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Old Aug 18th, 2016, 01:06 AM
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Items/Item Changes

WeaponsUse standard Pathfinder items and weapons in general. Flavor them as you wish for the fact that the society also has modern-ish firearms. Firearms are simple weapons, as the "Guns Everywhere" level dictates. In addition, there are some further options.

Stun Baton: Treat this weapon exactly as a club, except on a successful melee attack, it delivers a jolt of energy, knocking the enemy prone unless they succeed at a DC 14 Fortitude check. After three applications, it requires a new power cell. Costs 25 credits to purchase. Power Cells cost 10 credits.

Holdout Revolver: this small handgun is treated as a Light Weapon in regards to concealing the weapon or fighting with two weapons. It holds six rounds, deals 1d6 bludgeoning and piercing damage on a successful hit, and deals triple damage on a critical hit. 20 ft range increment. Costs 125 credits (after any and all discounts).
ArmorArmor is not a concern of most people in the Daenex Sector. Military units may armor themselves, as will prison guards, bodyguards, mercenaries, and various other types who expect some degree of danger. As such, most armors look out of place, drawing increased government scrutiny. Anything that passes for clothing is seen as acceptable.

The following is, quite literally, a renaming of the standard Core Rulebook armors and shields. Remember, you get a bonus to AC from your class and level in this setting, so many characters won't want armor at all. Their intuition and experience serve better than any layers of leather or ceramics.

Light ArmorPriceArmor BonusMaximum Dexterity BonusSkill PenaltySpell FailureSpeed (30 base)Weight
Padded Armor3+1+805%3010
Light Leathers10+2+6010%3015
"The Vest"100+4+4-220%3025
Medium ArmorPriceArmor BonusMaximum Dexterity BonusSkill PenaltySpell FailureSpeed (30 base)Weight
Heavy Leathers15+4+4-320%2025
Light Ceramic Armor50+5+3-425%2030
Full Chestguard200+6+3-425%2030
Light Combat Suit150+6+2-530%2040
Heavy ArmorPriceArmor BonusMaximum Dexterity BonusSkill PenaltySpell FailureSpeed (30 base)Weight
Scrapheap Special200+7+0-740%2045
Plastalloy Suit250+7+1-635%2035
Standard Armor600+8+0-740%2050
Heavy Combat Suit1500+9+1-835%2050
ShieldsPriceArmor BonusMaximum Dexterity BonusSkill PenaltySpell FailureSpeed (30 base)Weight
Buckler5+1 -15% 5
Light Durafiber Shield3+1 -15% 5
Light Plastalloy Shield9+1 -15% 6
Heavy Durafiber Shield7+2 -215% 10
Heavy Plastalloy Shield20+2 -215% 15
Heavy Bulwark Shield30+4 -1050% 45


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