Points are brought to a number negative of their Constitution score. Defeating a player is enough to win, and automatically ends the match. However, a situation may arise when the victorous player can choose to slay their opponent or not. What they choose is up to them, but the crowd will give input on the matter, and disobeying the crowd carries heavy penalties, while pandering to their affections carries rewards.

7. All players will be expected to fight fair, regarding the rules of the game. Any questions can be handled through private threads. Understand that the ruling of the DM is absolute, and excessive arguing will result in an immediate termination of the player's character, and of that player from the game.

8. Posts will be expected to have the following fieldset in secret tags for the DM at the bottom. Whether it is placed within a spoilerbutton is up to each individual. Additionally, how the information is arranged within the fieldset is up to the individual, as long as the information can be easily understood:

CombatHP: # remaining / # total
AC: #
Flat AC: #
Touch AC: #
Active Effects: if any
Special Abilties with Amounts: # remaining / # total
Standard Action: with a brief description, if used
Move Action: with a brief description, if used
Full-Attack Action / Swift Action / Free Action: if used.
The word Dice. linked to the post where the dice was rolled that corrosponds.

Any other information the players deems important to the fight.

9. The ACs of each player and any parts of the arena that can be damaged will be displayed in each DM post. This assures that each player, when crafting their post, can write about how their attacks struck or missed. If your attack does strike do not write in the type of injury that you have inflicted - for example, crushed ribs or a blinded eye. These effects are up to the player who has been injured, not the inflictor.

10. Generally the dice should be rolled before the post is written. However, once a post has been made the player has 1 (one) hour to edit their post, if they desire. Every dice roll made must be explained in the post - if a roll is made and failed, the player cannot choose to ignore it, as they are bound by the dice. Ignoring a roll or pretending it didn't happen in paramount to cheating.

11. The player will be expected to do more than simply post their actions. Though the rules and dice are important in this type of game, that does not mean the writing isn't. We are all storytellers, and every post made should exemplify the individual's style. Do not simply write about what your character is doing, but including what they are feeling and thinking. Use the five senses, and weave a tale with each battle. War is said to be an art, and writing is an art. Combined, the combat posts displayed on RPGX should be the best writing around - and as your DM, I expect effort. Any individual who does not meet my expectations will hear about it, and those who don't try will be terminated from the game.

12. Each player will start in the central square. No player can attack another while in a square, nor can a player who is within the square be harmed. Once a player steps out of the central sqare they cannot re-enter it at any time. Each player will have 2 turns before they must exit the square. If they choose to exit the square on their third turn, they cannot do any other action that turn besides move.

13. Littered around each map are potions, treasure chests, and traps. Potions are always Cure Light Wounds with a caster level of 0, are a standard action to activate, and take effect immediately. Treasure chests also take effect immediately, and cost a standard action, but leave a bit more control to the player. The player rolls a 1d4 and chooses an item from the corrosponding list worth no more than 1/2 (half) of the XP the character chose to bet. The double magic items rule still applies. Traps will always be unmarked and can take a variety of forms. If a player triggers one, the DM shall alert them in the next post.

Treasure Chest Options:
1 = Weapons (Magical Weapons, Magical Weapon Properties)
2 = Alchemical Remedies
3 = Alchemcial Weapons
4 = Poisons

Note: Additional rules may be added at any time, if the need arises.
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