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Old 03-18-2014, 12:15 PM
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Character Creation

*NOTE TO CLERICS AND OTHER DOMAIN CLASSES: In this world, people have forsaken the gods, thus classes that use Domains will work a bit differently. Instead of basing it off the god you follow, base it off your principles. So domains are open to everyone whether good or evil. So if you seek more balance, you can take the good domain and evil domain, or whatever. You can say you follow a god as well, but it's not very popular and may not necessarily have the populace on your side as gods are hated as they are blamed for their current predicament. If you do, make up your god. Write a bit about them and good luck.

Starting level: This will not be the same for everyone. This will be dependent on your age, job, and background. So if you want a high level character, give me a good reason why.

Starting Age: Every class starts at 5 years old. This is to groom the children to fill the roles of the dying adults. For humans, this is especially important since many die by age 40. A player can start at any age however. Maximum age will be selected by the DM.

Stats: Each stat starts at 4, and you have 36 points to raise at a 1 to 1 ratio. So average on each stat would be 10. There is no max limit, so you could have 40 on a single stat if you really want to, just know, chances are, you will not survive.

HP: You start off with max HP, and each level you gain, you’ll get max HP.

Character Profile: This is required by everyone and needs to be given to me prior to creating your character so that I can give you what level you should be. See the information needed below.
  • Name:
  • City Born:
  • Current City you reside in (If different):
  • Current Age: See Starting Age above and Age in House Rules/Mechanics
  • Role in society: What job do they have?
  • Grandparents: Name and whether or not they are alive. A brief Description.
  • Mother: Name and whether or not they are alive. A brief Description.
  • Father: Name and whether or not they are alive. A brief Description.
  • Siblings: Name and whether or not they are alive. A brief Description.
  • Personality: How do they act? Are they arrogant, overconfident, ******? Or are they gentle and caring? Describe their personality.
  • Likes/Dislikes: What do they enjoy or hate? Do they like to drink? Or do they hate society?
  • Background: This is especially important for older characters, not so much for those who are starting out very young. This is your chance to tell your character’s story up to the present. What have they done? Who do they love? When did they start learning things? Were they born in another city and moved to their current one? Have they committed crimes?

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