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Old Dec 8th, 2021, 09:38 PM
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A big long thank you to many fine people who make our welcoming RPG community great

Hi all,

I am thankful for the friendly and welcoming community that has grown and been sustained at RPG Crossing and for the contributions of each and every one of you to making that happen. Everyone here regularly creates content that enriches the experience of other members. That said, I recently had a discussion with the site staff and admins about folks who they saw making contributions to the community that were above and beyond. From that conversation, come these lists of people who deserve a very big thank you! If you feel that I should add some folks, or whole categories, here, or you see errors, please let me know! This is a big and active community, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of everything that's going on.

And if, as often happens during the drive, you find you are one of those would like to gift a CS to a site contributor but aren't sure who to gift one to, please first consider your own GMs, and then perhaps take a look below at the blue names as possibilities (assuming they haven't gone green in the meantime!)

A huge thank you to all these people, each of whom have devoted a little bit extra to making this community stronger and better.

First, I'd like to thank those who go out of their way to welcome newcomers in the New Member Introductions threads. Everyone who takes the time to say hello to someone new here makes a difference. The following people have done it the most over the past year. Thank you!
  1. Admin Dirk
  2. Imveros
  3. chocoladevla
  4. HotsuSama
  5. bananabadger
  6. Unko Talok
  7. Yamaneko
  8. Leviticus
  9. Kenjitsu
  10. ElderOblex
  11. Chrystrom
  12. Candide3693
  13. Lemming23
  14. Dystopian
  15. savoylen
  16. lostcheerio
  17. Aoem
  18. JaneGray
  19. Horseman

After a newcomer takes part in the intro thread, their next stop is often our awesome New Player Solo Games (NPSG). This is a special part of the experience of RPG Crossing, and it's wonderful that these DMs and GMs volunteer their time to show people the ropes. Here is a list of those who have contributed most to this part of the site over the past year. Thank you!
  1. savoylen
  2. Chrystrom
  3. Imveros
  4. Retry
  5. pianoman90
  6. Wynamoinen
  7. Homestarbaby
  8. Roekahs
  9. HotsuSama
  10. Still_Pond
  11. Fillyjonk
  12. zevonian
  13. Digorig
  14. stepanxol
  15. chocoladevla
  16. Raylorne
  17. Atrayn

I'd also like to recognise all the rest of the NPSG GM volunteers, who may not appear on this list because of less activity this year, or perhaps simply because they took on new players who dropped off quickly. Here's the rest of them: Admin Dirk , hvg3akaek , ItsaVerb , Captain Devonin , Humble Athena , Aethera , Bhelogan , Xian , wodine , Dragonsabin , tomplum , Theore , Berith , Silent Rain , Gaijin , DaysUntold , roninkelt , pianoman90 , The Rat Queen , Shaede , and Nasrith.

We've also got a bunch of site contests, and people who volunteer to help out with those. One is Post of the Month (POTM). Thank you to these judges!
  • Berith
  • savoylen
  • Leviticus
  • Astra
  • Admin Dirk
  • chocoladevla
  • Squeak

And thank you to the judges of Iron DM, our yearly game runners' contest!
  • G in Japan
  • Roekahs
  • PIG
  • Sassafrass
  • savoylen
  • Admin RonarsCorruption
  • Bhelogan
  • MoonZar
  • Squeak
  • Inem

And thank you to the judges of Outplay, our yearly players' contest!
  • savoylen
  • pianoman90
  • Retry
  • Imveros
  • Chrystrom
  • Homestarbaby
  • Bhelogan

We've also got some site media, including Explosive Runes (ER), the official magazine of RPG Crossing. Thank you to all ER contributors, and especially to these regular ones!
  • JaydenLilith (Artist in Residence)
  • Hotsusama
  • Leviticus
  • Unko Talok
  • Wynamoinen
  • GodRosen
  • Aethera
  • wodine
  • Admin Dirk

And then there's RPG Crossing Radio, the official podcast of RPG Crossing. Thank you to the podcast creators and regulars!
  • Scimmy
  • kingmonkey
  • Bhelogan

I'd also like to thank all the admins and moderators, who do so much behind the scenes to keep RPG Crossing running and healthy as a community. A huge thank you to all of you!
  • Aethera
  • Bhelogan
  • chocoladevla
  • EngrInAZ
  • HenryLockwood
  • hvg3akaek
  • Inem
  • Ion2Atom
  • ItsaVerb
  • jj_wolven
  • MoonZar
  • Raylorne
  • Squeak
  • Unko Talok
  • wodine
  • Wynamoinen
  • zevonian
  • Admin Chuck
  • Admin Dirk
  • Admin RonarsCorruption
  • Admin TeufelHeunden

And finally, we've all benefited from our GMs of all kinds on the site, whatever we call them in a particular system. I have made a list of those who have created the most content in their games at RPG Crossing this year. Here are the top 100 GMs of the past year, on whom many of us have depended for our RPG fix over the past 365 days! I have also included links to their games, in case you are interested in exploring.

Thank you to all these folks, to all our members, and to everyone who takes time out of their lives to enrich lives with their stories.

With best wishes,

- Mark / Birched
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