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Old Jan 21st, 2014, 09:54 PM
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Abaddon's back ground


The first sounds of Abaddon's existence are that of combat. He has no memory of anything before the clang of steel and smell of blood wakes him from his slumber. He has no memory of how he came to this dark dungeon, no memory of how he became strapped to a stained altar. He hears the sounds of screaming. Shouts that the ritual was incomplete. Screams about the corruption of heaven's blood. People yelling to protect Abaddon. He assumes that they are talking about him. He opens his eyes.

Men in robes are attacking a man wearing shining armor. He is laying about with sword and shield, screaming aloud to someone named “Iomadae”. Blood is spraying everywhere. Abaddon's stomach growls.

The fight is over, and the man in armor strides to the altar. Abaddon asks him if he has found Iomedae yet. The man chuckles, and replies that she has never left him. Abaddon looks around confused. The man must be insane. The insane man with an invisible girlfriend introduces himself as Andus Silverkin. He tells Abaddon that he is safe now, and that he can go home. Abaddon replies that he does not know what “home” is, but he hopes that there is food there.

Andus takes Abaddon back to a town called Kenabres. He helps him to find a “job” and a room. Andus explains good and evil to Abaddon, and tells him that he was being held prisoner by evil men. Andus tells Abaddon that the evil men took everything away from him. This makes Abaddon angry.

“Abaddon” spent the next 10 years working odd jobs in Kenabres. Laborer, bouncer, stablehand. The job didn't much matter. Every experience helped Abaddon to “recreate” himself. Lately however, the odd jobs are not enough to keep him busy. He sometimes feels his blood beginning to boil. He feels his anger at the demons for what they did to him growing by the day. Talk of joining the Crusade has been circling around town, and Abaddon feels the pull to join the ranks of the heroes. Abaddon spends the majority of his savings on two items: a massive axe and a huge horned helmet in the guise of a demon's head. Abaddon will use the demon's own appearance to strike fear into all comers, even the demonic horde itself.
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