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Old 12-23-2013, 01:00 AM
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Mission Briefings

I though to re-post the information on whats available in play. That I had I put in the ad. This thread will
be for additional information as well.

Available weapons, gear and equipment: Standard spawning grounds campaign
weapons, Equipment and Gear


Progress Level 7 (Gravity Age) and lower allowed gear

Ranged Weapons
OICW Assault Rifle Future
Charge Pistol Future Tech
Charge Rifle Future Tech
Falchette Pistol Future Tech
Falchette Rifle Future Tech
Falcon .45 Future
Falcon .55 Future Tech
Flamethrower CRB
Sawed-off Shotgun CRB
Mini-rocket Launcher Future
Tactical Military Sniper Rifle Future
Beretta 92F/93R CRB
Glock 17/20 CRB
Beretta M3P (Shotgun) CRB
Browning BPS (Shotgun) CRB
Mossburg (12 gauge Shotgun) CRB

Melee Weapons
Pistol Whip CRB
Rifle butt CRB
Longsword CRB
Knife CRB
Machete CRB
Katana CRB
Kukri CRB

Explosive and Splash Weapons
Grenade, Concussion Future
Grenade, Fireflush Future
Grenade, Frag CRB
C4/Semtex CRB
Grenade, 40mm Frag CRB
Gernade, Thermite CRB

Land Warrior Armor
Light Combat Armor
Medium Combat Armor
Scout Armor all on Future
Special Response Vest CRB
Forced Entery Unit CRB
Light Duty Vest CRB
Personal All-terrain Armor Future Tech
Gravlight system Future Tech

General Equipment
Clothing Outfit, Casual
Clothing Outfit, Fatigues
Clothing Outfit, Uniform all in the CRB
Clothing Outfit, Explorer Future
Laser Tripwire Future
Heads-Up Display (HUD) Future
Box magazine CRB
Demolitions Kit CRB
Duct Tape CRB
First Aid Kit CRB
Medical Kit CRB
Outerwear (all) CRB
Illuminator CRB
Scope CRB
Holster Hip/Conceal CRB
Speed Loader CRB
Detonator CRB
Chemical Lightstick CRB
Flashlight CRB
Multipurpose Tool CRB
Contractor's Field Bag CRB
Computer Notebook/Upgrade CRB
10/12 gauges Buckshot Ammunition CRB
Blackout Goggles Future Tech
Health Alert Future Tech
Hydrate Future Tech
Microtorch Future Tech
Holographic Display Future Tech
Softscreen Monitor Future Tech
Autolitter Future Tech
Gun drone (aka a Sentry, available only through play) Future?
Walkie-Talkie; Professional CRB
Night-vision Goggles CRB
Binoculars CRB
Intellipicks Future
Sensor, Motion Future
Medkit, Advanced Future
Chemical, Solvaway Future
Medkit, Fast-use Future
Fushion Torch Future
Shepherd Chip Future
Portable Glow lamp Future
Computer, Card Future
Flash-seal Future
Trail Rations CRB
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