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Old 08-12-2019, 02:24 PM
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KalasKalas stands with the other judges, far removed from other prying eyes. He's less wet than he has been in previous rounds of deliberation, and in a much better mood besides. A tuft of... fur? floats down from his tangle of hair. From his right hand dangles a necklace of ape teeth, freshly (and gleefully) harvested. Despite this new piece of savage fashion, he can't seem to look the others, especially the Druid, in the eye.

VotesDid something a bit different here as I had significantly more time on my hands this week than previous. That coupled with the smaller group of competitors allowed me to give specific feedback on a post by post basis. Sometimes it is true feedback, sometimes it's thoughts about what's going on with your specific characters, and sometimes it's my stream of consciousness after reading an especially good post. Same general scoring guidelienes as I've been using in the past are in place here, but I've personalized everything a bit more.







Party 1 Zinrokh DanshiiWithWulfs MontageManiac AlphaP Cereal Nommer Oztk
Points 8 8 6.5 8 9 9.5
Adjusted 24 24 19.5 24 27 28.5

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Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew
left-aligned image
Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew
The diminutive archmage floats towards Tobias, a wistful look on his face.

"It turned out you were competing in a one man race. That was disappointing. There was other talent available, and while they might not have been able to catch you, they could have at least given you a challenge." the gnome says with regret.

"But it is a testament to your character that you did not let the actions of another affect you. You had the race won, but you chose to finish strong. You should be proud of your performance and I am glad to inform you that you have earned your place in the final round." he explains with a nod.

"II have no doubt my judgement will boost your confidence, so let me repeat a bit of advice that my grandmother once gave me.

'Don't be humble. You're not that great.' Quote from Golda Meir***

You have won the round, but not the competition. The character you showed during the last round will need to be amplified as you move into the final test, one that I believe is the most difficult of all. You will be judged against the best of the best and will need to impress all of the Nine if you are to earn a seat at the table."
he finishes, slowly floating away to allow the others to speak.


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Kokabiel Strix Kokabiel tapped his mailed finger impatiently against the square table of the nine.

Taking their sweet time aren’t they? The deep voice asked to no one in particular.

Finally, Rostamoinen went to give the final task to the would-be members.

Leaning forward towards the scrying orb Kokabiel watches with interest – the last challenge was always his favorite. People’s responses were always so… unpredictable.

Points BreakdownGeneral Notes: I will use the Squeak system of points because I like consistency. 20 Points, tripled at the end.


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Getting close to the end!
By this point, The Druid and the contestants had a pretty good knowledge of each other. “We know you are good to have made it this far. What I am looking for now, is who is special. Who has that something extra? Who was truly impressive!”

Discretionary Points for D&D 5E Round 3
oztk playing Berthe
First and foremost, I really enjoyed the way Berthe had some interaction with the other PCs here, and even though there was some ‘conflict’, they ultimately helped each other out where it was needed. The solution to the first two challenges ended up being pretty repetitive, with Berthe really being dependent on her items to get through obstacles (flying, ect). We have seen this a lot through the event, and I feel the boots of flying have just become too much of a crutch. But, the last two challenges gave Berthe’s personality a chance to shine.

Total +27

AlphaP playing Psyliana
There was a lot to work with this round, with Psyliana paying a bit of a price for some of the beating she took during the combat round. In one sense, I really liked how the group almost came together as a party here, on the other, the lack of preparation (healing capabilities), also put a drain on the other’s players resources, and she wouldn’t have made it through without them. Still, I enjoyed her character a lot this round, and again like how the last two obstacles were handled.

Total +26

Cereal Nommer playing Eugene
What I liked here, was to me, Eugene had the most ‘creative’, and by that I mean not just doing the same things over and over as every other round, solutions that were highly effective. Enjoyed the writing, and his part in the party spat as well as the character reflection and growth.

Total +28

Zinrokh playing Ikol
At some point, we have to decide if the 4th wall is important or not. So far, I think the pop-culture references, and such have played into Ikol’s character well, but if this went on for too much longer, I think it would start to get tiring. Ikol had the straight forward solutions to the first two puzzles, and apart from some bad rolls, would have gotten through them unscathed. I feel like he might be going insane a bit over the last two puzzles, but they were fun to read. I really enjoyed the interactions with the other PCs, and how their relationship grew this round.

Total +28

DanshiiWithWulfs playing Vordur
Vordur went to the tried and true boots of flying for the first round here. Again, I feel like this is one of those items that kind of became a crutch, and prevented a lot of potential creativity for those using them all the time. The team work though, and the motivation through the rest of the obstacles was really good, and I felt like Vordur grew quite a bit this round, especially with fleshing out more the relationship he has with his deity. If he makes it through, we need to start seeing some other dimesons to his character too though.

Total +24

MontageManiac playing Kayne
Through the first couple of obstacles, whether intended or not, Kayne really stepped into a leadership role here, and really helped the other party members get through. Great interaction with the other PCs. He carried this through, and to me Kayne was the PC who grew the most as a character this round. Some of the background reflections, and motivations were perhaps a little less fleshed out than we saw from the other PCs, but to me this didn’t detract from them.

Total +28
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