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Old Dec 12th, 2021, 06:50 PM
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New game categories added for PbtA and Traveller! #ttrpg #pbta #traveller

Hey Traveller and PbtA GMs!

I did a little restructuring requested by some of the CS members in their "wishes" thread. I've increased support for the Traveller and PbtA systems, including:
  • added parent game forums to hold games in these systems
  • added support to the game request tools so that these systems can be selected and new games will automatically go to the right place
  • added prefixes for these systems to the "Games Seeking" forum
  • moved a load of games from each system from the "Other" category to their new home

Please note that while future games should be supported automatically, changes to older games are not automatic.
  • If you find that your game is still in the "Other" category, and you would like it moved, please send me a pm (similarly, if I moved it, but you want it back in "Other").
  • If you have an advert currently running and would like the prefix changed from "Other", please pm me or ask any moderator to fix it for your advert thread.
  • Please update your game's designated system in your GM control panel, which you can find at the bottom of its description.

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems. Game on!
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