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Old Dec 7th, 2021, 10:40 AM
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Help with d&d adventure

Ok, I want to run this by people here for advice.
I need to design an adventure for my player and I honestly don't know what to do.

The background: I'm running a solo RP with my girlfriend. It's a 5th edition Forgotten Realms game set in the Magice Gathering superuniverse and my gf's main character is an aasimar sorceress and very weak planeswalker called Niamh who has been so far stranded on Toril. Her "core" planeswalker power is teleportation and dimensional magic.

We played through Rime of the Frostmaiden and the five free MtG modules that start with In Scarlet Flames and now the party is 5 level 12 characters, geared towards magic users and very high damage output.

Niamh now needs to find and liberate her mother, an angel exiled on a demiplane by her kin for the crime of having taken a human lover, and Niamh is wanted on her home plane for killing two angels.

I want the entrance to the demiplane to be somewhere protected by angels, like a large temple, and the rescue will require a stealthy approach so as not having to kill any more angels. It would be a variant on the heist trope, basically, only the target is a person.
Anyone has maps or resources that could be useful, or ideas on how to iron this out?
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Old Dec 7th, 2021, 11:13 PM
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So you've got one player running 5 characters for this? Maybe you set it up to where each character can be doing something different on different parts of the temple/map. One causes a main area distraction, another sneaks in, etc.

Answer these for me-
1. Why do they have to avoid killing more angels? What's the penalty for these high damage characters doing high damage? Not because it would be "bad for the mother NPC" but the PCs Alignment issues? Smited by a deity?

2. Do all 5 characters have training in Stealth, or spells such as Invisibility? Can they actually be expected to be stealthy?

3. How would the party know where to find the prisoner? Just a room by room search? Info gleaned from spells or gathering information?

4. Are there traps in the temple? If so, why? And what effects/damage do they do?

5. Got the stats for the temple guards sorted out yet?
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Old Dec 9th, 2021, 10:01 AM
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Since its a group of Lv12s in 5th edition I'd brainstorm how to threaten them without threatening their direct well-being. Death in 5e tends to be a joke but other threats can add great flavor to the story.

What are the stakes involved for them to infiltrate this temple? Is it out in the wilderness, in the heart of a large city, in a plane of its own? What happens if they are caught? Would the angels wish to immediately engage in combat or would they try and subvert them in different ways (i.g. Warping them somewhere else)? Or would they announce the party as heritics in some fashion, causing them to lose favor with certain factions?

In the same vein, since its going to be a heist that means they need to get in and obtain the mother, but they also need to get out. There are plenty of avenues to properly put pressure on them there but I would suggest forcibly splitting them up to lay on the pressure. Finally, are you willing to destroy the NPC they are to save in a way they can't immediately reverse? It might open the path for a future adventure.

As for resources, if its virtual I'd suggest checking out 2minutetabletop for good/cheap maps to use. Or maybe CzePeku on patreon. If you are a fan of making your own then you can use the DMG to find what threats would be helpful in a dungeon and dungeonscrawl to map it out before putting it to paper. Alternatively, browse through the plethora of free adventures often advertised online and pluck whatever sounds fun from them, tweak, and implement into your own dungeon.
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