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Old Dec 10th, 2021, 03:58 PM
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November PotM

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It doesn't happen quite often but when it DOES happen, the post deserves the unanimous jury decision to become the Post of the Month November. Congratulations to Retry for their outstanding read!!! According to UngainlyFool's recommendation, this post is Retry at their best. They are known for their --> (quote UngainlyFool) 'taking on ridiculously open-ended situations in his games and allowing his players to indulge whichever they like while keeping it fun and entertaining for everyone. He handles it here with detailed skill and at the same time shows off his (NP)character chops with a particularly delightful pixie who seems to be emotion personified' .
All jury members agreed and understood the nomination, thank you for your post @Retry.

You can read the post over here

There were also other posts that definitely deserve to be read, please have a look at what GeneT has written. Nominated by DM kdtompos for being a phenomenal post but according to the DM: 'Just about everything GeneT adds to this game is phenomenal'. This post was selected for nomination and even if it didn't win, it could use some of your RPXP love --> quote DM: 'GeneT's creativity and effort here deserve any recognition'. You can ready the post over here.

Another post was nominated, a post written by SolidSnek, you can read the post over here (<--- RPXP here please ;-) but may I be so bold to advise you to read DM dalangreen's nomination as well? It provides some background information to understand SolidSnek's post. There was a bit of initial worry when SolidSnek introduced their character but after some character growth combined with good writing explaining the Tieflin's background a but they managed to surprise the DM for providing windows.
Fun fact SolidSnek made a nomination as well! This time a post written by DemonSlayer, post that was a beautiful tale of a dream where their character managed to picture a friendship with beautiful details. It wasn't necessary for the progression of the story but just that bit of extra stood out. Curious? Head over here and enter Hazel's dreamscape. (while you are there, please add some RPXP love)

Both DM's Retry and 4eyedBadger were nominating posts of their players respectively bothers and UngainlyFool. To Retry is was worth the nomination for the fun and humorous way bothers described the character Crash keeping their eyes on the price, it was written truly in character after finding some goods and informing the split party on vital information. You can find the post over here.
Another fun fact, while UngainlyFool was nominating the winning post they were also nominated themselves. To quote 4EyedBadger: 'Ungainly Fool does such an amazing job portraying that madness I sometimes wonder if he is writing from inside an asylum. Well, it made me curious to read it myself and I agree, Arkady is really a well-written slightly mad character. Worth the read and some RPXP while we keep wondering where UngainlyFool writes their posts ;-) --> post over here

Thank you all for reading and sorry for making this a long post, it can't be helped because the nominations are so good.

Keep nominating please, get over here and give credits to those posts that are worth our time and energy to read...
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