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Old 08-04-2019, 09:38 PM
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Dramatic entranceSuch a very strange feeling. As if for the first time in ages, my eyes and mind begin to focus. After more than four years wandering... no not wandering, trapped... Yes, trapped I was! Trapped by the strange eerie mists of real-life! Now after four long years I awaken to find myself in some strange new reality. The sights are the same, with familiar smells and sounds, yet somehow I know this place is different.

And so, with emotions ranging from apprehensiveness to excitement, I strap on my traveling gear, inspect my weapons, and set forth in this new journey... this new, fantastic journey called 5e!

Hi all, totally new to 5e but I have the three core books now and am excitingly brushing up on them. Iím an old school player, first with 2e then 3.5, but I must say that 5e seems pretty cool so far! Super excited to be getting back into one of my favorite past times!

Iíll have a character posted soon.
"We'll have to go out through the kitchen!" - Tanis Half-Elven
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