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Old Oct 15th, 2006, 01:48 PM
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How This Forum Will Work.

  • As a tip, it will be necessary to exclude player/GMs that are in your games from your threads made here using that private thread option.
  • All topics must concern Game Mastering. This forum is meant to be a resource for GMs in search of inspiration, help, or someplace to vent about their players. Below is a list of the general topics and the separation we'd like to use to maintain order. Any gaming system allowed at this site is open for discussion.
  • Rules section - A section for specific rules question. Yes this is a reiteration of what we have in non GM sections, but this allows you to specifically ask other GMs without PCs seeing. (By creating threads that exclude players who should not see them but posting them here where other GMs can help out.)
  • Rulings section - Opinions of other GMs on issues that come up that might not be covered in actual rules, or may be covered in obscure or less known sources that can be quoted. OGL Resources only. (EX: if a PC dagger-rides a sail, how much does it affect the sailing ability of the ship and how long will the sail last before completely shredding.)
  • Houserules section - The place for GMs to throw houserules out in order to get judgements on fairness and balance.
  • Custom Character Options section - New feats, skills, classes, PrCs, spells, powers, items, etc. Get the opinions and ideas from other GMs on theses. Posting these specific topics here is a way of hammering them out before you unveil them. There is nothing mandatory about posting them here if you wish to share with everyone.
  • DM/GM Mentoring - A place outside new GM game forums to open discussions about our own newly formed games, potentially receiving a helping hand or even a fully functional mentor.
  • Plotlines section - Should you want to run plot lines by other GMs or need advise on where to go next, this is the place to put your ideas
  • Resources section - list of websites and location where you can access or purchase tools to help run a role-playing game as a GM.
    Competing SitesPlease note that unpaid links or ads for competing sites (meaning most sites that are primarily PbP forums of more than a couple dozen members/games) are not permitted. If you have a question about a site, ask a Moderator or Admin first please.
  • Gaming Compendium - A reference list set up below the folders in the parent forum, alterable by moderators only. No one should post threads in parent forum. Obviously, these will be moved to the appropriate folder if they do appear.
  • Please do not duplicate topics which are appropriate for the General Discussion, House Rules, or Game Rules forums--except as such topics apply to GMs only.
  • Threads which duplicate topics are depriving the community of discourse and will be moved, merged, or deleted.

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Old Oct 23rd, 2018, 11:22 PM
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Reminder - when asking about a specific rule for a game, mention the system and edition you are asking about right away, such as in the title of a thread. This site has games and gamers that use a variety of systems and sourcebooks.

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