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Old 07-28-2019, 09:10 PM
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Leze DeltarnAfter everything that had happened since the flickering image of a distant archmage first appeared before him, Leze had expected a pitched battle with this overlarge kobold. The sharks and water had nearly bested him. The first volley of javelins had nearly felled him. But an upward stroke with the hook of his polearm had pulled the creature off its feet, and the backswing with the cutting-blade left this vaunted opponent as lifeless as the dungeon stones on which its body now lay. Whatever grand battle plan it might have had, it never had the chance to so much as raise a hand against him.

Thibault had called him a wizard with his weapon, before regretting the insensitivity of his words. But perhaps he was right, after a fashion.

One remaining kobold stood before him, quivering at the bloody end met by its better. Another had come around the corner a few feet further on, too late to intervene. Both hurled javelins from unsteady hands. Neither came close to finding their mark. Their last mistake, Leze considered. Because Lancaster, in a gargoyle's guise, was armed with both weaponry and magic -- real magic, not some idle hyperbole to describe swinging a bit of metal to and fro. Lancaster would fly in beside them and cut them down with claw and fire. Lancaster would...

Nothing. He was somewhere else.

Over his shoulder, Leze took notice of the gargoyle's distant presence, far to the north, beyond the pit he had been trapped in, if briefly. The ranger's eyes burned with the betrayal. He twisted his hands tightly around the shaft of his guisarme. I am not alone for I now have your company, Lancaster had said. He had invited Leze to stand besides him in the fight as allies, as equals. But while Leze had rushed to face what by all impressions was the most threatening of foes, the gargoyle had ... fluttered off in the opposite direction? You were a fool to think he was any different that than insane old man.

He raised his blade high, ready to slake his anger and disappointment on the enemy at hand. Behind him, the sounds of a more pitched battle echoed through the dungeon halls. Another kobold blackened and burned from twin gouts of flame. The gargoyle's work, surely. Standing with you never meant literally at your side, Leze considered. Basic tactics. The creatures before him were almost pitiable; there was certainly no reason for two skilled adventurers to oppose them when their giant companion had fallen so quickly and with such ease. He shook his head, as disappointed now in his own instinctive response as at the gargoyle's action. But, still... all he had to do was say a word... he struggled to drive the concept of betrayal from his mind entirely.

In more than one sense, his enemies were already defeated, but the thought of offering them quarter never crossed his mind. There was more movement to the north, but he paid it no heed. One of the last of these foes was directly before him, and he punished it not only for existing, but for being a part of this insane competition with its insane competitors. The kobold was quite likely dead well before his final swing.


Leze Deltarn
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Old 07-29-2019, 09:26 AM
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Fin Hurry it up will you?

The familiar sound of Kokabiel Strix echoed through the chamber.

It would appear that he, Mifflewerf, and Opehlya had grown bored and were now waiting for the heroes to finish up.

No, dont worry, take your time were not in a hurry or anything.

Kokabiel tapped his foot while waiting for you to finish slaughtering the kobolds.

And WHY do you still have that?

Mifflewerf laughed as you round the corner of the warren and see the head of a white dragon being dragged behind the gnomish archmage. What? Im making soup later.

A disgruntled moan escapes Kokabiel as the contestants finish their work and slowly manage to make their way back to the portal.

Good, were all here now. Shall we?

And so they were off again, but to what fresh hell, no one quite knew.

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