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Old Jun 2nd, 2022, 04:54 PM
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Tales From The Beast Wilds

Game NameTales From The Beast Wilds
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeCharacter-driven, episodic adventure with some slice-of-life
FlavourEarly Renaissance tech, Greek, Egyptian, Persian; dashes of adjacent cultures like Gaelic, Kievan Rus and Holy Roman EmpireMediterranean flavor, balance between quests and RP, rulings over rules, occasional Rule of Cool

Campaign Pitch

Welcome to the Beast Wilds!

"Held by many as the cradle of civilization after the Age Before, these lands are named for the exotic creatures rarely seen elsewhere in the world of Alvatera. A thriving land of magic and mystery in the Age of Myth; a realm clinging desperately to its virtue amidst hardship in the Age of Darkness. As of a half-century ago, its arts and culture thrive once more in this new Age of Wisdom.

But the world, perfectly imperfect, still needs heroes in an age where daring deeds seem in short supply. There's always something new, exciting and dangerous going on in the provinces. Whether for money and murder, heroic motivations or even self-serving altruism, adventurers can still be found when life in this renaissance goes awry. Freelancers, magicians, mercenaries and more are still the unsung heroes in this age of guilds, city-states and the Senatus.

Called together by their muses into a sticky situation, our heroes in this coming chronicle will find themselves banding together to win not only the day, but their lives. Will they stick together after the end, pursuing further quests? By Gehenna, will they all make it out of this beginning mess with life and limb intact? That's only for fate to say, I'd say.

And tis a good thing I am a part of its voice, my dear adventurers."

About This GameTales From The Beast Wilds is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign of sorts. The rules are easily available online in various free SRDs (including an official one for Roll20). Not to mention, it's the current D&D edition and one that took modern pop culture by storm. Who hasn't heard of 5e by now? To keep things easier on myself and players, it's not only viable to create a character using just the Player's Handbook materials -- it's my preference. Mostly. ;3

Adventures will be strung together into self-contained "tales", resembling arcs from story driven media -- roleplaying that culminates into a dungeon crawl. It will be my duty as the GM, your Voice of Fate, to weave a world that feels Which makes sense; this is my main fantasy setting for my creative works, after alllived in. The usual for a dece modern D&D game, as far as I'm concerned -- nifty lore, entertaining characters, challenging battles. I won't necessarily coddle your characters, but I will surely root for them.

I intend to post at least once a week or, if in battle and/or we're all able, twice a week. I will confess I am not the most confident GM (or person) nor the most consistent at posts. I will do my best. If you have any questions, comments or concerns either mid-game or when applying, don't hesitate to ask via post or PM.

Character Creation Rules

Supplemental Stuff?Wiggle room is most allowed for supplemental archetypes, including Cleric domains for the existing pantheon. Multiclassing is allowed on a case-by-case basis, based on character concept. You'll really have to convince me to allow other races, and they'll definitely stand out (not always in good ways). Disallowed materials I will not budge on are listed below.

- Unearthed Arcana materials.

- Third party materials that I haven't mentioned already.

- MYSTICS. Yes, I know, they're already UA. This goes double for them. -_-

My House Rules- For each level beyond 1st, roll for HP. If you roll below the average HP (half the die number + 1), take the average.

- As the Sleep spell is kinda garbage, I will use a third-party variant that scales better with player consent. The original blog post that the linked image came from can be found here.

- Third-party races are gnolls and kitsune, both taken off the D&D Wiki.

- Classes that give proficiency with shortswords also give proficiency with Like seriously, they're the same thing in all but damage typescimitars.

- To make flintlocks more viable, they will deal a "ballistic" damage instead of piercing. This ignores A Barbarian's rage, the Blade Ward spell, etccommon defenses against mundane melee weapons.

- Expect your alignment to matter. Doubly so if you're playing a divine class. Also expect me to warn you, and even change your alignment, if you act against it too much and too often.


"Appendix B"Different bits of media that will help explain the feel of my fantasy world and the campaign as a whole.


Player ApplicationI am looking for a max of four or five players, depending on how many folks are interested. Desire to roleplay is preferred. Deadline is two weeks after the first person applies, or three if the need arises. Fill these bits out below to apply.

- Name: Username, first name, nickname, whatever. Something for me to refer to the real you, staring at this computer or smartphone screen.
- Pronouns:: Guy, girl, something else? Do I need to say more?
- Character Concept: Explain your character, build, etc in about two or three sentences.
- Backup Concept: Optional. As above, but only if you want a backup character.
- Player Color: For simple icons when I need a map, etc. Your favorite, a prominent one for your character, etc.
- Virtue and Vice: Optional. For any characters you outline in a concept, describe one of their better and worst qualities in one or two words each. Will be useful to me.
- RP Sample: Can link a post or two from RPGX, or give me a paragraph of how you'd respond to something IC.
- Questions, Comments, Concerns?: Self-explanatory.

Current Applicants
Deadline: June 17th @ Noon, Eastern Time
(Player - Main Character Concept - Tagline Description)
  1. Togot - Human Artificer (Artillerist) - Skillful inventor whose special interests include SCIENCE!
  2. Onward - Human Wizard (Abjuration) - Former slave earning his keep with recovering artifacts
  3. DemonSlayer - Tabaxi Sorcerer (Draconic) - Former spy whose employing city-state went under
  4. 97mg - Halfling Bard - Fair flute lass, seeking to sonnet after her band forcibly disbanded
  5. Delphinator - Half-Elf ??? - Soldier, senator, skillful to be sure, and a fresher voice toward Beast Wild politics
  6. Treble83 - Leonin Fighter (Battle Master) - Penitent warrior who seeks his place on the path unwinding
  7. Desteplo - Tabaxi Monk (Drunken Master) - What do we do with the drunken kitteh, ear-lie in the mornin'?
  8. Sluggren - Human Rogue (Swashbuckler) - Once-spoiled middle son, chasing his noble honor's return
  9. DiceGoblin - Half-Elf Warlock (Fey) - Daughter spreading her wings under her loving father... and patron
  10. ClamLord - Half-Elf Artificer - Bustin' the bad guys for fun and profit (she's got your justice right *here*)
  11. Ericg1s - Dwarf Druid - Upholds the natural world in ways that religion (and irreligion) cannot
  12. Azure Nokori- Kitsune Monk - Fighting evil by moonlight, guild work cog by daylight
  13. The Dark Star - Kitsune Cleric (Aralisi / Light) - One cannot extend a hand of mercy while they grasp their sword
  14. VoodooZombie - Kitsune Rogue (Arcane Trickster) - You can take a fox from nature, but its tricksy nature will stay put
  15. Zangul - Warforged Druid (Circle of the Moon) - Was broken away from his house to serve nature, not the nobility
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Old Jun 2nd, 2022, 06:27 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Doctavian Velesaris
Race: variant human
Class: Artificer artilerist
Pronouns: Him
Character concept: Mad scientist with aspergers syndrome who relies on his inventions and is constantly pushing the limits of science.
Background: guild artisan
Personality Traits: I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick
I like to talk at length about my profession

Ideal: Freedom, everyone should be free to pursue their own livelihood

Bond: one day I will return to my guild and prove myself the greatest artisan of them all!

Flaw: I’m horribly jealous of anyone who can outshine my handiwork. Everywhere I go I am surrounded by rivals

Appearance: Doctavian stands at an unimpressive 5’4 and weighs a measly 130 pounds. He has greasy black hair that is often disheveled. Large, thick goggles hide his blue eyes and a white coat filled with large pockets inside and out adorns his thin frame. His pockets are filled with tools, screws, and bits of metal. He is very twitchy, often fidgeting and strumming his fingers together as he flashes his teeth with a manic grin and giggles to himself, amused by his own disturbing thoughts.

Personality: Doctavian has asperges syndrome. As such he has a brilliant mind and can think very quickly and logically, but he has no understanding of people or social norms constantly causing him problems., he can build machines the likes of which the world has never seen, so fast that he makes it seem effortless, but when trying to hold a conversation, he frequently says inappropriate things without understanding why they upset people, and very quickly gets frustrated with people who don’t understand him. when stressed, he can devolve into child-like tantrums that often involve his falling into a depression and insulting himself.

Doctavian is most at home alone in a workshop surrounded by things rather than people, but deep down he is desperately lonely and longs to form a meaningful connection with someone who understands him.

Backstory: even as a child, it was clear that Doctavian was different. While other children played with stick swords and wrestled around, Doctavian was crafting little figures out of whatever he could find. He would place them on the ground and just stare at them. when asked what he was doing, he would remark that he was watching them fight in his mind. This caused him to be ostracized by the other children and he soon became a pariah.

Doctavian taught himself to read when he got ahold of one of his mothers’ books, and then began consuming every book he could get his hands on. when he was five, his visited the blacksmith with his father to make an order. The boy was fascinated by all the tools, the forge, and the things that could be made. Just from his observation he managed to build his own small forge in his backyard where he melted down any pieces of metal he could find. Using crude tools he began making all manner of items.

At age ten he asked the smith to take him on as an apprentice but was refused due to his lack of physical strength. Un willing to give up, he continued to pursue his interest, but rather than making swords and the like, Doctavian made delicate things using molds. Gears, sprockets, springs, pieces that he put together to make little clockwork soldiers which he would sell so he could buy more materials to make more inventions.

Eventually his inventions caught the attention of a guild merchant who put Doctavian into contact with the artisan’s guild. Here he was given proper training smithing, metallurgy, mechanics, and engineering. Those were the best years of Doctavians life, but they would not last. While no one denied Doctavian’s brilliant mind, most saw him as a freak. His inventions were too unusual, too ahead of their time, and his social ineptitude made him many enemies. It all came to a head when he created his eldritch cannon, an autonomous quadrupedal flamethrower. During its demonstration, a single mistake caused it to burn several of the guildmasters.

For this, Doctavian was kicked out of the hall and was forced to become a mercenary in order to support himself and his work, but he vowed to one day return to the hall and show them all what he can do.

RP Sample 1:

RP Sample 2
Backup Character: Cerin Seras, half elf wizard necromancer
I'm not intellectually arrogant, I'm just right all the time

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Old Jun 2nd, 2022, 10:01 PM
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cool hand luke
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I love that character! My oldest son has Asperger’s and when I first found out I was devastated and wondered what he would be able to accomplish. Since then I learned it really is a super power in some ways and he has done things no one would think possible! At 4 he couldn’t be around other kids his age without freaking out and he had no friends his own age. By his senior year he had won class favorite three times and was prom king!

I love that you are making an aspie a hero!
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right-aligned image

Name: Onward
Pronouns: He/She is fine with me
Character Concept: A former slave turned prodigious student of Wizardry finds himself in too many student debt, so his seeking pay them back through the acquisition of magical items. His mostly a human wizard of the abjuration school, focusing on defense and support.
Player Color: Deep Blue
Virtue and Vice: Optimist and Abusive Owners
RP Sample:
Something Silly

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Shucks, I wasn't expecting applications so soon. I am intrigued by Doctavian already; as someone with Aspergers myself, I can resonate with some of his past and personality. Likewise, I'm also intrigued at the slave-turned-wizard, and that already gives me ideas on how to inject such a character into the intro quest (and I like your Disney RP sample). >:3

Alrighty! From this point on, the deadline for applications has been set to Friday, June 17th, noon EST (it's quarter-to-noon for me at the time of this post). I've got sprucing up to do for the ad in the meantime. Cheers, folks!
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right-aligned image
  • Name: DemonSlayer, or just DS, is fine.
  • Pronouns: He/him.
  • Character Concept: Cypress in the Sands (Cypress for short) is a calm and collected former Tabaxi spy, who worked for a rival city-state a few decades ago. Unfortunately, said city-state was wiped out, and Cypress has been surviving in a city not his own ever since, relying on his old network among the criminals of the city, as well as the sorcerous powers granted by his draconic blood. He is confident and capable, but weary after years of worrying about not attracting the authorities' attention, and has a greedy streak which sometimes lands him in trouble.
  • Backup Concept: Gnoryc, the Gnoll gladiator was captured during a failed raid many years ago, and made to fight in the arena to be slain by gladiators. Instead he defeated his foes, grew to be an audience favorite, and eventually earned his freedom with some help from his benefactors- a crime family operating in the city. Gnoryc is honest, loyal to a fault, and is possesed of a child-like optimism, but he tends to brag of his victories a bit too much, and is prone to think with his fists, if at all- making him an ideal enforcer for his new employers.
  • Player Color: Let's go with a dark orange, since that's the colour of Cypress' fur.
  • Virtue: Calm
  • Vice: Jaded

RP Sample
* Aramil the elf being his usual silly self
* Hazel the druid calls upon a friend

* Just to be on the safe side, you do not require a fully fleshed out character history just yet? Because I like writing them, but I gathered from the application form that you're only looking for character concepts right now.
* In that same vein, you do not require a character sheet just yet?
* I included a bit in my character's history about him being a spy for an enemy city-state many years ago, which was since defeated and wiped out. Could something like that have happened during the Age of Wisdom? Or should I make Cypress a really old Tabaxi (in his seventies), so that his spy days happened during the Age of Darkness?
Characters: Anchor, Selanet, Aramil, Mhurren, Hazel

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Hi Seeks!

Thanks for the opportunity to apply . You had me at "slice of life" and "lived in", sounds really fun!

Reedi Quaveri
right-aligned image

Name: Ivan or 97mg is fine

Pronouns: He

Character Concept: Only three sentences about me? Reedi Quaveri the lightfoot halfling bard? Awww shucks... but I've got so so so much to tell you! Maybe a little song instead? You didn't say a song could only be short, right?

I'm oh so happy and of twenty years,
a ginger-haired lady who conversation steers.
I tootle on flutes and ask questions all day,
I'll eat just about anything 'cept a mule's rotten hay.

I played in a band for quite some time,
till our lute man got caught looting... man...
convicted of crime.

I'm all out of gigs now and coin's running low!
I need to get out and find inspiration... for a show.

Romance and wars,
so many songs from where to steal,
but just this once I want to find a story that's real!

Did you like it? So yea, I've been called many things. Chipper. Sassy. An energy-vampire. Overly talkative. Fun. Painfully optimistic. Let me play! I'll tell you more!

Backup Concept: A backup? Are you implying that collecting song inspirations with a team of adventurers is... dangerous? Yikes!!! Well... I do know this guy who works in the pig pens. He's good with animals and stuff. A druid I reckon! He makes a really mean crackling... which cracks me up, for an animal-lover and all.

Player Color: A gingery or green color is fine. Not super fussed though. Whatever matches my favorite dress and wild hair would work wonders!

Virtue and Vice: Virtue: I'm super friendly and love meeting different kinds of people. Vice: Aside from being a chatty gossiper who sometimes doesn't know when to shut up, I will push friends really hard to achieve things that I can turn into songs.

RP Sample: IC? Oh... I see. So not like 2IC then? But I've been IC all this time already! Oh wait, this is my invitation to talk more. Nice! I bet you're regretting the offer already hehe. I'll talk in third person then, to be all official and stuff.


Questions, Comments, Concerns?: I might have gone a touch far with this one, but I'm new here so still feeling things out lol. You mentioned arts and culture, so it seemed fit to try making a bard (something I don't usually do). If she's too upbeat, I apologize, but hey, people who are super friendly and over-energized tend to be hiding something, right? Perhaps if Reedi gets to live in your world, we can concoct some kind of nasty truth, or seedy secret about her, together?
UTC +10. Available to post most weekdays, but 6th - 11th July will be traveling. Post-rate might be slowed.
GM: Forbidden Lands - Of Saplings & Stones (recruiting) PLAYER: Tales from the Beast Wilds - Red Claw

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left-aligned image
Name: delpinator
- Pronouns:: Guy
- Character Concept: senator: hadari nathandam the half elf (half high elf/half leonin) trained as a soldier before gaining land and a seat at the Senate. While still young to the senate his expertise is known.

Born of a high-elf father and leonin mother. He was trained by his father amongst the sealy court and trained in courtly politics. He took arms under general boldtail a place marked by his association of his grandfather on his mother's side.

When the politics began to change he was pushed by his father towards the senatus. A place similar to the sealy court but with hope to balance the kingship of the current rulings. Hadari did his time learning martial technique in combat. Before recently earning his seat in the Senate.

One of the trucks his father taught him while young was to speak with the slaves and peasants. While they were insignificant in politics and ruling they were everywhere and worked for everyone hearing secrets allowing for those in the know to understand the flow of culture.
Rp sample
- Backup Concept: takeo the caretaker of the nature spirits.
- Player Color: purple the color of the royal Senate
- Virtue and Vice:
Hadari: humility/wrath hadari treats the cart boy with the same respect as the high senator. You turn his wrath and he fights like that of the hydra.

Takeo the kitsune justice/uncivilized seeing the injustice towards nature and many of his friends takeo fled finding a druidic circle. Trained by uric the werebear he learned to treat all living things with respect.

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right-aligned image
  • Name: Simba Ironmane
  • Pronouns: He/him
    Class: Fighter (Battle Master)
    Role: Frontline Fighter
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Character Concept: Simba was the next in line to lead his clan (after his Father). As they were a warrior clan, he was taught the way of the sword almost as early as he was taught to walk. As a young man, Simba was prone to wandering off on unapproved and oft dangerous adventures. At the age of 14, he had gone off on his biggest adventure to date. He had left the relative safety of his village and made his way to a nearby city. It was Simba's father (Mufasa Ironmane) and uncle (Oriz "Scar" Ironmane) that came to retrieve the boy. After a proper scolding from each of them, Simba was confined to their room in an inn while the men went out to "have a few drinks." Tragically, while the men were out, they were mugged by a drug fiend (or so the story went). Everything was explained to Simba by his uncle. As Scar laid out the gory details, his tone seemed to strongly imply that "none of this would have happened if Simba had stayed within the safety of their village. Simba was too ashamed to take his rightful place as the clean leader and solemnly accepted his uncle's offer to take on that role instead. As penance, Simba left the city and headed in the opposite direction of his village determined to forge his own path.
  • Backup Concept: TBD
  • Player Color: Gold
  • Virtue: Courage
  • Vice: Boastfulness

RP Sample
* Remy, daring or wreckless?
* Maggie loses everything.

Yes, this concept pulls heavily from The Lion King. I saw the opportunity to modernize the story AND pay homage to a great movie from my childhood.
Posting Status: Normal

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Name: 5th fang
- Pronouns:: non-binary
- Character Concept: tabaxi drunken master monk. Unhindered Movement and lots of it
- Backup Concept: half elf hunter ranger. Thrown weapon fighter
- Player Color: green or blue
- Virtue and Vice: vice: drinking, shouldering problems, people
Virtue: unwavering personal goals, hardheaded
- RP Sample: 5th fang wakes themselves up with a roar. Sitting up they look for a bottle but as they search through their pile of clinking bottles they come out empty. They hear a scuffle coming from inside the bar they had parked their butt outside.

Following the noise, licking their matte fur and wiping the crusty out of their eyes they come to a fight between an employee and their boss. “Shut up! I can hear you from outside… trying to sleep here.” The boss comes over threateningly but 5th fang continues to preen menacingly.
- Questions, Comments, Concerns?: post rate?
“We’re not flawless, We’re a work in progress.” -The Mane Six, My little Ponies

I have taken the Oath of Sangus

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Complete - Fingers crossed

About moiName: Sluggren
Pronouns: Guy
Really into RP, I don't really care if characters arent optimized as long as they are fun to play.

Luc D'Ordeans
right-aligned image

Character Concept: Luc is an aristocrat, the middleborn son to the Lord of the somewhat distinguished house D'Ordeans. Although skilled in the arts, politics, and culture as is becoming of a nobleman, he is a spoilt scoundrel that ultimately was forced to leave his city after ending another highborne's life in a duel over a fair lady's heart. Always clinging to his title and name, Luc has travelled to find a court that will appreciate a man of his stature, and will do anything to reclaim his (alleged) lost glory. Will be Rogue/Swashbuckler-build (alternatively fighter/battle master), fencing with his rapier.

Backup Concept: I'm thinking of a brother to Luc, going to find him should anything happen to his unruly sibling.
Player Color: Red (I'm slightly colorblind, so who knows?orange?) seems suiting, but Luc dresses well in all colors.
Virtue and Vice: Luc sees every room as a stage where he is the lead actor and quite oftenly he charms his audience. On the other side of the same coin, the nobleman is a diva, who is overly dramatic and holds himself higher than others.

RP SampleRP Sample:

Cleric, in a world where knowledge of the god's have been lost, finds guidance

This looks like a fun world! I'm happy to adapt Luc's lineage or backstory into some existing family, or just keep him as a noble of a distant city without any connections to the setting. Other suggestions or comments are warmly appreciated!

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right-aligned image

Name: Call me Goblin
Pronouns:: She/Her
Character Concept: A Half-Elf Feylock who's father is her patron. Exploring a good, healthy, relationship between a Warlock and their patron. Dad just wants to give his daughter the tools she needs to survive, no strings attached.
Backup Concept: A Human Tempest Cleric of Rotorzi who is trying to find her brother before the law does. Rumor has it he assassinated a high ranking official, but that can't possibly be true. Can it?
Player Color: Light blue please.
Virtue and Vice: For the Feylock, virtue is Observant, vice is Grifter.
For the Cleric, virtue is Steadfast, vice is Naive.
RP Sample:Here ya go

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- Name: Clam; ClamLord

- Pronouns: He/him/his as I am a man.

- Character Concept: Sarei is a high-elf artificer who's favorite hobby is capturing deranged criminals; not because there's needed justice to be brought, but because it's fun. The "chase" of any criminal is fun, but it's the clever ones she really likes; the ones that make her think two steps ahead, and find herself 4 steps back. She doesn't care for politics nor law and order, as long as there's plenty of villains to be stopped, Sarei's happy. Her kit is mainly composed of spells and cantrips that mess with creatures "Conditions" rendering them grappled, proned, restrained, etc..

- Backup Concept: Fredn is a gnoll barbarian who was taken in by priests of Syvia, and raised to be an acolyte. Magic and knowledge were not his strong suits, so the more practical jobs (particularly gardening) became his. However, his physical differneces, and his natural attraction to the wild caused him to question who he was meant to be, so he travelled into the wilderness one day and searched for answers.

- Player Color: I like any dark greens, but I could go for hot pink or a purple.

- Virtue and Vice: Virtue: Ambition to succeed
Vice: Carelessness for actions
Sarei ; Virtue: Appreciative of life
Vice: Lost in the world

- RP Sample:


- Questions, Comments, Concerns?: Not sure which character I like better. I like both ideas, but I think Sarei's playstyle would be more fun.

OOCFeedback welcome. If there's anything you'd like to see PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
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- Name: Ericg1s is my username. Michael is my real name.
- Pronouns/Gender: Male
- Character Concept: The main character would be a dwarven druid, who focuses heavily on shape-shifting into interesting forms. He is lawful-neutral, and his circle exists mainly to preserve the various pillars throughout the world where the Dwarven Ghods have carved the laws of reality. No religious order could be trusted with sole control of this, so all the religions agree to let the druids, who are outside of church politics, handle the matter with strict oversight. He has left the order to train with an adventuring group and gain powers.
- Backup Concept: I might play an archer if my main character is rejected or killed. The archer would be either a human champion or an elven eldrich knight, depending on what the group has room for.
- Player Color: I will use whatever color no other player is using. Blue if I need one.
- Virtue and Vice: Optional. The main dwarf character's driving virtue is obedience to his superiors. His greatest vice or flaw is the inflexibility of his thinking which make it difficult for him to be creative.
- RP Sample: Marco* enters the city, walking slowly and taking everything in. His armor and clothing, made from bark, tiny vines woven together, and animal hide, seems ill-fitting, but he finds it comfortable. His daggers and hunting sling are stowed away, as he is not expecting a fight, and seldom uses them in combat anyway. His beard is well-groomed, but the hair on the back of his head is a horrible tangle. He notices that the farmer's market is selling some good bread and stops to pick up two small loaves. He also gets a small wheel of cheese coated with bee's wax and four apples. He then heads to the inn, having moved past the gate, where the cheap inns used by the desperate are, and slightly further into the city, to a better one. 'Not much going on', he thinks-but then he forces himself to return to the task at hand, and looks around the Eagle's Feather for the people he is to meet here.

*(name might change)
- Questions, Comments, Concerns?: My biggest question is why you feel the need to prohibit the mystic when the source it is from is already banned. I agree that the mystic was overpowered and that Wizards of the Cost has retracted it from play after the initial playtest, but it seems odd to have to ban it twice. My main comment is that i like the idea of allowing certain monster races. My biggest concern with the game is that by favoring the main book, but allowing artificer, you create a situation where some expansions are more favored than others. This is acceptable if you are favoring those books you personally own.
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Shucks! I honestly wasn't expecting so many people to take interest. Definitely bumping up the players list to five, and maybe a max of six. No promises for the latter, though. Allow me to comment to each applicant so far, and update the application box after...

@DemonSlayer: Yoooo. I like him. And given the intro dungeon location, Cypress may or may not find it interesting. To address your questions?
  1. Anyone is free to flesh out their application as much or as little as they see fit. I had asked for just a concept so, if one wasn't chosen, they wouldn't be as attached.
  2. Precisely. No character sheets yet, doubly because IIRC you're technically not supposed to do character creation in ads here. Maybe it's more lenient then that, or I misread? I'm a stickler for others' rules. >_>
  3. Actually, I do have an idea or two that could fit. I'll put it in a spoiler below. Thank you for wanting to work with me to fit your prospective character into my game world.

@97mg: Heyyyy, it's good to have new blood here. Thank you for your interest! I really like Reedi's IC application. Halfling bards are a great combination, and one I forgot worked so well. In an old game many years ago, I had a halfling bard character apply who had an orichalcum horn. It was something I'd long forgotten about till Reedi invoked that memory, heheh.

@Delphinator: Glad to have you on board! Intriguing to have a potential senator in the prospective cast. I like that. Much as I've implied Though really, what D&D party isn't?"party of misfits", I could see some neat interactions and conflicts from someone who is legitimately part of the Age of Wisdom's main government. Hmm!

@Treble83: DUDE. YES. I am head-over-heels for the fact you suggested a fantasy Simba expy. If you can believe it? This whole setting was inspired by a long-defunct RPG Maker idea I had years ago. It was to be a fantasy retelling of The Lion King. Needless to say, you can probably guess why this application is a thrill to me. XD

@Desteplo: Neat character concept that checks a few personal boxes. Enby? Yes. Cat-folk? Yes. Monk? Yes. Drunken Master? Yes. Did you pull an FBI meme and monitor my personal computer?

@Sluggren: As with Delphin, your rich-folk character intrigues me. As this is a renaissance, I am glad some of you are going with literal fancy-pantses for your main concepts. Plus, you've also got a good story arc spelled out for me, should the opportunity arise. Plus, I like that you also don't care about stat optimization, and that you prefer characters that are fun to roleplay.

@DiceGoblin: Your concepts are simple and to the point, yet there's a lot of potential to both. Those couple sentences each do a lot with little, and I can see potential for both in the game world with what little you know. In other words? Well done.

@ClamLord: Welcome! Looking forward to what you can cook up.

@Ericg1s: A druid, niiiice. I do like the idea of "spiritual, not religious" for your concept. Ah, there is a caveat of note with the idea is on my head, because I didn't tell anything about it (my mistake :x). Many dwarves in the Beast Wilds are Well, as atheistic as you can get in a fantasy world. See the "atheism" in Pathfinder, for example.atheistic. Not all are though; some venerate a martyred judge from the Age of Darkness named Saint Cartoin, and others are loyal to Ranaton and Veravela. But most don't believe the gods are truly divinities, and others don't believe they exist at all. Sorry if this interferes with anything. Otherwise, good concept -- I can very much see him having motivation to be skeptical of religion, but to still seek spiritual truth through the ways of nature and its spirits.

To address your questions... ah, the Mystic is straight-up banned to begin with? Had no idea. I don't keep up with official WotC stuff, nor do I agree with everything they do with 5e as a whole. I've heard horror stories about Mystics, and psionic powers wouldn't really fit my setting. I had allowed Artificers because it's a world inspired by the Renaissance in Europe and the Age of Sail (so about mid-1500s at earliest, with some anachronisms from as late as the early 1700s. Pendulum clocks, clockwork gizmos, printing presses, wheellock and flintlock guns, pianos, and other tech just shy of the Industrial Revolution are emerging, especially in dwarven and human territories.

And yes, I am allowed to be pick-and-choose about what is and isn't allowed in my game world. My house, my rules. I am lenient on certain things (ie, feats and archetypes), and less lenient on others (ie, races for this specific game). Having not known that UA stuff was legitimately banned, I didn't want an overpowered class that wouldn't fit what I wanted to do. Likewise, I allowed an optional class because it would fit what I had in mind. I am sorry if it feels a double standard but hey, everyone's a hypocrite in their own special ways.

And like... I'm not trying to criticize you, though I can imagine my words coming off that way to others. I just like to be thorough. Pedantic, if you will. You raise some good concerns, and I appreciate you asking about it.
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