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Old 06-02-2010, 05:43 PM
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The Void Runners

Post a link to your character sheet and a copy of your application here. The name will make sense later.
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Old 06-07-2010, 08:17 PM
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Character Sheet
Current Version: v0.50
35% complete (sheet made, top section done, all skills typed into sheet (I hate that with this kind), point buy done, hp / action / wealth done, skills done)


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Old 06-07-2010, 08:21 PM
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Sheet: Here

Name: Catelyn Munro
Online Pseudonyms: Chimera (as a coder of open-source software), Enigma (as a political commentator), Spectre (as a hacker), and Wraith (an old identity, now largely abandoned to avoid association with the Confederate aircraft)
Class: Smart (probably heading for Field Scientist)
Occupation: Creative? (coder / hacker)
Allegiance: Confederacy (various civilian reform movements)
Alignment: Neutral Good





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Old 06-07-2010, 09:06 PM
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Name: Shei Alabaster
Class: Fast Hero
Occupation: Law enforcement
Alignment: SoK

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Old 06-08-2010, 12:36 PM
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BasicsName: Yves "The Rock" LaRoche
Class: Fast Hero
Occupation: Military (Airman)
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance / Personality / Background / Motivation / Role-Playing SampleThat's right: 5-in-1. Fasten your seatbelts.


NoteSo he's been neurally resocialized to become a Confederate pilot, but he still has some deeply harbored rebel sympathies, which will no doubt be inflamed if/once his resocialization is reversed. The neural resocialization stuff is from here (Starcraft wiki).

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Old 06-08-2010, 01:21 PM
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Name: Mark McHamon
Class: Tough Hero, Rebel Marine
Occupation: Military
Allegiances: Sons of Korhal

Appearance: Mark is a very young lad, only 18 years old, and he carries all the cliché features of a soldier. He's tall, muscular and tough-looking, his brown hair is cut short and beard is always well shaved. His eyes are pale blue. When not wearing his combat suit Mark prefers to wear his military uniform at all times.

Personality: Duty and Orders are the most important things of Mark's life. He has always been an anti-Confederate because of his parents are both working for the Sons of Korhal. If given an assignment, Mark will follow his orders without questions and he won't quit before the task is done. He is also very quiet and rarely speaks if he is not spoken to. When not on duty, Mark usually is found crafting - repairing his rifle or creating something from the scratch.

Background: Mark was born in Korhal to a rebel family. As a child he was often brought to the command center by his parents and everyone of the core Sons of Corhal knew "little Mark". His childhood was pretty much that, he wasn't interested of playing with the other kids if they weren't playing war or something else military-sounding. There he sat on a bench and watch the big people make important decisions and plot against the Confederacy.

So it was just natural for him to join the army when he had the chance and he got a special permission to join the forces at the age of 17. During the training camp Mark was one of the best soldiers they had that year. He wasn't the smartest or even the strongest but he knew how to follow orders. At the end of his training Mark's superiors were planning to promote him to corporal but they decided to wait a while longer and see how he fared in a real situation.

Motivation: Mark hates Confederacy, he always has, and he is ready to risk his own life to fight against it. His parents are also a great motivation for him to do well and get promoted to corporal and even further in the future. He wants to impress his superiors and please them and he always gives 110% if he is ordered to do something.
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Old 08-09-2010, 05:38 PM
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Name: David Zevadyah Cross
Class: Dedicated Hero
Occupation: Military: Mercenary: Combat Medic

Appearance: At first glance Zev is merely a suit of powered armor. It takes a mere second, though, to realize it is quite different from standard military issue. It's modified helmet more closely resembles a suit of medieval armor than the standard space suit design. It has numerous pockets and scars from years of firefights and many hubs to allow customization. The armor has been bleached a sandy white and has splashes of red across it's chassis. The red could easily be poor quality paint, but is much more likely blood. Underneath the battle-hardened exterior is a small, vulnerable, battle-hardened interior. Zev is covered in scars and tattoos. He has very dark skin which contrasts with his off-white scarring and stark-white tattoos. His teeth have seen better days, those days being infancy. Being raised in poverty Zev didn't have the fruit he needed to stave off the onset of scurvy. With new nutritional regimes he is no longer diseased, but unfortunately does nothing to repair past damage.
Personality: We'll see, he's just lost a lot.
Background: Raised on a planet he didn't bother to learn the name of, Zev cared little for anything other than acquiring food. He had to fight, steal, and kill to survive the harsh realities of those not worthy of the businessmen's concern. In this life on the street the only thing Zev had from one day to the next was his gang, his friends, his brothers. He learned to value nearly infinitely that which he did have, and that was brotherhood. More than life, more than possessions, more than wealth he learned to value his only allies. This loyalty followed him into mercenary work when he was offered a position there. The War Pigs were an experimental group experimenting with non re-socialized marines. This allowed the soldiers to retain useful skills and knowledge from previous lives. Most recently he has been sent to fight the Sons of Korhal. His entire squad was just ripped to pieces by gauss fire and his new and only prerogative is survival.
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