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Old 07-29-2019, 08:36 PM
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Will be applying as soon as I get a few moments to do a full application. I will be writing up a CG Half-Orc Barbarian who thinks he is a genius tactician and investigator (but most certainly is not) and has an inferiority complex when facing people or creatures larger than him. He immediately feels the need to prove his strength.
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Old 07-29-2019, 08:52 PM
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Krunk Iuhfuhgut - Completed
left-aligned image

Name: County Census Officer: Please state your name for the record.
Krunk: Krunk!
County Census Officer: And your last name?
Krunk: I, uh, forgot...
County Census Officer: Y-you forgot your last name?
Krunk: ...no...it's uh...it's Iuhfuhgut! That's my last name.
County Census Officer: How, um, do you spell that?
Krunk: I-U-H-F-U-H-G-U-T and, uh, probably a Z, or a Y, or maybe an D, or something.
Krunk Iuhfuhgut
Race: Half-Orc
Age: 17
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description: Krunk stands an imposing 6' 11" tall and weighs 271 lbs. of nothing but rock hard muscle. Despite being half-orc, he actually is fortunate enough to have inherited the more appealing looks of his partial human heritage. While his canines are more pronounced than most humans, they are still easily hidden behind his lips when his mouth is fully closed. Unfortunately, Krunk's mouth is almost never fully closed...some would describe him as a bit of a mouth breather, literally. His skin is a very dark tan shade and his hair is brown and he usually sports a low-cropped mohawk haircut (when he remembers to get one). He tries to wear as little armor as possible ("because a body like this should never be hidden from the world") and prefers what little armor he does have on to be leather or fur. His eyes are the only obvious giveaway to his orcish heritage, as they are crimson red.

Background: Origin: ExileOutlander


Personality & Demeanor: Krunk is very friendly and thinks he is devilishly clever and a wry investigator. However, to everyone else, he is a clumsy buffoon with very naive ideas and poorly thought out strategies that almost always go comically wrong. His biggest weakness is he has an inferiority complex whenever he comes across someone or something bigger and with more muscles than him. When he is faced with such an encounter he goes to great lengths to prove his strength, often to his detriment.

Brief History: Krunk is the product of rape, as most half-orcs are. His mother was a human and his father a great warrior for his tribe. At least he thinks his father was a great warrior, since he never actually met him. Krunk also has a twin brother, Crunc, somewhere. Last Krunk knew, Crunc was busy looking for a pet wolf and got lost in some creepy fog while they were investigating an overturned caravan. Crunc was his best friend and the only real family he knew.

Krunk has mostly human features, where-as Crunc was unfortunate enough to inherit mostly orcish features. Once the townsfolk got a hard look at Crunc, Krunk, his mother and Crunc were all banished from the town. They wandered the woodlands for months upon months and eventually their mother fell ill and would soon succumb to exposure during the winter months. Krunk and Crunc, devastated from the loss of their mother, decided they should try to find their father and join his tribe and become great warriors. They blindly traveled for weeks until they came across an Orc settlement. This must be their father's tribe, they reasoned, because it was the only orc settlement they ever saw.

As they approached the settlement they were greeted with hostility and violent attacks. The orcs mocked them for their mixed heritage and how it made them too weak to be worth anything more than that of slaves. They were captured and made to labor away for their new orc masters. Day in and day out they would be mocked, assaulted, had rotten food thrown at them and used as sparring partners for the tribes warriors.

Then one day Krunk could take the humiliation and beatings no longer. He would prove to all the Orcs that he was the strongest and most powerful man to ever walk the earth. During his next sparring match Krunk was beaten without mercy. Bleeding, broken, and nearing death, he had a vision of his mother soothing him and then of his great warrior father slewing hordes of enemies in battle and this awakened a primordial beast deep down inside of him. His eyes glowed red, and a rumble from inside of him unleashed a great roar. He leaped from the ground at breakneck speeds and slammed his foe into a tree, breaking his spine from the impact. His anger kept growing and growing as he hunted down warrior after warrior, tearing through them and leaving them for dead. He broke his brother out of his cage and they were able to escape in the ensuing chaos.

After his brother was taken by the mysterious and creepy fog, Krunk longed for companionship. He would join any adventurers who would have him. He quickly grew fond of working alongside his comrades and investigating all sorts of mysteries, murders and general chicanery. One time he was walking through a desolate house and tripped over a broken bucket and fell into a hidden switch that opened a secret room full of great treasures. Ever since then he has declared himself Investigator Extraordinaire...well he can't actually pronounce the word extraordinaire, but if he could he would call himself that.



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Application - Nivrid FlintshaperName:
right-aligned image
Nivrid Flintshaper
Race: Deep Gnome
Class: Ranger (UA)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: Outlander
Traits: I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn pups. I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won’t save you.
Ideal: It is each person’s responsibility to contribute to the whole group.
Bond: Years ago, I lost people I loved in a raid by creatures from the Underdark. They disappeared without a trace, either slain or taken into the depths, and I’ve always wondered whether they might still be alive and held as prisoners.
Flaws: I remember every insult I've received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who’s ever wronged me. I am slow to trust others.

Appearance: Physically, Nivrid is a fairly typical representative of her race. A bit more than three feet tall, a few more than thirty pounds in weight, chalky grey skin and white-grey hair. She is, however, hearty and robust. Solidly-built and lithely muscled, she has the look of one comfortable out of doors, making her own way in the world. She prefers light armor, well worn but impeccably maintained, and tends to wear heavier clothes to ward off the damp and chill that pervade the underground areas she calls home.

Personality: Nivrid is cautious, stoic, and hard-working, but years on the surface have made her more light-hearted and accepting than is typical for her race...but that isn't saying much. She can be protective to a fault of those she cares for, but is unsurprisingly slow to give that trust. Elegant manners and wealth mean little to her - she values those whose skills and talents outside civilization can be relied upon. Has a tendency to nurse grudges.

History: TBD

RP Sample: A bard in her natural habitat.

Personal: I have not played this adventure before.
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Was able to get something together now that work has slowed down. So I believe my app is complete. May tinker with it here and there.
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I'm no longer 'new' to RPGX, but I have not had much experience in 5th edition. All the times I have though, it's been bad, so I'd like to give the game system another shot and see if it's just been the DM I was playing under.
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Old Tam
left-aligned image

Name: Just Tam

Race: Variant with permissionHuman

Class: Warlock (Hexblade)

Alignment: Neutral Good


Personality: Best described as 'happy go lucky', Tam is always ready with a story of his past. And it is always grander than whatever the young upstarts were just boasting about. He is not afraid of putting in a hard day's work, even if his body protests a little more these days but is fond of his comforts come evening, most notably a flagon of strong ale. He has little time for those who pontificate instead of acting,

Appearance: The generous say lithe, those that aren't prefer scrawny, Tam is definitely showing the wear of more than 60 years of life. He stands of average height, with the musculature of a long-time labourer softening slightly with age. Much of his scraggly unkemt hair has fallen out with what is left faded to a dirty grey. What remains of his teeth have done the opposite, once pearly white now a stained muddy brown. His eyes though, a vivid blue, still sparkle with energy and life. Tam wears heavily patched and salt-encrusted clothes which are ripe with the aroma of fish. Slung over his back is a large barnacle encrusted greatsword, completely out of place on a figure who would better suit a cane.

Background: From Ghosts of Saltmarsh if you're ok with itFisherman (Link)/Sailor
Trait: There's a pleasure to be taken in a job well done and a drink well earned.
Trait: Those who spend their life thinking and planning will miss the tide. Those who do will bring home the catch.
Ideal: Adventure: There's always a bigger fish over the next wave crest. Or giant over the hill.
Bond: I promised Titansbane that I would be worthy of it. I must demonstrate this commitment.
Flaw: Pride: My story must be bigger and better.
Backstory: Did I tell you the one about the shark who near took my arm off? I did? Hmm, maybe you'd like to hear about how I came about this here sword? Yes? Well, pull up a stool and top up my flagon cause this is a thirsty business educating you youngsters. Now listen close...

Once a simple fisherman entering his twilight years in the sleepy town of Saltmarsh, Tam's life was transformed when he hauled up the mighty greatsword 'Titansbane' in his nets. A blade that had been lost following it's previous owner's attempts to conquer the worst denizens of the deep, it now sought a new champion to wield it, to pit it against the mightiest of foes so that the sword's name would reverberate through history.

Tam, to put it bluntly, was not the hero it had in mind. Nevertheless, he was better than slowly decaying on the sea bed and once Tam inevitably fell, it may be picked up by someone more suitable. Besides, Titansbane could detect the spark of adventure within Tam that would drive him towards new horizons. And so, just as Tam was agonizing over the holes this barnacle encrusted sword had poked in his netting, he felt a presence connect with him, promising him power and glory should he acede to the wishes of Titansbane. It was an offer that Tam could not refuse (at least after he was persuaded that he was not getting crazier and this voice in his head was actually a real one). Tam knew that bringing in his haul each day was getting harder, and the brief surge of energy he had felt during the connection had left him feeling more spry than he had in decades. Moreover, he had a feeling that some of the more impudent youngsters in the town had begun to dismiss his stories as the crazed dreams of a senile. Tam didn't know much about battling monsters but glory and renown sounded like ideal ingredients for a good story.

Deciding it would be best to start slow (and stay away from the sea), Titansbane directed Tam to travel inland where rumors of goblin raids against Nightstone had been circulating.

The rest
Have you played this adventure before? I have not but it sounds thrilling.
RP sample: Sample 1

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Application Status - Submitted for Consideration

Bozmuth Bloodfoot
left-aligned image
Name: Bozmuth "Boz" Bloodfoot
Race: Hill Dwarf
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Rogue / Scout (XGE)
Background: Outlander
Personality Traits:I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn pups. I’m driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home.
Ideal: Change. Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it.
Bond: My family, clan, or tribe is the most important thing in my life, even when they are far from me.
Flaw: There’s no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.
Appearance: As a gold dwarf, Boz is on the slightly smaller range. He has light brown skin, but long red hair. He looks much younger than his years gave him, and some would refer to him as babyfaced. This youfulness adds to his personality and people seem to always like him upon meeting him.
Personality: Boz is a loyal dwarf to his brethren. He is typically jovial and always excited to venture into new and uncharted lands. He finds the spirit of adventure and protection to guide him in his life.
History: Boz was originally born in the Smoking Mountains well to the east of the Spine of World. At a young age, Boz always seemed to be in search of something more. His father was a smithy for the clan, and his mother a baker. However, as he watched more and more soliders train and sent to Citadel Adbar, Boz knew that this was where we wanted to be.

When he grew old enough, he approached his father and asked to join the forward scouts. His mother was opposed, but his proud father sanctioned the move. It made him proud that his son wanted to help defend the cause as part of the Confederation of the Silver Marches. Boz was well acccepted into his training class and excelled as a forward scout. He learned the tricks of the trade on how to move with being unseen, tracking foes, and being overly perceptive to changes in the environment. As part of his training, he was was told to make his way across Faerun to Citadel Adbar. If he made it alive, he would be put to work. He accepted and reveled at the challenge as he was becoming more and more weary of the life amongst the hustle and bustle of his homeland.

He set off with nothing but a tendays' rations, a map, and a his explorer's gear. In the wild, he honed his skills. He learned to forage, track game, and kill with expert precision. He avoided most encounters with any wild beasts that may threaten his life, but even avoidance of conflict became a perfect skill for his chosen way of life. Though it took many a tenday, he arrived at the Citadel and witnessed the throng of dwarves that lived there. Upon arrival, he had an immediate change of heart. Working for the soliders was not what he wanted. He wanted to live and explore. He wanted to see what the world offered, though he was always pulled in his heart to the loyalty of the dwarven clans. He pondered his life and decided to become an adventurer in search of the secrets that lay hidden. He watched the boards for those who could use his talents and so he could earn a little coin in the process. It was here in the Citadel, that he became a true adventurer in heart and mind.

Then, the call went out. The giants in Faerun were starting to rumble across the land. It started in the North and has progressed to the skies and the earth. Giants of all kind - hill, cloud, stone, and fire, were beginning to move on the 'smaller' races as something has stirred them from their lives of solitude. In the Citadel, a contingent was called to investigate the happenings, and Boz applied for the task. It gave him a chance to see the Sword Coast in more detail, and to see the places that he heard so much about. With his mission explained he left his friends and companions, and ventured forth to meet his fate.
Roleplay Example: The Job

Posting Rate: Maximum: Many times per workday (M-F CST). Only once or twice on weekends; Minimum: once per day during workday, none on weekends.
Played SKT Before: Nope, but have wanted to
Posting Status (January):Multiple times per workday (M-F); Maybe once to none on weekends.

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right-aligned image
Name: Skota the Packless
Race: Goblin (Volo's, with DM permission)
Class: UA Ranger
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Nothing really stands out about Skota except that he walks in a city like it's nobody's business, despite the fact that he's three feet tall, has dark green skin and long ears studded with baubles and bone totems, and is in fact, a goblin. He walks with bare feet and seems to be unbothered by the cold, though he wears a ragtag armor made of various kinds of leather and metal. Slung across his shoulders, aside from a worn travel knapsack, is an ornate sword that seems very much out of place in the hands of a grubby little goblin; even the scabbard that holds it is decorated in intricate runes and carvings.

Background: Urban Bounty Hunter (SCAG)
Traits: I don't pay attention to the risks in a situation. Never tell me the odds. Of course I kick ’em when they’re down, it’s the best time to kick ’em.
Ideal: Change: Goblins been gettin’ the short end of the stick since forever. That’s gonna change soon. (Chaotic)
Bond: There will be a reckoning for the cloud giants who wiped out my clan; those who aid me in that are okay in my book.
Flaw: Fair fights are for when there are too many goblins in the tribe. Never fight fair.

Backstory: Smoke, fire, and death. Those were Skota's memories of the day he woke up on his seventh year, seeing the meagre settlement his clan had carved out of a dark corner of the Ardeep Forest completely decimated, the trees blackened and trampled by fire and the bodies of his kin strewn across the damp earth, their blood mingling with the soil. As a result, the goblin was left clanless, bitter, and alone. Confused and unsure what to do with his hatred and his life, Skota spent a good deal of time, hunting for clues as to who had done this great evil.

It took a few months, but he eventually found out that some floating stronghold of cloud giants were responsible, and they simply were on their way to attack the settlement called Nightstone a few miles from his home. Somehow the city survived, and the giants fled. In the course of his hunt, he grew to excel in investigation and bounty hunting, for that was how he got to where he is now.

Skota continued to live in his ruined home, resolute to keep his grudge deep and burning within him, biding his time and honing his skill until the day came to finally meet the giants responsible for the deaths of his family. It wasn't even a particularly loving family, for goblins aren't known for their warm familial ties. It was a matter of principle; in Skota's mind, goblins have always been receiving the butt end of the stick since forever. He was determined to change that. It was there that he found the sword, hidden beneath a thin layer of mud. The ornate, intricately decorated hilt and sheathe looked truly foreign in the goblin's hand, but the blade was sharp, balanced, and emanated a strange but powerful feeling. It did not look like something a giant would wield, for Skota was able enough to handle it; in fact it felt far older than any shiny he had ever seen or touched before. Nevertheless, the goblin took it with him, and was never seen without it since.

So when the rumor reached his ears that the Lady Nandar of Nightstone was offering a reward to "deal with" a matter of some goblin terrorizing happening in the city, Skota made his presence and services known to the High Steward. He made a case for diplomacy, since they were of like race, but Skota knew that he would not be accepted so easily, despite this similariy; for most goblins were unreasonable. To them, Skota would be an anomaly, or worse, a traitor. Skota didn't care. If he had to rub shoulders with humans and snub a few idiot goblins who were too stupid to listen to reach his goal, then so be it. Only revenge mattered.

Have you played this adventure before? No.
RP Sample: A post from Round 2 of this year's Outplay

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I think my application is complete. Hope you enjoy the read!
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Status: WIP

right-aligned image

Name: Seriat
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Ranger (UA)
Alignment: CN
Personality: Seriat's typical personality is one of dry wit and humor. But after recent events, he is currently going through a period of sorrow and doubt. He is bereft of purpose, and is searching for something to provide a new meaning to his life. Until he finds it, this numb stupor he finds himself in may lead him down a dangerous, and ultimately self-destructive path.
Appearance: Seriat is a short man, even for half-elves. He takes after his elven father more than his human mother. His face is narrow with sharp features, and his eyes are such a deep hue of blue they almost seem to be violet. He keeps his hair long, and he rarely pulls it back, though he does push it behind his ears. He also has a deep scar across his right cheek which flares a bright red whenever he is upset.
Background: Criminal (Burglar)
Personality Traits: I do not pay attention to the risks in a situation. Never tell me the odds.
Ideal: Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. (Chaotic)
Bond: Someone I loved died because of I mistake I made. That will never happen again.
Flaw: An innocent person is in prison for a crime that I committed. I am okay with that.

Current Posting Status: Active
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left-aligned image
Name: Roger Rollingbrooke
Character Sheet: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=81582
Class: Wild Mage Sorcerer
Race: Lightfoot Halfing
Appearance: Roger appears to be a middle-aged halfling with a shiny bald head and gray patches in his beard. He wears a thick gambeson with his guild colors. He does this partly out of pride and partly to shield him from any mishaps in the lab. Or at home. Or anywhere, really.
Background: Guild Artisan: Alchemist
Trait (1): I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick. Anything will give up its secrets if you poke it enough.
Trait (2): A slight magical... accident... made my hair fall out on the top of my head. I lie about my age. Honestly, I'm barely 20, but it's easier than explaining my magic added 30 years to the age of my head. Just my head.
Ideal: Goodwill. If you don't use your knowledge to help others, then why do you even have it? (Good)
Bond: My grandpa Randemar is a high-ranking officer in the Guild; I'm sure I'll make him proud some day! Now if I could just get to a point where he didn't have to pay for my damages so much...
Flaw: My sheer optimism and excitement can blind me to long-term consequences. I discovered a new potion! I know I blew up the stables, but that's a small price to pay for self-cleaning horse manure, right?!

Backstory: My family has been a part of the Alchemist Guild for centuries, and I am proud to be a part of that tradition. However, it could be said that some (mind you some, not most!) of the members of the local guildhall are threatened by my pursuit of the perfect potion that will not only revolutionize society, but finally -ahem- I mean give my family yet another reason to be proud of me. At least the accident turned my hair brown among other things; at least nobody will ask why I'm a redhead if Dad has black hair and Mom is a brunette.


Anyway, Grandpa Randemar was kind enough to set me up with a new post in Nightstone, where nobody will hold my past accidents against me because of how far from home it is, and moving away will help me grow to be a respected member of the family. I won't let Grandpa down!
Have you played this adventure before? No
RP sample: Lawrence Brightmoor rolled into Nightstone's market district. His backpack felt unusually heavy for some reason, but chalked it up to his growing exhaustion from the long trip as he set it down on the cobblestones. After Lawrence turned to unload the rest of his cargo from his cart, the innocuous luggage opened of its own accord, revealing a shiny, bald head and bulbous nose. Roger congratulated himself, Nobody suspects the Pack Mage! Ha ha ha! He had decided that his remaining coin might be better spent on his own supplies, rather than hiring passage, so he found a big person who was driving to Nightstone, dumped everything out of his most spacious bag into his cart, and climbed inside. He didn't steal anything, and it wasn't his fault Lawrence decided to walk beside the cart for 40 miles instead of riding the donkey, but something told him he should probably hurry on. He'd have to find Larry one day and get him a fruit basket.

Roger had one foot still in the backpack when his "mount" turned and saw him. Roger looked at Larry. Larry looked at Roger. Roger got nervous and had a magical accident. He farted a giant cloud of pink smoke. While Larry coughed, Roger dashed down the boulevard, trailing sorcerous fart-smoke and shouting, "Pack Mage, away!"

Give a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day.
Set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

😤I have taken the Oath of Sangus😤

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Back to RPGX
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Drager Half Axe, Dwarven Artificer

With regards to the artificer class, I'm planning to build him as a Battle Smith, but am happy to forgo the Iron Defender class feature if it doesn't fit with your campaign.


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Name: Roywyn Ningel
Race: Gnome (Rock gnome)
Class: Sorcerer - Divine Soul (XGE)
Alignment: L/G

Personality: Hopelessly curious and friendly, Roywyn does her best to do as Garl would, good when possible and trickery always.


Background: Acolyte

Personality Traits: The world is a miraculous place, and I'm fascinated by everything in it.
I idolize a particular hero of my faith, and constantly refer to that person's deeds and example.

Ideal: I never turn down a plea for help.

Bond: I will be as my mother one day.

Flaw: There is no difference between what I think and what I say.

Have I ever played the module? No.

Backstory: Roywyn's mother was a Paladin for Garl Glittergold and was part in a terrible fight protecting a town from an undead horde. That fight was when she lost one leg and needed to stop her adventuring career. The fight was so one sided that special blessings were given to the warriors so they would be able to fight, and that blessing is what caused Roywyn to be born touched by the divine. She was raised by an early age hearing the tales of her mother's adventures and from an early age she decided to serve the temple, so she could also serve Garl Glittergold as her mother. Hearing the difficulties people were having with goblins she asked her superiors to go help, to which they agreed and now she's there to protect the people in any way she can.

Roleplay sample: (Roywyn)_Say, Sam, are we going back to talk to him?
_No, we're not.
_But why?
_Because he's a dwarf...
_Come on! He's a nice dwarf! Also, I don't really get why you don't like dwarves... Sure, they're grumpy and they take a long time to become your friends, but if getting them to be your friend is hard, for them to betray you is impossible...
_Ok! Fine! You win!
Roywyn jumps with a smile
_Yeah! Now! I need your help! Dwarves like beer right?
_Uhm, sure...
_I've read about a root that will make his teeth blue for a week, help me find it!

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Application of Beneth Roussoss (never had done that story)
left-aligned image
Name: Beneth Roussoss
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Cleric (Thunder) ---) Later Druid (Moon)
Patron Deity: Talos, Umberlee, Kord, Zeboim, the Devourer, or Zeus,
Stat Array: 27 pts probably balance that later
Personality Traits: I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong. I donít pay attention to the risks in a situation. Never tell me the odds.
Ideal: Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them
Bond: Something important was taken from me, and I aim to steal it back.
Flaw: I have a ďtellĒ that reveals when Iím lying.
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter ( Relic retrievers squad )
Charming Personality &Background:

"I never know where my place is Ö cause everybody always tells me that I should have done things the other ways... Worst... Iím all that everybody in my family isn't.
My Dad is very Calm ... Iím not.
My Mother is Patient, Iím not.
The Mother of My Father is Sage... Ouch, fracking Not mEe!
My Mentor was intelligent! Yup, I said ďwasĒ. But maybe a little too much brain ... I argue to him many time, that you canít always take time to think about what is the best way to do thing. Sometimes it got to explode before problem expose
Even my blood not sure which side to go cause Iím No human, Nor Ork"

"Even if I got a Charming Personality
I always said that sometimes,
To impose Silence, a Big Loud Boum must proceed
To have peace, war must be declared
To live, kill must be done"

"One of my first runís Pal write a song about my charming personality...ií not a good singer, but it goes like this:"


"Yeah right... SO ...Why do I go to extremes? The Answer is curiously easy ... I want to prove everyone that I CAN DO SOMETHING GOOD OF MY LIFE
But as usual... even if I SHOUT! Nobody listens to or even care.
But after that I will retrieve some artifact from the most Mystical Dungeon, THE Rappan At'Huk... nobody will pity ME again!" Darn... I just heard that to have access to the gate of THE Dungeons ... I must prove myself. I will clean the goblin for those villagers to show them what I'm able to do when I'm taking care of business !"


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