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The Storm King's Thunder

Game Name
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Storm Kings Thunder
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeFantasy Adventure, Survival
FlavourPublished Adventure, Wilderness, Giants
Plot Summary
left-aligned image

"Stand with or against the giants in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game"

Ages ago, giants and dragons waged war across the Savage Frontier. These battles are long forgotten by the human civilizations of today, but ancient relics remain. And now, the land shudders once more with the thunder of giant footsteps.

Puny adventurers must rise to the challenge, gather their strength, unlock the power of ancient runes, and take the fight to the giants’ doorsteps. Only then can they forge an alliance to end the war before it begins.
right-aligned image
Welcome to the Savage Frontier

The Savage Frontier (also known as the North) is a cold, rugged, sparsely populated land of snow-capped mountains, rocky hills, sprawling forests, and foggy vales. Isolated strongholds, ancient burial mounds, and the ruins of many forgotten empires dot this vast landscape. Bounded by the Sea of Swords to the west and the desert of Anauroch to the east, the Savage Frontier extends as far north as Icewind Dale and as far south as the town of Daggerford. Old roads stretch across this great expanse, linking the dwarven strongholds and mines in the mountains to the coastal settlements, frontier towns, and fortified outposts of humans and other folk. These roads are long, lonely, or poorly defended, making them dangerous to traverse. In fertile valleys, towns and cities have sprung up, separated by dozens if not hundreds of miles of untamed wilderness haunted by bandits, barbarians, and monsters.

Evil dragons stirred into action by their dark queen, Tiamat, threatened the settlements of the Savage Frontier for a time. Ultimately, they were defeated and forced to withdraw to their lairs, while Tiamat was banished to the Nine Hells. Fear of the dragons’ wrath has faded quickly with the coming of a new threat: giants. The peoples of the North are no strangers to giant incursions. Frost giants have long claimed the Spine of the World as their demesne, and hill giants are known to scrounge for food in the untamed hills. But now, in the past couple of months, giants of every kind have emerged from their strongholds in force to threaten civilization as never before — and not just frost giants and hill giants, but also stone giants, fire giants, and cloud giants. All of the giants are in an uproar. Reports of giant attacks throughout the North have reached the coastal cities of Luskan, Neverwinter, and Waterdeep, stoking fears that the giants are waging war against humans, dwarves, elves, and other small folk.
Review of "Storm King's Thunder""The story here is set in the Forgotten realms and is one of classic heroic fantasy. Storm King’s Thunder pits the players against the rampaging giant lords of the northern regions of the Sword Coast and as such, has a distinctly Nordic flavor. Throughout the adventure, the players will explore vast untamed wildlands complete with frozen oceans, snow caped mountains, dense forests, and ancient ruins. They will harness the ancient power of rune magic, encounter wild barbarians, battle giants, and take to the high seas in search of a way to stop a dangerous upheaval from destroying all that the ‘small folk’ hold dear. It stands out as one of the strongest published adventures for 5th edition to date" -Tyler Biddle (2016, Nerdsourced)


  • Most important - New members/players are welcome! I am making this game in hopes of giving new player/members a nice adventure to latch onto and enjoy as they get their start here at rpgx.
  • Allowed Sources: PHB, DMG, XGtE, and SCAG. (UA Ranger will be allowed, other UA content will be case-to-case, please PM me with a link to it.)
  • Attribute Scores: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8 in any order you wantStandard Array or 27 point-buy (i ask you don't make sheets until accepted but I can't stop you )
  • Alignments: Anything but evils
  • Gear: Class starting equipment and background gold
  • Pantheon: Forgotten Realms
  • Character Advancement: We'll be using milestones. You'll be going from Lv 1 to 10-11 by game's end.
  • Post Rate: Minimum of 1 per week, DM-posts will go based on party's post-rate.
  • Party Size: I'm looking to make two-three groups of 4-5 characters.
ApplicationsWhat do I want in your app?
  • Your typical app; Name, class, race, appearance, 5e background, two personality traits, ideal, bond, flaw.
  • Only post a pic if you know how to properly resize it, please.
  • A backstory that helps explaining your character Here are some provided by the game:
    • The characters have heard rumors of goblins terrorizing the settlement. The High Steward of Nightstone, Lady Velrosa Nandar, is a Waterdhavian noble. She is reportedly offering a reward to anyone willing and able to deal with the goblin threat.
    • Nightstone is a popular retreat for wealthy nobles who wish to hunt in the Ardeep Forest. Adventurers can earn good money by offering their services as guards on a hunt.
    • The residents of Nightstone have a longstanding and seemingly irreconcilable conflict with their northern neighbors, the elves of the Ardeep Forest. Lady Velrosa Nandar has been searching for skilled mediators to help resolve the dispute.
    • The Nightstone Inn is renowned for its food and cozy guest rooms. The dwarf innkeeper, Morak Ur'gray, has a fondness for adventurers and a nose for lucrative adventuring opportunities.

    Or feel free to make your own.
  • Have you played this adventure before?
  • RP sample if you are new or a link to one of your game posts that shows how your posts normally look.

I'm looking for folks who have a desire for story telling and are able to hang around for a good while since these games do take very long to play through. I've been playing with my first group for months now and are only half way through chapter 1. But I do try to go above and beyond to make it entertaining without ruining the story.

Application submission deadline is Aug 9th.


Arthilian01Terrick TalmostHuman - ChondathanFighter - BM or EKNoble/SageComplete
ParzivalFairKali PrasadV. HumanSorcerer - ShadowHaunted OneComplete
KenjitsuTheren EvenwoodHalf-ElfBard - LoreAcolyteComplete
GrouchyFenrald One-EarHill DwarfCleric - WarSoldierComplete
OdysseyKoehilas von OkitinHalf-elfBard - WhispersCharlatanComplete
Lyserg BandoliaIvelliosHigh ElfRogueSageComplete
MrCeeJCalon BlackhandHalf-orcCleric - TrickerySmugglerComplete
hafrogmanDelwyn "Del" CorganV. HumanFighterCity WatchComplete
EvandisKrunk IuhfuhgutHalf-orcBarbarianOutlanderComplete
ThunderstruckJust TamV. HumanWarlock - HexbladeFishermanComplete
ShaedeBozmuth "Boz" BloodfootHill DwarfRogue - ScoutOutlanderComplete
FatherDondoRoger RollingbrookeLightfoot HalflingSorcerer - WildGuild Artisan: AlchemistComplete
DragerDrager HalfaxeHill DwarfArtificier - Battle SmithClan CrafterComplete
KhamLucBeneth RoussossHalf-OrcCleric-TempestUrban Bounty HunterComplete
TyealMarkin SebinosTabaxiPaladin - CrownCourtierComplete
VislandsEstorio CassalanterHigh ElfArtificerNobleComplete
routzongJayfice LittlefootHalflingSorcererHaunted-oneComplete
DavloatKallon SephHalf-orcCleric-KnowledgeSageComplete
zarzakSimonV. Human Warlock - Hexblade Cloistered Scholar Complete
Lord99TamujLoxoCleric - NatureFaction Agent (Emerald Enclave)Complete
theenglishslugGhostwalker NithrexadonDragonbornBarbarianOutlanderComplete
TwoOldTatkin "Dinklebough" ShimmerpitchDeep GnomeWizardSageComplete
ParadigmCoryn SableV. Human Sorcerer - ShadowNobleComplete
Smokefire12Gell ThundersnoutHalf-orcDruid - MoonFar TravlerComplete
VivaJohan FloshinHalf-ElfWizardNobleComplete
TrequsSavhra SkullanderScourge AasimarPaladin - Ancients Reflavored Outlander Complete
Saw a game post that you really enjoyed? Nominate that player to be the Post of the Month!

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Terrick Talmost:
right-aligned image
right-aligned image
Name: Str 10 | Dex 11 | Con 10 | Int 16 | Wis 14 | Cha 16Terrick Talmost
Age: 26 years old
Race: Chondathan Human
Class: Potential Battle Master or Eldritch knight depending on influence.Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Good
House: Wavesilver/Silverhand
-Fifth son to Baldrick Talmost and Gwendolyn Silverhand, third daughter of the Silverhand bloodline within the Silverhand-Arunsun-Maerdrym family
-Third cousin by marriage into Wavesilver holding
-Studied with the Wizards of Longsaddle. He learned no magic but found a love for writing.
Personality trait:
-My eloquent flattery makes everyone I talk to feel like the most wonderful and important person in the world.
-There’s nothing I like more than a good mystery.
-Family. Blood runs thicker than water. (Any)
-Independence. I must prove that I can handle myself without the coddling of my family. (Chaotic)
-My life’s work is a series of tomes related to a specific Smutty novels.field of lore.
-My house’s alliance with another noble family must be sustained at all costs.
-I have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures.

Physical Description: Terrick is easily mistaken for a Dwarf on some occasions and a Halfling on even rarer occasions. He stands at a whopping four and a half feet tall and weighing little more than a hundred pounds it's easy to assume from a distance that he might not be human. While he is afflicted of a strange disease that caused him to grow no taller than a Dwarf, his head, torso, hands and feet are normal proportions for a human his size rather than being gnarled, meaty or over-thick like a Dwarf's. His face is 'handsome' with tousled dirty blonde hair and evenly spaced brown eyes that gleam with a hidden intellect or cunning. He fancies his royal duds, a red tunic with calf-high brown leather boots and red trousers. Over his tunic, he wears a leather breastplate and pauldrons with a Lion's head embossed at the center collarbone, the sigil of his house. He wears a dark red cape draped about his shoulders, tailored for his height so it doesn't drag the ground too much. His fine leather pack is strapped with a crossbow and a pack of quarrels. He uses a shortsword and nearly drags along a tower shield that is almost as tall as he is.

Personality: Terrick is casual and friendly above everything else, he isn't afraid to make small talk with people, quickly making fast friends with them. He has a love for wine, ale, whiskey and literally any kind of drink that contains alcohol, luckily not to too much excess, I mean..he has to stop drinking once he passes out so, there's always a limit. The only time he might lose his composure is when his father scolds him, after all, it's easy to hate a child that is different hence the drinking problem.

Backstory: Terrick was the accident, born into the Talmost bloodline, married into the Silverhand-Arunsun-Maerdrym family of Longsaddle. The second problem, He was born a little differently than most children, even the midwife could tell he wasn't normal, his arms and legs just a bit shorter than they should be. His mother wailed when the first time Terrick's father seen him, he ripped him from the swaddling blanket and carried him outside by his ankle, crying every breath. The well in the backyard, was going to be the boy's resting place but something in the old Lord Baldrick just couldn't push him far enough to let the kid drop into the icy cold water below.

Lord Baldrick became more bitter with every year as the small lad became learned, quick of wit and even he couldn't deny that the boy had inherited the best of his father's good looks and charm, able to talk the cooks and servants out of a month's pay without breaking a sweat. Poisoned by an assassin in the employ of Melshimber family.Once his mother passed rather suddenly and his raising fell to the servants, they quickly realized that as small as Terrick was, he had become quite the handful.

In time, the boy, having shown intelligence and wit beyond that of his siblings, was sent to learn magic from the Harpells at the Ivy Mansion, his father determined to make something of the stunted fruit of his loins. Unfortunately, instead of showing an enthusiasm for the magical arts so prevalent in his mother's family he opted for enthusiasm towards his close proximity to alcohol and women, his mentors found him constantly occupied and shirking his duties in the company of either the former or the latter, or both. When he was caught red handed, or red faced, he would be sent to a solitary room to sober himself before returning to his learning. Instead he spent the drunken hours of his mind writing novels that would make even the ladies in the brothels blush. Books which in his adult years, he came to publish under the Pen name, Leo Goldmane. Needless to say, despite the strangeness of the Harpell wizards, they couldn't handle young Terrick so he was sent back to his family home. To his father's dismay, if Terrick wasn't laying about, or sleeping off a hangover, he was in the town of Longsaddle looking for his next potential hangover or warm bed.

After Terrick's twenty fifth birthday, Lord Baldrick resigned to the fact that his son would bring him naught but shame, had set up an arrangement to be remarried to a noble lady of the house of Wavesilver. Upon the marriage date, the aging lord moved his slowly diminishing holdings, his entire staff and his remaining youngest son to Waterdeep in order to sponge off his new family. While Terrick as clever as he was, could have easily picked up the new family business by sitting at a desk all day, writing ledgers and keeping track of manifests as a clerk for his new family, he decided it was far too demeaning to his family name from his mother's side. He started spending more and more time among the brothels of the port city, feeding his addiction of the flesh and drink. It wasn't long that this new disgrace in the eyes of his father and new cousins brought Terrick his disavowed status. He was bidden by his father to take whatever property was given him in his young adulthood, a certain amount of ceremonial arms and armor and to be gone. Unfortunately, Terrick found his way to the nearest brothel and indulged himself until he started to run out of money for drink and favorable company. Now, he has to come to the hard terms of having to find work, and doing something more meaningful with his time rather than being a philanderer, which is going to be quite the challenge.

He barely found his way out of the City of Splendors in the next few months and most certainly hadn't spoken to his 'new family' for the entirety of the time but when he was exiting a local brothel and happened to stumble and wander past his father's new estate, he spotted through blurry eyes and heavy lids, his father's new servants loading carriages and wagons. Luckily, they barely knew him, nor would they even recognize him from a halfling or dwarf about the town and despite his slurred speech, his silver tongue helped him to find out that his father was going on a hunt in the Ardeep forest outside of Nightstone. Now, while he ambled drunkenly to where he had made his temporary living quarters, he had an idea. To win back his father's approval and buy his way back into his mother's family, he would attend this hunt and show the old man up, proving to him that he wasn't just a useless midget.

He doesn't have very many skills aside from clerical ones, copying and calculating costs as he was an avid learner in his youth, but he will always have his silver tongue and his mind for military tactics. His father suggested to his tutor that Terrick learn to maneuver numbers and supplies around to battlefields, Luckily for Baldrick, his boy took to it, becoming moderately adept at drawing maps and planning troop movements.

Details of the Disavowment: With the mysterious death of Gwendolyn, Terrick's mother, The Silverhand-Arunsun-Maerdrym family shun Lord Baldrick. In an effort to forge a new alliance with another noble family and not trusting his son enough to marry him off, Lord Baldrick remarried a cousin to the Wavesilver family. The union between Lord Baldrick and Lady Arveene stabilized the Lord's holdings on the condition that he relocate from the Silverhand Tower outside Longsaddle and into Waterdeep. Lord Baldrick and Lady Arveene cast Terrick out for refusing to work as a clerk for the Wavesilver family. While Terrick would rather represent the Silverhand name he is still affixed to Talmost and with it, the new alliance between Talmost and Wavesilver.

Published works:
The Silvered Breaths: His first novel, a somewhat ham-fisted approach filled with obvious allusions to the nature of the material. The main protagonist is a disavowed noble who, after being cast out as a bastard child, manipulates his way into the bed of a noble woman holding a minor position in her family. Proceeding in a saucy and brazen sequence of adultery, secretive trysts and political maneuverings, the noble sleeps his way to the ruling position of the noble family and orchestrates the demise of his father's family in a bloody coup.

Of Furs and Lust: His second novel, more finely tuned than the first, telling the tale of a woman who fell in lust with a strapping fur trader that worked within her husband's fur export and import. Through some treachery of another fur trading business, the main protagonist's husband dies, she is framed for it and all the while, she tries to pursue the condemning lust of her prospect. The strapping endeavor shows up in the end in the role of shining knight with proper evidence to absolve the Protagonist and forever win her lust.

The Warlock's Shadow: This is the third of his novels and a work in progress, A little more risky than the other two, detailing a series of serial murders that begin as sexual trysts then lead to kidnapping, arousing torture and then death admidst love-making, each one spurred on by the warlock's demonic patron whispering in his mind. Terrick was half-way through writing this one before his father relocated everything to Waterdeep and has since been withdrawn from writing more.

RP Sample:
Terrick of no house, Formerly Talmost-Wavesilver, Formerly Talmost-Silverhand, wandered drunkenly down the High Road out of Waterdeep, a flask in his hand, the sun in his eyes but a plan in his mind. As he tipped back the flask one last time, already tossed as it were, only a few drops plummeted out to wet his tongue. He cursed and groaned, burped and stumbled but then managed to screw the cap back onto the flask and tucked it away under his leather armor. He shielded his eyes from the sun as he came to a halt on the road and looked towards where he thought Nightstone was. He could see a green blur and maybe a grey blur beyond that so he knew he was headed in the right direction. He swung around to see the gray blur of Waterdeep wasn't too far behind him but that was beside the point.

As the short-statured fellow started to make his way forward again, he was brought back by a very sobering sound, the sound of hoofbeats coming fast towards him. He turned one way then the other and by the time he saw the brown blur rushing towards him, he was barely able to throw up his hands, shout in protest and spin on his heels to run. A sickening thud hit him right in the back, if not for his huge tower shield that hung from his backpack, he might have been skewered alive but instead only fell face down in the dirt. Once he came to, a groan issued forth and then he was hoisted into the back of a wagon going gods-knows-where.

Luckily, the wagon was headed towards Nightstone, filled with others heading that way and all he had lost was his main coin purse.

Additional Post sample: Berek Steadyhand, concerning Coin
-Oath of Sangus ||

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Hey, Retry.
New player showing interest here.
The adventure looks great and is exactly what I'm looking for.
Will start working on a character concept/application and post here in the next days.
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right-aligned image

Name: Kali Prasad -- Female, 21
Race: Human Variant
Class: Sorcerer (Shadow Magic)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Background: Haunted One
--Personality Trait: I refuse to be a victim anymore, and I will not allow others to be victimized. I put no trust in divine beings; sometimes I wonder if there even are gods, or if they're just people who have become too powerful.
--Ideal: I'll always help those in need, with little regard for my own safety.
--Bond: Akkram made me a monster, but I will use the abilities he forced on me to protect others.
--Flaw: I assume the worst of people in positions of power.




I am currently running my own game of Storm King's Thunder on this site, but ironically, I've never gotten to play it.

RP Sample

Azraeth Galalo, The Lich Relic: Ch. 2 -- Grief & Betrayal

You take the good, and you take the bad, and there you have spiders coming out of a red velvet cupcake.

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Interest in being part of the story

right-aligned image

Name: Theren Evenwood
Race: Half-Elf (Tethyrian Human/Wood Elf)
Class: Bard (College of Lore)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Theren is friendly, always in a good mood, and very willing to help others. Other than music, which he always seems to be humming or whistling a song, Theren also has a passion for helping and healing people.

Appearance: Standing five foot nine and not weighing more than a hundred and fifty pound, Theren is a good looking, slender young man that could maybe even pass as an elf, wearing leathers and a smile. He can't be more than twenty years old, but his messy brown hair, wild green eyes and his tan skin suggests he has spent a lot of time on the road. Armed with a rapier and a flute, he appears more ready to entertain rather than start a fight.

Background: Theren was an Acolyte for Chauntean (Life Domain)the grain goddess on his way to become a Life Cleric before hitting the road and becoming a Bard from the College of Lore.
  • Personality Traits: Nothing can rattle my positive attitude.
  • Personality Traits: I see portents in all things. The gods attempt to communicate to us, we just need to pay attention.
  • Ideal: Charity: I always attempt to assist those in need, regardless of the personal cost. (Good)
  • Bond: I can never repay what I owe to the priest that took me in as an orphan.
  • Flaw: Once I choose an objective, I become so single minded that the rest of my life fades into the background.


Example from the Monster Hunter International Game
1 Peter 1:13-16
I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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App complete on a dwarven cleric of Hanseath. I love the idea of his Spiritual Weapon being a monstrous fist holding a tankard that bashes his opponent's skulls.

Character Concept
right-aligned image

Name: Fenrald One-Ear
Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Cleric of Hanseath (War Domain)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Bold, brash, and headstrong with a penchant for rushing straight into the fray, Fenrald is a courageous and unflinching warrior who never backs down from a good fight if he can help it. Though not particularly bright, he is relatively cunning and a master of improvisation due to his inability to often plan things through. He is crude and talks roughly as most soldiers do, but he has a deep respect and devotion towards not only those who stand shoulder to shoulder with him but to those who honorably cross steel with him. He is a bit hot tempered and can sometimes lose his cool, much to the chagrin of his friends. He is a devout follower of Hanseath which means in his off time, drinking and carousing are required - not just expected. He knows a variety of drinking songs and will often sing them in his familiar off-key tone, even in the thick of a fight. He is also quite the eater, often putting down the food that two or three folks would normally do in one sitting. Despite his gruff exterior, Fenrald has a child-like curiosity about the world and a desire to travel and see new things.

Fenrald is a wild looking, extremely hairy dwarven male who is heavily armored and wields a battered looking but well polished hammer of war. His head is a mop of thick black curly hair with a beard that falls below his belt, and is so bushy that you can barely make out his facial features. Underneath a pair of bushy eyebrows is a pair of miscolored eyes - his left is blue, and his right is brown. His left eye has a tendency to twitch slightly and his wide flat nose looks as if it has been squashed onto his face after birth. You can barely make out his mouth beneath his lush beard, where he is large of tooth and has a small scar on his lower lip. Only the tops of his ears are visible, and the right one was clearly mostly bitten off at some point and scarred over. His chain mail has obviously taken a few blows in its day but is polished to a mirror shine and he wears a dark yellow tabard trimmed with black over his heavily muscled chest and back. A thick leather belt adorns his waist from which hangs a number of different knives as well as a pewter tankard crudely engraved with It says "One-Ear" for anyone who can read Dwarven.Dwarven writing, and hanging from a leather cord around his neck is a miniature hand sculpted tankard made out of bronze. His legs are the size of small tree trunks and he wears a pair of scuffed brown boots that have definitely seen some miles on them.

Background: Soldier (Infantry)

Personality Traits: I like to fight hard and drink hard, and sometimes not in that order. I tend to be blunt and charge headlong into things without planning too much. My eye twitches when I get particularly fired up over something, which is often easy to do.
Ideal: A battle to fight and an ale to drink, there is no greater love in one's life. Sorry, Mum.
Bond: I'm proud of my dwarven heritage and of my faith in Hanseath, and have no qualms about delivering a knuckle sandwich to any who besmirch either.
Flaw: I'm crude and unsophisticated, and enjoy the occasional dust-up in the local pub courtesy of my big mouth.

One of several sons of the famous dwarven brewer Guldrom of Clan Grithammer, Fenrald likes to joke that he and his brothers were nursing bottles of ale shortly after they were weaned off of their mother. Guldrom's ales are famous in some dwarven circles, and among the church services the young Fenrald had to attend he enjoyed the ones of Hanseath most of all. As he matured and finished his basic training as all young men do, being far down the heir line Fenrald sought more in his life than just to live off of his father's coattails. He volunteered for the Grithammer army and soon made a name for himself as a fierce and capable warrior on the battlefield, and a disruptive and combative one at the feast halls afterwards. His passion and devotion caught the eye of Gritfather Melkum, the head of Hanseath's Wildbeards - a small but surprisingly tough and capable unit who followed the teachings of Hanseath. Shoulder to shoulder with men just as wild and fun-loving as him, Fenrald succeeded in promptly shooting up the ranks to become a line leader. However, he bores of the minor skirmishes and longs for a greater battle.

RP Sample:
In secret text.

I have never played STK before, excited to give it a whirl. I can post 2-3 times a week pretty regularly.
Back to RPGX

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I’d love to join too. I’ve got an idea for a Goliath but it’s not in any of the books you’ve listed, is there any leeway to include it? (It’s in Volo’s Guide to Monsters and the Elemental Evil Players Companion.)

If not that’s cool, I can still use most of the concept with a human.
Please don't wait for me during December, I'll post when/if I can.

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right-aligned image
Name: Koehilas von Okitin
Class: College of Whispers
Race: Half-elf
Age: 23
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Koehilas, or known as ‘Koe’ to friends, is the proud owner of bold features. He has thick eyebrows that are often slanted in silent sarcasm, and a large nose that is the contender of his long, pointed ears. A strong and distinct chin is always sporting a goatee in some fashion. Koe’s brown hair is his pride and joy, having grown it long and silky thanks to his Elvish heritage.

Personality: Koe is too smart for his own good...Or maybe he’s simply a wily, conniving fox who enjoys tripping people up with his sneaky words. Some might say he’s a deceitful, manipulative worm, but Koe would say he’s merely helping you push past a comfort zone! Personal growth and all that...

Background: Charlatan
  • Personality Trait: I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick
  • Personality Trait: I cheat at games and make up my own rules-- all in good fun, of course
  • Ideal: Freedom: Everyone should be free to pursue his or her own life
  • Bond: I lookout those who have proven their worth, and I'd do almost anything for them
  • Flaw: I have a silver tongue, but it's as sharp as a dagger. It has earned me a fair amount of enemies
  • Flaw: Making and taking bets is a compulsion. I can't help myself against some friendly (or maybe not so friendly) competition

Out of all the times to get caught, of course it had to be when sneaking into the scary tower in the middle of the wilderness. Koe had his palms out as a gesture of good faith, and looking completely defenseless for the old, decrepit man.

“Listen, listen. My good...Sir. Heh, it’s a pure case of a simple misunderstanding, I assure you,”
left-aligned image
He playacted lamely. He considered himself lucky it was an old gramps with far too many liver spots, and not some kind of terrifying, long-forgotten monster.

The Half-Elf glanced at the soft, leather bag in his hand, the pull-strings looped around his fingers. Inside was something irreplaceable-- and worth a lot. He looked back to the geezer and grinned a slimy smile. “It’s ah...It’s something best explained over some tea, no?”

The old man’s voice was oily, the words sounding as if they needed to be squeezed out of a bottle. “Who are you, child, to steal from me?” His sunken lips were peeled over his yellowed teeth, is skin sallow and tight across his face. The elderly man was wrapped in tattered, dark robes that looked as ancient as he was.

Koe’s smile slipped, his words having little effect. Come on…” He murmured to himself. He took a step away and shrugged, dropping his hands, “Stealing is such a horrific word. Perhaps, obtaining without consent? Same thing, just easier on the ol’ ear holes. Now, I assume we aren’t going to have that tea, in which case, I’ll be on my way.”

He turned on his heels. It wasn’t like the geezer could stop him. He’d probably sooner whither to dust if he tried! Koe took a step away from the prehistoric man when a string of strange words met his ears. Unbidden, every muscle in his body locked in place, and he was unable to move. He panicked, but wasn’t able to express it. But he sure as hells felt it. His heart thudded his ribs and heard the sound of blood flood is ears.

“Ah,” The archaic one rasped, the slow shuffle of his feet nearing the paralyzed Half-Elf. Koe heard the hollow thunks of the walking cane echo down the empty corridor. Sweat snaked down his forehead, and the fine hairs on his neck stood on end. “Where are my manners? Of course, join me for tea. Come, sit, tell me everything.”

The arcane man invited him, but it sounded ominous. Koe wanted to quip something snide, but nothing happened when he tried. Something horrible was going to happen-- no, something horrible had already happened...This was going to get worse.

The old man toddered around, inspecting his captured prize in long, slow moments. Koe wasn’t able to meet the shorter man’s gaze, finding that even the simplest of movement was beyond him. Those noble a-holes who had hired him for this job, they were surely not paying him enough for this!

The next words made Koe’s skin crawl, “You look like a talented and useful one. You will do something for me, as payment for your…Transgressions.


OdysseyI have never played The Storm King's Thunder, or pretty much any module outside of Curse of Strahd (never finished it), but it looks like a fun game!

I can post fairly often, dependent on player posts as well. Summer has knocked my posting rate down to once or twice a week, but Fall and Winter time will see an upswing in that.

Posting Status: Slow.
Normal: Wed-Thurs
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Originally Posted by Kenjitsu View Post
Just one question, how do I apply for the game? Do I just put all the requested information in a post here, or do I send it as a private message or is there a form somewhere?
Hey, Kenjitsu! To apply, you just need to make an application like what I did. You can push the 'Quote' button below my post and you can see the format I used, if you'd like. Paste it to Docs, or whatever word format you use, fill it out and post it on this thread with your character idea.

If you don't have Docs or a word format, you can fill it out in-thread too.

I hope this helped!
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Very interested! Never played this campaign, and relatively new to 5e.
Name: Ivellios
Race: Elf (High)
Class: Rogue
Personality: Quiet but charismatic, doesn't really talk a lot unless he's selling something- whether it be information, items, or a plan. Dry witted, tries not to draw a lot of attention to himself- being remembered is usually a bad thing unless it's a repeat customer.
Appearance: Tall and thin, chin shoulder length black hair (dyed but he won't tell anyone that), wearing dark clothing with a quiet dignity- not looking to stand out, but not to be shoved aside either. Good for sneaking.
Background: Sage
Personality Traits: looks out for himself, hungry for knowledge- first to learn, then to sell. Everyone wants to know something, and if you know what they want you can make a pretty penny off it
Ideal: Knowledge
Bond: Spending his life for more knowledge, both to increase his own and to turn a profit.
Flaw: a bit too focused on the end goal to really care much about the steps to get there- cares about the mission more than party members. He tries to do the right thing, but don't make him choose between grabbing a rare tome or a new acquaintance from a burning building.
Backstory: He grew up under a historian, albeit a monetarily poor one, named Eldrain. Whilst he learned an appreciation for the knowledge contained in books and scrolls from his mentor, he grew a bit more ambitious than a small city's record-keeper. Striking out on his own, he grew a further appreciation for how much people would pay to learn certain things. His quick fingers and reflexes led him through some less than noble pursuits, which paid off pretty well. He decided to use his long life to learn everything he could, and make a pretty platinum in the process.
Unfortunately his last job went south, and he got arrested for it, and his assets seized. He was exiled from Waterdeep and would, at some point, like to go back and reacquire what was taken from him, be it legally or... notably less so.
After being exiled from Waterdeep he is making his way to Nightstone, looking for ways to recoup some of his missing wealth, and a place to set up shop again.

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This character is not second hand, he has never been played. I have to adjust his backstory just a little since initially he was for a waterdeep dragon heist campaign
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right-aligned image
Name: Calon Blackhand
Age: 30 years
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Trickster Domain - TymoraCleric
Alignment: Lawful Good (Follows the Smuggler's Code rather than the law of the land)
Background: Smuggler
Personality Traits: I love gold but won’t cheat a friend
- I become wistful when I see the sun rise over the ocean.
Ideal: Smuggler’s Code. I uphold the unwritten rules of the smugglers, who do not cheat one another or directly harm innocents. (Lawful)
- Peace and Prosperity. I smuggle only to achieve a greater goal that benefits my community. (Good)
Bond: I owe a debt that cannot be repaid in gold
- I give most of my profits to a charitable cause, and I don’t like to brag about it.
Flaw: I'm quick to help others, even when it puts me in a bad situation.

Appearance: The first feature anyone would notice about Calon is his skin. Most half-orc's possess the sage or olive tint of their brutish ancestry, but Calon's human heritage fought against that norm. Resulting in a hue more closely resembling that of his fair skinned kin. He is not completely devoid of his mother's orc traits however, as he was blessed with her sturdy tusks and amber colored eyes. Calon's burly, yet softened, build is the culmination of some hard years of labor and the indulgence of greasy foods.

Backstory: Calon's parents were career smugglers and had to leave their son with a trusted friend when Calon was younger, as they were forced to leave town quickly.

Koen Annik is a store owner in Waterdeep who sells basic farming and adventuring tools as a front for smuggled goods, hence his relationship to Calon's parents. As the half-orc aged, he learned more about the smuggling trade and even heard a rumor that his parents had been sold out by a fellow bootlegger. Through Koen's connections, Calon joined the local smuggling ring, but only took jobs that benefited those in truly poor situations. Smugglers had a reputation for being lawless criminals that only cared about coin, but Calon wanted to do his part in changing that perception.

Most bootleggers believed in some inexplicable force that influenced their fate. Some believe in destiny, others luck, and a few, a higher power. Calon found Tymora when he was younger, bringing him comfort during insecure times. Koen's occasional talk of the deity may have also had some influence.

Once his years had firmly reached adulthood, Calon decided to set out on his own, taking odd jobs here and there that matched his skill set. It had become too risky for him to stay in Waterdeep, however, especially if those that sold out his parents had remained. Fellow smugglers mentioned the village of Nightstone as a hub of information and was told to seek out the dwarf innkeeper, Morak.

Role play sample:
Example 1
Example 2

I have not played SKT, but have been really itching to!
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DisclaimerI'm very rusty and I'm not very well versed in the FR world. This is a character I created for another game, but never had the chance to play.

right-aligned image

Name: Kestrel (Adrienna-Lenndastriel-Beredeth, 'Lenna')
Race: Half-Elf
Class: (dex based) Barbarian
Background: Outlander
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Alignment: N
Description: (larger picture)
Lenna looks more or less like a human girl in their early twenties, only her slightly pointy ears hinting at her elven heritage. Her otherwise delicate features are offset by her fierce, almost rude behavior. Her shining bright blue eyes make most men turn their head. She keeps her long wavy hazel hair clamped to a ponytail, and she often uses a streak of black war paint over her eyes.

Personality Traits:
  • I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won’t save you from a hungry owlbear.
  • I’m driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home.
Ideal: Glory. I must earn glory in battle, for myself and my clan.
Bond: An injury to the unspoiled wilderness of my home is an injury to me.
Flaw: Violence is my answer to almost any challenge.

Hook: Guard for hunts
Have you played this adventure before?: Nope
Link to one of your game posts that shows how your posts normally look: All my "recent" games are in private threads, but I'll copy one over
Razzgar - Vallenfall
right-aligned image
The flock of birds flying up was something that made Razzgar raise his head. He pushed himself away from the tree silently. Keeping up fidgeting with the small throwing dagger he set to skulk towards where he came from, where something had disturbed the birds. - "Keep your eyes open!" - he sent the silent message to Lizzy, leaving her behind, up in the tree. As he carefully placed his soft leather boots one after the other not to make any noise on the dark forest soil, he was still in the mood for musing: Birds were so absurd. They possessed the power of flying, with that they could have been the deadliest predators of the surface world, yet they were mere insignificant chirpers... Meanwhile he moved unseen, unheard. He became one with the swaying shadows of the trees as he approached.
Dice * Stealth, min roll 10:
1d20+13 (17)+13 Total = 30

- have throwing dagger drawn
- Lizzy stays behind, watching (though Razzgar gets out of telepathic range after 100')
to here.

Lenna was born in a small nameless elven settlement at the edge of the OOC: Please, please, please feel free to recommend another area that makes more sense. Geography is already not my strength (to put it lightly) and all those elaborated maps and wiki pages about the oversaturated history of Faerun are killing me! Have mercy...High Forest to where her moon elf mother retreated after her human father had abandoned them. Her once outgoing and open mother became secluded and bitter after what she experienced as the betrayal of her human love. Subconsciously she planted the importance of protecting their homeland and themselves from strangers deep into her daughter. As Lenna grew she aspired to become one of the village's scout-guards. But the meticulous style of elven martial arts didn't fit well with her hot blooded soul. While her body and strength quickly outgrew that of her elven peers, her motions remained clumsy and crude in comparison. Until one day driven from despair and the mocking smile of her practice partner and rival, something snapped inside her. Letting out a girlish grunt she lunged at her opponent, disregarding the graceful motions of blade dance, crashing both her daggers against the defending scimitar pushing it out of the way, planting her elbow into the face of her foe, knocking her out with a fierce grin...
It was then that she learned that her path was different. (Besides, the master instructor wasn't too fond of this triumph, expelling Lenna from the group of would-be guards.)
There were reports of a half-orc skulking in the area that even had a bounty on his head in the nearby town of Everlund. Lenna left her village to take up the challenge of defending her home from a dangerous criminal. A few weeks later she marched into Everlund with the bound half-orc as the proudest girl in the world. She gained the attention of one of the recruiters of an aspiring local trading company and she signed up for the group. After weeks and months of escorting shipments promising wealth for the owners of the company and a long term occupation for Lenna and her fellow caravan guards business failed to match the expectations and the company disbanded. Kestrel found herself in Waterdeep without food or shelter. This is where she learned that a dwarf named Minna was looking for associates in her business. Minna organized hunting trips for the wealthy in the nearby Ardeep Forest and she needed guards to make these adventures safe for those often not very adept hunters. Kestrel's skills were perfect for the job (even though she would need to work on her manners yet).

Saying goodbye- "So it's true, you're leaving."
Lenna smiled before turning back. Kalion used to be her best friend. The two grew up together playing for hours and days in the surrounding forest. But while she was already an adult woman, he was still a kid.
- "I have no reason to stay." - she replied. Kalion directed his gaze at the ground. That hurt. Then he looked up with a bittersweet smile: - "You know, I'm still the older between us."
Lenna returned the smile. They grew distant over the last few years. He was still chasing squirrels and playing with wooden swords while she had grownup duties to fulfill. Suddenly she realized how much she missed his company.
- "I made this for you." - the boy revealed a wooden bird in his outstretched hand. It was a detailed work of magic and woodcraft depicting a kestrel, quite impressive in fact.
- "Master Elionne is wrong. You will be a great warrior one day!" - he added.
She palmed the gift, remembering faintly that she once told Kalion how the simple hunting of the kestrel seems way more effective than the elaborated motions of the blade dance. - "Thank you!" - she whispered, touched by the small totem. With that she turned away ready to begin her journey.
A few moments later the boy shouted after her:
- "And I will become a great wizard... And I will find you... And I will marry you!"
She only replied with a fierce laughter without even turning back. But her heart said "I'll be waiting."

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Hey folks love the interest and the wip apps im seeing so far. I'm a bit slower in the evenings (im on the US east coast) since im taking care of my infant and toddler to give my wife a break and hopefully retain her sanity

@kenjitsu - to apply to a game you simply fill out character info in the applicstion field and post it here. Sort of like sending in a resume for a job.

Copy/paste the following and fill it out:
[B]Personality Traits[/b]:
@ those interested: i have volo's so i'll be willing to let some of those races in, i ask you just let me know what youre thinking so we can make sure it'll jive with the story.

@lazer: go ahead with the goliath
Saw a game post that you really enjoyed? Nominate that player to be the Post of the Month!
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right-aligned image
Name: Delwyn "Del" Corgan
Class: Fighter
Race: Human (Variant)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Del is a mess. He tries to present a cheery and friendly face, but he feels like he always ends up disappointing everyone, especially himself. On a fundamental level he knows that he's a failure. But somewhere inside, he still holds onto hope. If only he could turn things around and clean himself up...

Appearance: Del is a mess. He looks every single one of his twenty-eight years, with a few extra layered on top for good measure. His lank, brown hair hasn't seen a comb in... well, probably best not to speculate. His beard is the kind that grows on a face like fungus, neither trimmed enough to be elegant, nor full enough to be luxurious. It is just as unkempt as the rest of him. His skin is tanned and weather-beaten, with a permanent rosy glow across his nose and cheeks. Overall he's a stocky, heavy-set man who may never have actually seen better days.

Background: City Watch
  • Personality Trait: I face problems head on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success.
  • Personality Trait: The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I cannot do it.
  • Ideal: Redemption. There is a spark of good in everyone.
  • Bond: I protect those who cannot protect themselves.
  • Flaw: I am too enamored of ale, wine, and other intoxicants.
Backstory: The sound of his name being shouted at the top of someone's lungs eventually roused Del from his slumber. He blinked blearily in the dawn… well, morning… late morning light. Was that Lord Burnstone's voice screaming like that? Wait, what time was it? Del lurched unsteadily to his feet and looked around. Where was he? Was this a barn? He could hear the calls getting louder and louder. No use hiding in here forever, time to face the music...

"Dawn. We were supposed to set out hunting at dawn!" Burnstone's voice grew higher and more strident as he settled into his rant. "Instead I wasted my entire morning trying to find my own thrice-damned guard!"

That had been a month ago, now. Truth be told, Del was pretty sure the good Lord had been looking for an excuse to fire Del for weeks. He'd been in a sort of permanent snit ever since the incident with his mistress and the Lady Burnstone. That hadn't been been Del's fault, just an honest mistake. But try telling Lord Burnstone that.

He'd washed out of the Waterdeep town guard two… no, three years ago now. He'd found work in the employ of the only household willing to hire him. Lord Burnstone hadn't been so bad, really. He was some third-rate minor noble, but then Del was a third-rate guard… so they had suited each other. Until Del had to get drunk one too many times and got himself fired, and stranded in this backwater.

Since then Del had just been loitering around Nightstone, trying to scrape up enough work to pay for a trip home. Problem was, lots of adventuring types came here, intentional like, looking for work. Plenty of men(and women)-at-arms who looked a lot more impressive than Del. Heck, most of them were more impressive.

Still, he got the occasional day job here and there. No steady work, but if he kept at it, it wouldn't take too much longer to save what he needed. How close was he anyways? He opened up his purse and looked inside, blinking a little. With a heavy sigh, he placed his last coin in front of him and waved the barkeep over for a refill. Tomorrow. He'd start saving for his trip home tomorrow.

re: hafrogmanI tried to run Storm King's Thunder for an in-person group when it first came out. That was three years ago, and we didn't get far. But full disclosure, that I did skim the entire module. I honestly don't remember much, and try to be fastidious in separating in and out-of-character knowledge.

You mention your own posting scaling in response to player posts. If I may, I suggest forming the different groups around posting rates (where practical). My personal posting rate is high (3+/week).

Sample posts: (here) (or here)

Characters: Verdigris • Gwarc • Mincemeat • Del Corgan • Tarren • Iris Kettering • Caleb Shaw

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